Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Let's Save the Dead - says Stephen Fry

The fate of Asia Bibi, condemned to death in Pakistan for being a Christian, is still undecided. Her husband has gone to the UN to plead for intervention with the government of Pakistan which has the power to intervene and issue a pardon or rescind the death penalty.

This is not just a case of intervening in a foreign country, even for a human rights issue. Over 100,000 Pakistani Christians have signed a petition to spare Mrs Bibi's life. Amnesty International has upheld the justice of her case. And she remains day after day on death row, her children suffering anguish.
     Christians in Pakistan are a despised underclass, limited to jobs like street sweeping because nobody will employ them in any other capacity. They live in filthy squalor and their children have little hope of anything better, being forced to leave school early and start work.
     They belong to a class who are somehow exempt from "human rights" and the same can be said for the migrant workers who are building the new World Cup football stadium in Qatar. 

migrant qatar

They are effectively slave labour, living in male-only labour-camps where conditions are crowded, filthy, insanitary, and squalid, pay is minimal, and they cannot leave the country because their passports have been confiscated. Personally I think the World Cup in Qatar should be boycotted by everybody in protest about this.
      But how much attention does this get from our media? Scarcely any at all. Celebrities and showbiz luvvies such as Stephen Fry are far more concerned with crusading for the DEAD than helping the living. Yes, believe it or not, while millions of people suffer injustice and slavery around the world, Stephen Fry is busy pestering everybody, even the royal family, to sign a petition for a pardon for DEAD homosexuals who were convicted under the UK indecency laws abolished in 1967. In his dark and crazy mind, a dead homosexual matters far more than a living heterosexual. 
       Let's take a look at some of the other people we could be campaigning for. In Iran a young man named Saman Naseem has been held in prison for three years on charges of political sedition, and condemned to death despite the fact that he was only seventeen when the supposed offence took place. It is feared that he was hanged a few days ago, and did Stephen Fry take any steps to help him? No. Even George Galloway spoke out against the inhumanity of his sentence, but Stephen was busy campaigning for the DEAD, and drawing the disastrously-named Benedict Cumberbatch along in his wake, motivated no doubt by a desire to publicize his latest film, The Turing Shroud. 
  Just put this in perspective. In Saudi Arabia this week an unnamed man has been sentenced to death for apostasy i.e. leaving Islam. He tore up the Koran and will be beheaded like so many others found guilty of blasphemy or heresy there every year. But as he is neither homosexual nor dead already, Stephen Fry can't be bothered about him.
  If Fry really doesn't like human beings all that much, as it would seem, why doesn't he campaign to save animals? He could take up the cause of the stranded whales  (whom he so strongly resembles), and whose environment in New Zealand is being damaged by seismic testing.

Or he could crusade on behalf of the Narwhals in the Canadian Arctic, whose environment is being invaded and blighted by oil companies in Baffin Bay. Their tests cause explosions 100,000 times louder than a jet engine... which can  even lead to death.
    But Stephen Fry, celebrity cocaine addict and actor who once deserted a West End production in the middle of its run to have a breakdown, is deaf to all that, because the narwhals are not homosexual and they have the decided disadvantage in his eyes, of still being, in the short term anyway, ALIVE. A dead homosexual matters far, far more and is virtually sacred according to his hopelessly deranged world-view.
   The people he is campaigning for include the likes of Tom Driberg, the homosexual Labour MP who was many times caught by the police soliciting boys in the the gents' toilets near Westminster, and taking advantage of the rent-boy services so ably organised by the Kray twins.
       I hope these celebrated pederasts write to thank Stephen Fry for his concern, and tell him he has made the world a better place.

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