Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Day of Women - Whatever that means. Women Have been Undefined.

Today is supposed to be International Women's Day - but what is a woman? Human Rights Watch recently announced that people are entitled to "choose their own gender" and that gender is different from sex. If you don't have to be a biological female to be a woman, what the hell does it mean? The truth is that gender has never been more than a linguistic convention for describing someone's sex. To divorce it from sex leaves it meaning nothing more than a taste for wearing high heels and nail varnish. That is an insult to real women, what we  are, what we do and what we feel.
That is the real "war on women".
A gender without any meaningful connection with your physical sex is as much use as a dislocated knee-cap, or a floating retina. Yet this absurdity is now rife and going unchallenged. There seems to be a sort of Marfan syndrome, a disconnectedness, spread by mindless trendies.

You are female from the moment of conception. Landed with the XX chromosome combination, you will have a womb, ovaries and the outward organs of a female. You will menstruate, and if you get pregnant, lactate. Your voice will remain relatively high-pitched, while those of men deepen, Your hair will be more abundant than that of a man and distributed in different parts of your body. That is because Nature intends us to be able to tell the sexes apart. You can bear children, which is difficult, joyous, painful, amazing, onerous, but infinitely rewarding. You can also get raped, which I believe is something no man can ever truly understand.
Nobody is "born in the wrong body". If you are female in sex you can only appropriately be described with the feminine gender and anything else is a lie . No surgery or artificial hormone treatment can change your sex. They are risky, often harmful and result in sad, sterile eunuchs who are never satisfied and go on spending their lives having one cosmetic surgery after another.

If you are a woman, you should not have to compete in sport again men, That is not fair, Even if they falsify their sex, they are still men and have an unfair advantage, They are taller, stronger and faster. Venus and Serena Williams would not be famous if they had to play against Andy Murray and Novak Djokavic. But if you are a woman, Nature may give you the fantastic voice of Anna Ntrebko or Alyona Kistenyova. 
Let this be the resolution for International Women's Day: to acknowledge, recognize and respect what a woman is, and stop undermining it.

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