Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Free Joanne Peacher - and Gaol Susan Downing

Joanne Peacher is in prison in Yorkshire when  what she really needs is support and treatment. Joanne was born in Glasgow in 1968 and spent the first seventeen years of her life in care of Social Services. Joanne says that while in "care" she was sexually molested twice, by women, and once by a male priest. One of them raped her with a billiard cue. She never got any sympathy, help or counselling for this. Her husband says that when she complained a care worker roughed her up and broke her leg.
Joanne married and has two children of her own, but she developed mental health problems and her children were also taken into care, despite their father wanting to keep them. This is a sad spiral of deprivation and damage.
The NHS tried to treat Joanne's issues with medication, but her problems grew worse. Twice she rang up the police and reported that she had a bomb. Last week she was convicted and sent to prison for six months.
Surely what Joanne needs is treatment, Her behaviour was a cry for help, a symptom of her condition, Sending her to prison will do nothing to help her or us.

You can write to Joanne at Her Majesty's Prison NEWHALL New Hall Way, Flockton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF4 4AX 

Contrast that with the treatment of Susan Downing, a professional social worker in charge of child welfare. While high on drugs she hosted an all-night party where children as young as 13 were given cocaine and vodka. And she has been given only a suspended sentence.
Susan Downing, 37, who was said to be ‘gurning with her jaw swinging’ during the party, pleaded guilty to allowing her house to be used for the supply of cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis. Neighbours said that these parties were going on all the time, yet a judge accepted excuses. She was given a two-year suspended jail term after claiming she had been ‘stressed’ at the time..
A 13-year-old schoolboy and a girl aged 15 who were at the 5am party in Rishton, Lancashire, said they drank vodka at the party then were given cocaine to sniff through a straw and one snorted it off a key.
Downing has not lost her job as a social worker, merely been moved from "child protection" to responsibility for housing the homeless.
Who should be in gaol, this woman or Joanne Peacher?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"I resigned from Green Party because it's too Far Left, Anti-Religion and Anti-Semitic" says academic

There will be some dispute about the use of the terms anti-semitic and anti-Zionist in this article. But I think it is worth reading.

So, the time has come not to renew membership of the Green Partyby Toby Green

This is something that gives me no pleasure at all. When I joined the Green Party ten years ago, I did so in the genuine belief that it might offer an alternative to the place-seeking politics that have come to characterise so much of Western democracy. To discover that the Green Party is no different is a saddening moment, though of course it should come as no surprise. Its members are human beings, after all. But how did this come about, and why does it matter?

The crisis in the party is caused by several factors. The first is that the active membership is really very small - definitely less than 1000 people. In this situation, it is very easy for a relatively small interest group to hijack it for its own ends. This is what has happened with GreenLeft. I have nothing against the Left, and indeed consider myself Left, in the sense that it is clear that most of the sadness and misery of the world today is caused by inequalities. But GreenLeft is mainly simply a rehashing of old Trotskyite views in a new environmental clothing. The problem with this being that Trotskyism never accepted that while Marx´s critique of capitalism was broadly accurate, the solution was an utter disaster (and indeed, unGreen - viz Soviet Union); one of the tragedies of the 20th century being that in spite of the violence and destructiveness of capitalism, in the Cold War the better ideology won. GreenLeft is, in general, populated by angry people whose personal ties - or lack thereof - allow them plenty of time to devote to meetings, email lists, and entryism. As they have more time than most GP members, GreenLeft members have taken over many of the administrative posts in the party and their positions are increasingly the default policy options of the party.

