Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lies and Denial to the End - Paul O'Grady Dies of AIDS

Paul O'Grady, the Australian MP who was glorified as the first "openly gay New South Wales MP" has died of AIDS at the age of 54.

Paul O'Grady arrives at the ICAC hearing in 2013.

If you look at this picture of him taken two years ago, it looks as if he is dead already. He is like a skeleton, chalky white and his suit is hanging off him. His eyes are sunken into his face. O'Grady actually announced that he was HIV positive in 1996, and had to retire from his job as an MP. He has spent the last eighteen years taking three different sorts of anti-retroviral drugs per day to combat the illness, and the total bill must be many hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Australian health service.
None of this looks very "gay" to me, it looks grim. But Mr O'Grady and the media kept up their denial and their obstinate refusal to face facts right to the very end. 
When he could no longer do his job, O'Grady devoted himself to crusading against "homophobia", a bogus word invented to distract attention from the real issue, AIDS. Instead of blaming the person who gave him the illness, he blamed the normal people who had some sort of prejudice against it. He made out that "stigma" was the problem. Everybody was to blame apart from himself and whoever infected him. By taking this stance he must have influenced many more, younger people, to take the same risks and harm themselves perhaps fatally. Would you give a smoker, dying of lung cancer,  a TV show just so that he could promote cigarettes?
 Obituaries are lauding him now as a hero who fought a valiant fight. The truth is that he was a somewhat misguided individual, very misguided, whose problems were entirely of his own making. Many surveys have concluded that the life expectancy of homosexuals is significantly below normal  - as much as twenty years. AIDS is just one of a long list of illnesses they are more likely to get and to spread. 
The latest figures from the NHS in England say that record numbers of homosexual men are getting HIV and this is aggravated by their other diseases. They are about 25 times more likely to get it than anyone else. Denial, complacency, talk about "safe sex" have all failed. 
Eager to promote anything harmful, our UK government has just allocated funds for an LGBT school in Manchester. This can only be described as state-sponsored insanity. They justify it by saying  that a 14-year-old girl committed suicide because she thought she was lesbian. But she would not have done so if older people had not filled her head with such unsuitable ideas and obsessions. Nobody did that when I was at school - because we were not having this harmful ideology pushed at us.

While he was an MP in 1995, O'Grady introduced a voluntary euthanasia bill to the NSW Parliament . He is quoted as saying, "At some point, if I need to, I hope that I can hold out my arm one day or one night and have a little needle which takes me off, quietly and peacefully after I've said my farewells," Mr O'Grady said in the Witness program. "That's how I'd like to do it." Gay? Jolly? No, just sad.
He managed to turn up in court in 2013 to testify against some of his fellow Labor MPs in a corruption trial. Another of his pet causes was the legalisation of cannabis. He thought it should be available to the terminally ill - perhaps he had done some research on this personally.

Mr O'Grady was a chum of another proud-to-be-"gay" Australian MP Milton Orkopoulos whose orientation included having homosexual relations with a number of boys aged 10-18. Among the 54 criminal charges he faced was that of supplying some of his teen partners with heroin and teaching them how to inject it. Mr Orkopolous stepped down from office in 2007, owing to the unfair prejudice and stigma still attached to people like him.

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