Thursday, 1 January 2015

Anti-Christian Violence and Vandalism Mar Christmas across Europe

Two men were walking through the streets of Cologne on Christmas Eve, calling "Happy Christmas!" to passers-by. They were relaxed, perhaps a little warmed by mulled wine, and trying to spread goodwill and cheer, when were attacked from behind by local Muslims who stabbed one of them in his back and in the back of the head. Erhenfeld is an area that has in recent years been invaded by Muslims who have opened a large mosque.

blessé allemagne

Miraculously he survived, but this horrendous assault in what used to be  a proud and beautiful Christian city, with a famous cathedral, is only one example of the obnoxious violence carried out by  anti-Christian thugs and timed to coincide with Christmas 2014. 
In the Westphalian village of Reydt, the Christmas Eve service at the Marienkirke was disturbed by a band of five Muslim hooligans who burst in shouting slogans, threats and abuse, including "Christians are excrement!" So far the police have refused to take any action, saying that it was a teenage prank.

In Berlin, the church of Herz-Jesu was attacked on the night of December 19th by vandals of a secular left-wing group. They daubed slogans, broke windows and furniture, sprayed red paint at random across the interior, strewed rubbish and even defecated on vestments.
In Douai in Nothern France, the church of St Therese was attacked on Christmas Day and eight statues were decapitated.


The nativity scene set up in the church was wrecked and maliciously destroyed.
Only a few days earlier, the church of Sainte-Croix at Saint-Pourcain in Allier, Auvergne, central France, was horribly vandalised too. A beautiful mediaeval statue of the Virgin Mary was toppled from its plinth and decapitated in a way that strongly suggested jihadist attacks in Syria.

L'abbé Gilbert Lépée (à gauche) montre les dégâts en présence de Roger Volat, adjoint au maire

Similar incidents were noted across Europe  last year at Christmas too, and the attack on the church of Saint-Odile in Paris was particularly gruesome, but there is no doubt that such vile aggression is on the rise. 
One of the stupidest groups, the publicity-seeking Femen hooligans, have attacked and deliberately desecrated a series of churches in France, including the cathedral of Notre-Dame. but have not been given anything like the same penalties that are routinely imposed an anyone who attacks or insults a mosque. Those who attack Christianity are treated with kid gloves. The only country that has handed out the sort of penalties these nuisances deserve is Russia, and we should be following their example.
In London we are already familiar with routine assaults on innocent pedestrians by those who are openly seeking to impose Sharia law. 

Muslim thug Jordan Horner

Jordan Horner (above) belongs to a Muslim gang that patrols the streets of East London beating up anyone they see drinking alcohol. They make their motivation clear by chanting "death to unbelievers".

Francesco Hounye, 22, was one of their victims. Our politicians continue to ignore the growing danger and accuse anyone who sounds the alert of "racism"and "fascism". I hope that 2015 will be the year that the majority wake up to the real threat and realize where the real danger is coming from.
If you hear of any malicious attacks on churches in your area, please notify this website:-

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