Why does this matter in Britain? It matters because of the peculiarly rabid anti-religiousness of the British Left. This is the intellectual critique which has followed the likes of Dawkins, Dennett, and others, who fail to recognize that secular ideologies in the 20th century proved even more violent than religious ones. They blame the violence of human societies on religion, rather than on humans. In Britain, almost more than in any other country, this position has become the default one of most leftist intellectuals, filtering through to groups such as GreenLeft. However, there are many problems with such a stance, not least the fact that the majority of human beings are deeply religious - and it is therefore extremely presumptuous of people to claim to act for "the people" when they despise the ideology of a large part of "the people".
How has this affected the toleration and indeed covert abetting of anti-semitism within the UK Green Party? The key lies in John Gray´s masterful 2007 book Black Mass, where Gray noted the tendency in secular liberal society for the emergence of repressed religious manifestations, and put this down to secularism´s repression of what is in fact a deep human need, the belief in myth. To take a leaf out of Freud, where deep emotional needs are repressed, they return. If, in a Christian society, religion is repressed, the deep human need for myth may emerge in a secular form: Christianity´s long-standing difficult relationship with Judaism and Jerusalem means that this manifests itself in a hatred of the secular form of Judaism, the political state of Israel, and in a repressed form of anti-semitism that dare not speak its name.
This has become abundantly apparent in the Green Party´s abject failure to address clear anti-semitism (and indeed other forms of prejudice) within the party. There appears to be a crass and touchingly self-congratulatory view that if someone is a member of the Green Party, they therefore can´t be prejudiced. This sort of self-regarding drivel is a symbol of one of the worst aspects of the party, which is that all too many members of the party belong because they want to feel good about themselves, not because of what they might achieve. Take the example of fair trade: a recent edition of Green World held what was essentially a two-page advertorial for a fair trade company. Fair trade is on the rise, more available in British stores than in other countries. Why? Because British leftist consumers like to feel good about themselves. Kit Kats are labelled Fairtrade in Britain but not in many other countries for instance. Fair trade is of course better than slave labour, but it does not address the fundamental issue that siphoning off agricultural surpluses from poor countries for the economies of the developed world can do very little to help redress global economic inequities; this was indeed a cycle which began with the Atlantic slave trade, when African societies had agricultural surpluses requisitioned to feed slaves on the middle passage.
Essentially, much of the membership of the party is therefore grounded in a sort of superior bad faith. And so of course, members of the Green Party can´t be prejudiced. If they accuse members called "Levy" of being Israeli academics in disguise defending Israel, they can´t be rehashing old Jewish conspiracy theories. If they circulate emails from David Duke, a key figure in the Klu Klux Klan, on how "Jewish Zionists" are shaping American policy in Israel in alliance with Obama (thereby rehashing not only anti-semitic myths but also an alliance of this with anti-Black racism), they can still work in Caroline Lucas´s office and be on the list for the European elections. If they circulate emails accusing Jewish members of parliament of double loyalty (to Israel and the UK), there´s no need to suppose that they are re-hashing the anti-Catholic discourse which surrounded JF Kennedy´s run for office in 1960. If they talk of the "squealing zionists", there´s no reason for them not to be respected party figures.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Fundamentally, therefore, not only is the Green Party institutionally anti-semitic, but for deep-seated political and emotional reasons it is incapable of dealing with this. Projection, bad faith, repression of basic belief structures needed by the human psyche, unthinking reaction, and anger to political forces of the 21st century: this is a potent, unhealthy and toxic mix which leads to bad policies, bad decisions, and a party which no thinking person can belong to any more. Certainly it cannot bring about a greater peace and stability in the world, which is one of the core things that the Green Party is supposed to stand for.

See the rest of this article at :-

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lies and Denial to the End - Paul O'Grady Dies of AIDS

Paul O'Grady, the Australian MP who was glorified as the first "openly gay New South Wales MP" has died of AIDS at the age of 54.

Paul O'Grady arrives at the ICAC hearing in 2013.

If you look at this picture of him taken two years ago, it looks as if he is dead already. He is like a skeleton, chalky white and his suit is hanging off him. His eyes are sunken into his face. O'Grady actually announced that he was HIV positive in 1996, and had to retire from his job as an MP. He has spent the last eighteen years taking three different sorts of anti-retroviral drugs per day to combat the illness, and the total bill must be many hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Australian health service.
None of this looks very "gay" to me, it looks grim. But Mr O'Grady and the media kept up their denial and their obstinate refusal to face facts right to the very end. 
When he could no longer do his job, O'Grady devoted himself to crusading against "homophobia", a bogus word invented to distract attention from the real issue, AIDS. Instead of blaming the person who gave him the illness, he blamed the normal people who had some sort of prejudice against it. He made out that "stigma" was the problem. Everybody was to blame apart from himself and whoever infected him. By taking this stance he must have influenced many more, younger people, to take the same risks and harm themselves perhaps fatally. Would you give a smoker, dying of lung cancer,  a TV show just so that he could promote cigarettes?
 Obituaries are lauding him now as a hero who fought a valiant fight. The truth is that he was a somewhat misguided individual, very misguided, whose problems were entirely of his own making. Many surveys have concluded that the life expectancy of homosexuals is significantly below normal  - as much as twenty years. AIDS is just one of a long list of illnesses they are more likely to get and to spread. 
The latest figures from the NHS in England say that record numbers of homosexual men are getting HIV and this is aggravated by their other diseases. They are about 25 times more likely to get it than anyone else. Denial, complacency, talk about "safe sex" have all failed. 
Eager to promote anything harmful, our UK government has just allocated funds for an LGBT school in Manchester. This can only be described as state-sponsored insanity. They justify it by saying  that a 14-year-old girl committed suicide because she thought she was lesbian. But she would not have done so if older people had not filled her head with such unsuitable ideas and obsessions. Nobody did that when I was at school - because we were not having this harmful ideology pushed at us.

