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Oxford's Labour Council Agrees with Lady Jenkin About Porridge

If you have ever suspected that the Guardian is read by nasty, shallow-minded, rich hypocrites who obsessively hate those who are a little bit richer than themselves, you are correct. Guardianistas are the people who are earning huge salaries in local government, raking in money in useless antisocial services, and when not throwing dossiers on child-abuse into their bins, they lose no opportunity to get vituperative towards anyone with a different viewpoint.

The way that Lady Jenkin was lynched by vicious online mobs for a few innocent words she said on the radio about cookery was extraordinary. The people who carry out such online lynching are not happy, well-adjusted people. They are somehow addicted to hate. They have got to believe in demons and monsters to justify their own self-righteous fury. One Guardian reader even suggested that Lady Jenkin should be sent to prison for her terrible crime.
This is what Lady Jenkin apparently said: “We have lost a lot of our cookery skills. Poor people do not know how to cook. I had a large bowl of porridge today, which cost 4p. A large bowl of sugary cereals will cost you 25p.”

The fact that people do not know how to cook porridge is a fact amply proven by the rows of plastic pots of porridge in our supermarkets - along with frozen chips, ready-cooked roast potatoes, ready-chopped carrots and ready-grated cheese, all utterly ridiculous. Yet here is the response on the Guardian website from a typical leftie. It is complete with the f--words and accusations of being a liar that you would expect from such people:- 

grundistled nocausetoaddopt
09 December 2014 9:53am
And a liar too, unless she bought the ingredients in the 70s.
For a large bowl of porridge, about 250ml (just under half a pint of milk) is required. Buying a 4 pinter from Aldi at 89p, that equates to 11p already.
You'll also be needing about 100g of porridge oats, at the cheapest rate that's about 10-15p.
And that's even before cooking and washing up costs are included.
Please demonstrate how a large bowl of porridge can be made for 4p, you out-of-touch relic of a bygone age. Then kindly f--- off back to the 18th Century where your ilk belongs.

Let's start with the cost of the oats. You don't need 100 grams of oats to make one bowl of porridge. If you did, you would only get five portions out of a 500 gram bag. For one portion you need three tablespoons of raw oats, which weigh according to this online table, only 15 grams

According to my kitchen scales they weigh a bit more so let's be generous and allow 30 grams in weight. If we then look at the cost, you can get a kilo bag of porridge oats at supermarkets for 65p.

That works out at 6.5p for 100 grams so maximum 2p for our 30 gram portion. I am not assuming that you can drive out to a cash-and-carry and buy food in large sacks. If you did the oats might well be cheaper.

As for the cost of the milk, that is irrelevant, because Lady Jenkin was comparing the cost of unprocessed oats to that of highly- processed breakfast cereals that would also be eaten with milk. You pay for the milk either way. And it wouldn't be half a pint to make one bowl of porridge. A quarter would be plenty.
The costs of cooking and washing up are minimal.  A bowl of porridge can be cooked in the microwave in 90 seconds. 

Yet notice one other funny fact. The Labour council in Oxford also seems to believe that people today, especially poor people, lack cookery skills. Why else would they provide FREE cookery classes on the Barton council estate, only for residents of that estate, with all ingredients provided?
I suggest that our foul-mouthed Guardianista enrols on one of these cookery courses and also on another one in manners and diction.

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