Wednesday, 1 April 2015

LibDem Cyril Smith's Links to Labour Pervert Paul Flowers

Now who would have thought that these two charming rogues would have had any close links? 
Yet it does seem that notorious pederast MP Cyril Smith was hand in glove with the "Rev" Paul Flowers, who crashed the Co-op Bank in 2013. Flowers, who spent most of his time taking drugs and going to orgies with juvenile rent-boys, was at one time a member of the same Rochdale Council as Cyril Smith, the fat, jolly, LibDem MP who abused boys for forty years. And while they were on the same council, they helped to obstruct enquiries into Smith's activities and other sex-abuse allegations.

The Rev Paul Flowers had close political links to Sir Cyril Smith, the late Liberal Democrat MP accused of several child abuse offences

Rochdale is one of the areas where a grooming gangs have been very busy preying on hundreds of vulnerable schoolgirls who have been raped and prostituted with the full knowledge of local social services and police. Clever old Cyril set up a care-home for boys where he could always drop in and have a little fun. The grooming gangs took advantage of girls who were supposedly "in care". So Rochdale is keeping up the good old traditions established by these Labour and LibDem councillors!
Flowers who was the darling of the Labour Party and an icon of their new politically-correct "ethics" left the Co-op Bank in tatters, having lost billions of its assets while busy snorting coke, and crystal meth (whatever that is). The Co-op Bank thought it was creditable to have a "gay" director. He has now gone on to another lucrative job  -  making porn films.
And LibDem councillor Roz Smith in Oxford fits into the picture neatly as she says she thinks "people should be allowed to live as they wish".

The Rev Paul Flowers had close political links to Sir Cyril Smith, the late Liberal Democrat MP accused of several child abuse offences, it was disclosed on Thursday.
The disgraced Methodist minister, who was chairman of the Co-op bank for three years, was a member of Rochdale council at the same time as Smith, who died in 2010 aged 82.
Mr Flowers also helped oversee Rochdale social services at the time of an alleged Satanic abuse scandal, the council confirmed.
It was alleged that Smith raped boys at Knowl View special school and abused boys at Cambridge House Children’s Home, a privately-run care home in the Lancashire town which closed in 1965.
Smith was never prosecuted for any crime, although the Crown Prosecution Service last year admitted that he should have been prosecuted for abusing boys in the 1960s.
Smith was originally a Labour councillor in Rochdale and later a Liberal then Liberal Democrat MP for the town from 1972 to 1992. His brother, Norman Smith, who was mayor of Rochdale in 1986-87, said that Mr Flowers sat on council committees with Sir Cyril.
“Cyril was more involved with [Paul Flowers] than me. Cyril was a councillor and MP at the time,” he said.
“They knew each other by being on the council, and of course he was a prominent minister. They were on committees together.”
Mr Smith said Mr Flowers was the minister of Champness Hall in Drake Street, in the centre of Rochdale. He added: “He was respected in some quarters, but not in other quarters. I always remember people saying, 'he will go a long way, that lad’. They were impressed by him.
“He was obviously going to make a name for himself, and he has done. He was a prominent man — when you were in a room and he came in, you knew he was there.”
There is no suggestion that Mr Flowers is linked to any of the allegations around Sir Cyril Smith.
A spokesman for Rochdale Borough Council confirmed that Mr Flowers was a councillor from 1988 to 1992. The minister served as vice-chairman of the social services committee in 1990/91, and sat on the committee in the previous and following years.
During that time, 16 children in the town were taken into care because it was alleged that they had been abused and forced into Satanic rituals — but a lengthy investigation found no evidence of abuse or devil worship. West Yorkshire Police raided Mr Flowers’s home earlier this week after he was filmed apparently buying class-A drugs including crack cocaine and crystal meth. Mr Flowers may face arrest as part of the police inquiry, it is understood.
It can also be disclosed that Mr Flowers received a conviction for drink-driving while serving as a councillor in Rochdale.
He was caught drink-driving in Manchester in 1990 after celebrating his 40th birthday. It is thought he was later handed a driving ban by magistrates.
A spokesman for the Methodist Church said: “We are aware of the matter. Our usual processes were followed and Rev Flowers was very sorry. This matter did not preclude him from his activities in the church and he was allowed to continue in his ministry.”
Mr Flowers was also convicted of carrying out a sex act in a Hampshire public toilet more than 30 years ago. [Typical homosexual behaviour]
He also resigned as a Labour councillor in Bradford in 2011 after “inappropriate but not illegal adult content” was found on a computer he used.
It has been alleged that Mr Flowers communicated with rent boys using his work email account while he was in charge of the Co-op bank.
David Cameron has ordered an inquiry into how someone like Mr Flowers could come to run a major British financial institution.
The Prime Minister has said that the Co-op bank had been “driven into the wall” by Mr Flowers.


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