While he was an MP in 1995, O'Grady introduced a voluntary euthanasia bill to the NSW Parliament . He is quoted as saying, "At some point, if I need to, I hope that I can hold out my arm one day or one night and have a little needle which takes me off, quietly and peacefully after I've said my farewells," Mr O'Grady said in the Witness program. "That's how I'd like to do it." Gay? Jolly? No, just sad.
He managed to turn up in court in 2013 to testify against some of his fellow Labor MPs in a corruption trial. Another of his pet causes was the legalisation of cannabis. He thought it should be available to the terminally ill - perhaps he had done some research on this personally.

Mr O'Grady was a chum of another proud-to-be-"gay" Australian MP Milton Orkopoulos whose orientation included having homosexual relations with a number of boys aged 10-18. Among the 54 criminal charges he faced was that of supplying some of his teen partners with heroin and teaching them how to inject it. Mr Orkopolous stepped down from office in 2007, owing to the unfair prejudice and stigma still attached to people like him.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Urgent - Meeting About Revised Plans for Extension to Holy Trinity Church

If you are concerned about the proposed alterations to Holy Trinity Church Headington Quarry, please come along to the public meeting being held in the meeting room behind the Masons Arms pub, Quarry School Place, on Thursday 22nd January 2015 at 7.30 pm.
Many local people think this plan is very similar to the first one, and raises all the same problems again  - spoiling the integrity of a Victorian architect-designed building, destruction of family graves, having to drive piles many yards deep into the ground to support foundations, and the possible outcome of subsidence in this area which is known for it.
Be there, if you care!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Why I Have Just Bought a Second Vacuum Cleaner - and You Should Too

I 've just bought a spare vacuum cleaner, identical to the one I've already got.

Was my hoover lonely? Did it need a friend? Am I so houseproud that I am worried that I might lack a hoover for a few days, or so hyper-speedy that I hoover in stereo with one held in each hand?
No, the reason is that the EU has banned all vacuum cleaners with a power consumption above 1600W which is about the average consumption for all of them up till now. You can't make or even import any vacuum cleaners more powerful than that any more, So I jumped at the last chance to buy a really high-powered one while it is still available. I will store it in the attic until needed. (Or until we leave the EU).
I love the word hoover. It started as a brand-name, then became a noun - everybody was expected to own a hoover. Then it became a verb - to hoover, or occasionally in the mouths of small children, "to hoove". Perfectly logical. You dust with a duster, you cook with a cooker, you mow with a mower, So you must hoove with a hoover. As a child I wondered why the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was named after a vacuum cleaner.
If there's one thing I can't stand it's feeble vacuum cleaners. They just take two or three times as long to do the same job. The EU statements say that they expect manufacturers to make new models more "energy efficient" but no such models have yet appeared. The best way to make your hoover energy-efficient is to empty out all the dust in it and inspect it for blockages regularly.The EU is not stopping there, their intention is to go on and reduce the permitted maximum to only 900W by 2017. So eager are they to cut down our electricity consumption and stop hypothetical global warming that they are preventing us from buying what we need to keep our own domestic environment clean and healthy. And they are introducing similar restrictions on cookers, toasters, hairdryers and blenders.
It does seem that there is no aspect of our life that Big Government is not determined to invade, dictate and regulate. But then the people up there passing these laws are not doing their own cleaning ,are they?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Oxford's Labour Council Agrees with Lady Jenkin About Porridge

If you have ever suspected that the Guardian is read by nasty, shallow-minded, rich hypocrites who obsessively hate those who are a little bit richer than themselves, you are correct. Guardianistas are the people who are earning huge salaries in local government, raking in money in useless antisocial services, and when not throwing dossiers on child-abuse into their bins, they lose no opportunity to get vituperative towards anyone with a different viewpoint.

