Friday, 27 February 2015

Green homes for £60,000? No £135,000 is the going price Natalie.

BRAIN FADE was Natalie Bennett's own term for her extraordinary and embarrassing dithering when interviewed by the BBC this week. She could not produce the most basic facts or figures to support her Green Party's far-left manifesto.

Jamie Streets and his family, evicted

The Greens advocate de-criminalising membership of ISIS and other militant terrorist organisations who cut peoples' heads off, because any other policy would be "discrimination" which in their politically-correct eyes is always the ultimate wickedness.
I believe in discrimination. Making valid distinctions between better and worse, right and wrong, moral and immoral, safe and unsafe, feasible and unfeasible, up and down, left and right, alive and dead, sense and nonsense, is what we need to go through life. Thank God for discrimination!
Greens also believe in abolishing all national boundaries and allowing unlimited immigration. If the entire half billion population of  the EU, or the entire seven billion population of the world, arrived here tomorrow, this would be no problem according to the Greens. They think they can house them all by building half a million new homes somewhere in England at a cost of £60,000 each. (What happened to the agenda about preserving our countryside and environment? Er, well that got swallowed up by political correctness.)
Even if that was an accurate figure, the total cost would surely be £30 billion. Multiply 
60,000 x one million then halve it. Ms Bennett, whose strong point is not arithmetic, estimated two billion.
     This week Oxford's Labour City Council announced that it is spending £48 million on new social housing, This will provide a grand total of only 354 homes.... which means they will cost £135,593.22 each to build. Shame they didn't ask the Greens, who think it's possible to put them up at less than HALF the cost.
      I wonder who will live in them - will it be war veterans like Jamie Streets, who together with his family was nearly evicted from his temporary accommodation by Falmouth council in Cornwall last month?  I doubt it. Jamie who was in the Household Cavalry, served in action in Kosovo and then in Afghanistan at huge personal risk. He then developed a brain tumour, quite possibly as a side-effect, and was made redundant in mid-career. This meant that he could no longer pay the rent on his flat, so he gave notice and his wife, Charmaine, together with their four children, turned to Falmouth council for help. They were told they had made themselves "voluntarily" homeless, so could only get temporary accommodation and would have been thrown out on the streets if their friends had not launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign on their behalf.
      If jumping on the bandwagon was an Olympic category, our LibLabCon politicians would certainly be in line for a gold medal, at least during the pre-election period. (They are not so athletic in the other four and three-quarter years of their term.) Hints were dropped and strings were pulled so that the Streets family is not, for the time being, having to sleep on the streets. But other homeless veterans are doing just that, while families from anywhere else in the world get priority.
      Let's face it, there is absolutely NO hope of improving this situation or giving British people fair access to housing while any of the old political parties are in power. As for Ms Bennett and her Greens, they deserve to be classified as a comedy act, not a political party.…/11814927.__48m_deal_for_354_…/

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