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"The Paedophile Next Door" - A Naive Report by Steve Humphries

Last night Channel 4 broadcast a programme entitled "The Paedophile Next Door". It claimed to be groundbreaking and to offer some new approach to the problem of paedophilia. 
This new approach consisted of one academic, Dr Sarah Goode, saying that people who experience paedophile desires should be able to seek help and "treatment" before they offend. 
The trouble with this is 
a) most paedophiles don't want help, they want to gratify their desires,
b) there is no known treatment. There is no therapy available in the UK for paedophiles and the sole experiment taking place in Germany is tiny, ill-funded, and seems to have no proven track record of success. If it does, then the programme failed to mention it. 

Steve Humphries asked why paedophilia has obviously flourished in the UK in the past thirty years despite general public disapproval  - and he failed to offer any plausible explanation. 
 Here it is. The paedophile movement is inseparable from the homosexual movement. They are, and always have been, one and the same thing. 

The Paedophile Information Exchange, which featured briefly in this TV programme, was founded and always dominated by male homosexuals. Tom O'Carroll, Peter Righton, Ian Campbell Dunn, etc etc They were the same people who were running Gay Liberation and the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE), both of which demanded the abolition of all age of consent. There are more than thirty active pro-paedophile groups in Europe today, twenty-eight of them founded and run by male homosexuals. and many of them, such as the Dutch COC, are affiliated to ILGA (the International Lesbian and Gay Association) which is publicly funded. 

Peter Ashman pro-paedophilecampaigner

Peter Ashman, the homosexual who set up ILGA and earned huge amounts of money from the EU and the British government for promulgating his antisocial ideas, was a paedophile and a paedophile campaigner.  In 1976 Ashman wrote in the Guardian that paedophilia had never done any harm and that those  who thought it should remain illegal were guilty of “prejudice, ignorance and bigotry”. He angrily defended CHE for supporting paedophiles.
Ashman then got funding for the rest of his life to pursue this agenda on a European scale. 
With EU funding, these IGLA groups have already succeeded in lowering the age of consent to 12 in some parts of the EU. 

The same ideas and the same agenda have often been flaunted by the toxic Peter Tatchell, arch-hypocrite who has appropriated the term "human rights". Only last week Terry Bean, the founder of HRC, the most aggressive and belligerent homosexual group in America, was arrested on charges of illegal relations with a 15-year-old boy at a hotel. Bean's former partner, aged 25, said that he was paid by Bean to cruise multiple homosexual "dating" sites and apps to find fresh meat for Bean, aged 66. Yes, 66.

David Thorstad founder leader of Gay Liberation and NAMBLA

All over the world, the paedophile movement is and always has been, inseparable from the LGBT movement. All the leaders and founders of the American so-called "gay rights" were paedophiles or expressed public approval for NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association) and its agenda, of abolishing age of consent. David Thorstad, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Frank Kameny, Harry Hay and Gore Vidal were all NAMBLA members or openly in favour of it and had loads of hands-on experience to offer. Many lesbians publicly subscribe to their views.

The UK Labour Party is implicated in this corruption because it gave official approval and funding to the vile Stonewall organisation (founded by among others Peter Ashman). In 2009, a large paedophile network was found in Scotland, led by James Rennie and John Murphy. Rennie and Murphy had previously worked for Stonewall's LGBT Youth and were now running LGBT Scotland, a publicly-funded group. Rennie was earning £40,000 per year for advising the Blair government on LGBT-youth issues and it was under his guidance that they enforced the policy of allowing homosexual couples to adopt children. That policy has resulted in cases of grave child abuse, and also in the closure of many adoption societies, leaving 62,000 unadopted children in care. The other members of Rennie's paedophile ring were all male homosexuals and mostly LGBT activists.