The way that Lady Jenkin was lynched by vicious online mobs for a few innocent words she said on the radio about cookery was extraordinary. The people who carry out such online lynching are not happy, well-adjusted people. They are somehow addicted to hate. They have got to believe in demons and monsters to justify their own self-righteous fury. One Guardian reader even suggested that Lady Jenkin should be sent to prison for her terrible crime.
This is what Lady Jenkin apparently said: “We have lost a lot of our cookery skills. Poor people do not know how to cook. I had a large bowl of porridge today, which cost 4p. A large bowl of sugary cereals will cost you 25p.”

The fact that people do not know how to cook porridge is a fact amply proven by the rows of plastic pots of porridge in our supermarkets - along with frozen chips, ready-cooked roast potatoes, ready-chopped carrots and ready-grated cheese, all utterly ridiculous. Yet here is the response on the Guardian website from a typical leftie. It is complete with the f--words and accusations of being a liar that you would expect from such people:- 

grundistled nocausetoaddopt
09 December 2014 9:53am
And a liar too, unless she bought the ingredients in the 70s.
For a large bowl of porridge, about 250ml (just under half a pint of milk) is required. Buying a 4 pinter from Aldi at 89p, that equates to 11p already.
You'll also be needing about 100g of porridge oats, at the cheapest rate that's about 10-15p.
And that's even before cooking and washing up costs are included.
Please demonstrate how a large bowl of porridge can be made for 4p, you out-of-touch relic of a bygone age. Then kindly f--- off back to the 18th Century where your ilk belongs.

Let's start with the cost of the oats. You don't need 100 grams of oats to make one bowl of porridge. If you did, you would only get five portions out of a 500 gram bag. For one portion you need three tablespoons of raw oats, which weigh according to this online table, only 15 grams

According to my kitchen scales they weigh a bit more so let's be generous and allow 30 grams in weight. If we then look at the cost, you can get a kilo bag of porridge oats at supermarkets for 65p.

That works out at 6.5p for 100 grams so maximum 2p for our 30 gram portion. I am not assuming that you can drive out to a cash-and-carry and buy food in large sacks. If you did the oats might well be cheaper.

As for the cost of the milk, that is irrelevant, because Lady Jenkin was comparing the cost of unprocessed oats to that of highly- processed breakfast cereals that would also be eaten with milk. You pay for the milk either way. And it wouldn't be half a pint to make one bowl of porridge. A quarter would be plenty.
The costs of cooking and washing up are minimal.  A bowl of porridge can be cooked in the microwave in 90 seconds. 

Yet notice one other funny fact. The Labour council in Oxford also seems to believe that people today, especially poor people, lack cookery skills. Why else would they provide FREE cookery classes on the Barton council estate, only for residents of that estate, with all ingredients provided?
I suggest that our foul-mouthed Guardianista enrols on one of these cookery courses and also on another one in manners and diction.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Temple Cowley Pool Closed in Defiance of Wishes of Public

The much-loved Temple Cowley Swimming Pool has been closed down by the Labour Council despite all the strenuous campaigning to save it.
The Save TCP committee had organized a private bid to take over and run the pool and fitness centre, and this would have cost the council nothing, but at the last council meeting in December, the nine Labour councillors acting unanimously like a well-drilled Politburo, voted to reject the proposal.
Risinghurst voters can reflect that they made this situation worse by electing one more Labour councillor in the by-election a few months ago. I wonder why  - do they want their daughters treated like the girls in Labour-run Rotherham?

The valiant Save TCP group is still carrying on the fight and refuses to give up hope. The Community Interest Company will present its case to the Scrutiny Committee at 10 am on Tuesday 23rd January and you can still help by getting in touch with and filling in their questionaire if you have ever used TCP.
This MUST be done by Monday 22nd (as early as possible in the day).
If you just want to keep up to date with what happens next, get in touch with and ask to be put on their mailing list. And/or look at the

A New Year - and a new phase in the Campaign to keep Temple Cowley Pools. The Labour controlled Oxford City Council may have closed our centre, but the Campaign isn't finished yet!

PUBLIC MEETING Sat 17th Jan 6-7pm URC Church Hall

Everyone is invited to this Public Meeting next Saturday to hear:
  • the real story behind those Council meetings in December when the Labour councillors blatantly ignored the wishes of the electorate
  • immediate plans to challenge the council decision - the community proposal was not assessed fairly
  • options to keep Temple Cowley Pools for the community - there are several ways forward, and we welcome your views
  • how the Library is now obviously under threat of closure
  • how the Council must reject any planning application that is only for more housing.

All are welcome to this meeting, including any councillors who are interested in what their voters think, want and need.

We look forward to seeing you there - we know this is short notice, but we want to let everyone know what's happened, and how the Campaign to Save Temple Cowley Pools continues into 2015. It will make a huge difference if you can be at the meeting, but if you are unable to come, please let us know and we'll work out how to get your views another way.

We really value the wonderful support you have shown us and the centre we all know must be kept open, and will need your support even more this year if we are to succeed.


Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign Team

Save TCP committee says:-
It's still possible to keep the Pools (and gym, and sauna & steam room) alive and flourishing in Temple Cowley; but the community-interest community needs OUR help. This could be the start of the Council listening to 'ordinary people' in other parts of Oxford too…(think the Barton Development or Port Meadow).
It would also be great if people would WRITE TO MEMBERS OF THE SCRUTINY COMMITTEE - whose names can be found here
(click on the name, and it will take you thro' to their details incl email address. It's a bit of a faff, perhaps BUT WELL WORTH LETTING THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.
Also, there is now a public link to the survey (because so many of you were interested in completing it!):[ NB It doesn't work for everyone but here it is anyway.]

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Anti-Christian Violence and Vandalism Mar Christmas across Europe

Two men were walking through the streets of Cologne on Christmas Eve, calling "Happy Christmas!" to passers-by. They were relaxed, perhaps a little warmed by mulled wine, and trying to spread goodwill and cheer, when were attacked from behind by local Muslims who stabbed one of them in his back and in the back of the head. Erhenfeld is an area that has in recent years been invaded by Muslims who have opened a large mosque.

blessé allemagne

Miraculously he survived, but this horrendous assault in what used to be  a proud and beautiful Christian city, with a famous cathedral, is only one example of the obnoxious violence carried out by  anti-Christian thugs and timed to coincide with Christmas 2014. 
In the Westphalian village of Reydt, the Christmas Eve service at the Marienkirke was disturbed by a band of five Muslim hooligans who burst in shouting slogans, threats and abuse, including "Christians are excrement!" So far the police have refused to take any action, saying that it was a teenage prank.

In Berlin, the church of Herz-Jesu was attacked on the night of December 19th by vandals of a secular left-wing group. They daubed slogans, broke windows and furniture, sprayed red paint at random across the interior, strewed rubbish and even defecated on vestments.
In Douai in Nothern France, the church of St Therese was attacked on Christmas Day and eight statues were decapitated.


The nativity scene set up in the church was wrecked and maliciously destroyed.
Only a few days earlier, the church of Sainte-Croix at Saint-Pourcain in Allier, Auvergne, central France, was horribly vandalised too. A beautiful mediaeval statue of the Virgin Mary was toppled from its plinth and decapitated in a way that strongly suggested jihadist attacks in Syria.

L'abbé Gilbert Lépée (à gauche) montre les dégâts en présence de Roger Volat, adjoint au maire

Similar incidents were noted across Europe  last year at Christmas too, and the attack on the church of Saint-Odile in Paris was particularly gruesome, but there is no doubt that such vile aggression is on the rise. 
One of the stupidest groups, the publicity-seeking Femen hooligans, have attacked and deliberately desecrated a series of churches in France, including the cathedral of Notre-Dame. but have not been given anything like the same penalties that are routinely imposed an anyone who attacks or insults a mosque. Those who attack Christianity are treated with kid gloves. The only country that has handed out the sort of penalties these nuisances deserve is Russia, and we should be following their example.
In London we are already familiar with routine assaults on innocent pedestrians by those who are openly seeking to impose Sharia law. 

Muslim thug Jordan Horner

Jordan Horner (above) belongs to a Muslim gang that patrols the streets of East London beating up anyone they see drinking alcohol. They make their motivation clear by chanting "death to unbelievers".

Francesco Hounye, 22, was one of their victims. Our politicians continue to ignore the growing danger and accuse anyone who sounds the alert of "racism"and "fascism". I hope that 2015 will be the year that the majority wake up to the real threat and realize where the real danger is coming from.
If you hear of any malicious attacks on churches in your area, please notify this website:-