Strachan, using the name "Mark", sent Rennie images of his abuse of the toddler on New Year's Eve. Further investigations by police uncovered the identities of the other six men who made, shared and collected abusive images: Colin Slaven, 23, from Edinburgh; Neil Campbell, 46, John Milligan, 40, and John Murphy, 44, all of Glasgow; Ross Webber, 27, from North Berwick; and Craig Boath, 24, from Dundee. Milligan had 78,000 images in his possession. He was allowed to listen on the telephone to Rennie abusing the toddler, and had discussed getting access to the boy. Webber, Boath and Milligan were found guilty of conspiring to participate in the sexual abuse of children along with Strachan and Rennie. Campbell was cleared of conspiracy. The men will be sentenced later.
Labour-run local authorities such as Islington have in the past generation inflicted pro-gay policies, with the result that cases of paedophile abuse escalated. Organised, devious male homosexual paedophiles worked through the system to access children and called it "progress" or "abolishing prejudice". Male homosexual paedophiles like Bernie Bain and Nicholas Rabet were put in charge of children's care-homes. Peter Righton, a male homosexual paedophile, (and close friend of Ben Britten), was put in charge of UK social services, and was the most senior person in advising the government on all childcare issues. He was a PIE member. Fact.
All of this is well documented in the files of survivor networks and personal testimonies. 
Child-abuse charities try to account for it by saying that paedophiles "posed as homosexuals". But they didn't have to pose as homosexuals. They are homosexuals. B4U-Act, the USA pro-paedophile group, is run by male homosexuals. Paidika was set up by male homosexuals. There are hundreds of pro-paedo books and magazines written by ....male homosexuals. And there are pro-paedophile conferences being held in universities all over the world by... yes, male homosexuals. All of the obnoxious men found running the most sophisticated paedophile rings all over England, Scotland, Europe and the USA  - all over the globe in fact  - are always male homosexuals, often living with a male partner as Peter Righton did. His partner was another male homosexual paedophile. That is how they operate. 
In Steve Humphries' programme, Dr Sarah Goode put the view that people with paedophile urges should be able to seek "treatment". They found one example of a man called Eddie who has paedo urges and does not want to give in to them. Dr Goode said that your sexual orientation is not necessarily "what you are". People are moral and have moral choices. Eddie agreed. But that is totally against the ideology of the LGBT movement (which is being forcibly taught to children in schools). The LGBT ideology is that desire is "orientation" which is "what you are". "Being gay" is your "identity". It teaches the unscientific view that sexual urges are innate, cannot be changed and must always be gratified. Pro-paedophile campaigners say the same thing, that paedophilia is an inborn orientation that cannot be changed. They reject choice, they reject responsibility and they reject morality. They follow the motto "lust is a must". They are trying to BAN  therapy for homosexual feelings even when it is voluntary, and they are spreading a hysterical myth that such therapy is "torture". Fact. They want to impose a ban world-wide and have gone right up to the UN to impose that tyranny.
Such a ban would logically also ban therapy for paedophiles such as James Rennie, John Murphy, Neil Strachan, and Neil Campbell. They don't want to prevent paedophilia, they want to change its name to "child-sex rights" and lower the age of consent until it is abolished altogether. 
The LGBT movement is a major obstruction in trying to tackle the problem of paedophilia. Any other assessment of the situation is naive.

The Paedophile Next Door - 9.00pm tonight on Channel 4
Historian Steve Humphries examines failures in policies and
legislation put in place to protect youngsters from sexual abuse, and
discovers radical new solutions proposed by an increasing number of
child-protection experts, which challenge deep-rooted attitudes and
emotional reactions to paedophiles. Senior lecturer Sarah Goode
believes the most promising way to reduce the number of child-abuse
cases is to encourage people to seek treatment before they target
victims. Her theory is supported by an interview in this programme in
which Humphries meets a man who makes an extraordinary confession on

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  1. Hi Julia

    The Paedophile Next Door was an NSPCC carefully crafted propaganda exercise to change the way we view paedophiles to give them a support network and understanding. Same strategy as with homosexuals coming out.

    Interesting that after signing NSPCCs online petition I had a phone call asking me for money to support their campaign to protect children. I told them to target the sexual abuse of children groomed by government endorsed sex lessons. This fox in the hen house is ignored. Sex education grooming and confidential under age abortions aids paedophiles.

    As part of the Sex Education Forum the NSPCC promotes child abuse in the classroom
    I wouldn't give the NSPCC or Childline a penny. They failed to bring historic child abuse cases to court. Holly Greig who is now aged 35, and other victims are still waiting for justice

    To break down a child's modesty is a prelude to grooming and control by the sexualisers and paedophiles. Unbeknown to parents, this social engineering changes the belief system of a child. Taken against the background of a sexually promiscuous culture children should be taught morality not sexual liberation which is a form of slavery.

    Consider - the sexual revolution is out of control, being beamed at us every day from billboards, TV and internet like Orwell’s 1984. The Sex Education Forum and church leaders (Justin Welby) act as advertising agents for Stonewall and their homophobic bullying Trojan horse for schools. There is no common good in this cultural Marxist minefield. More sex at younger ages and any variety of perversions is the mantra.

    Being brainwashed by programmes like The Paedophile Next Door is a constant drip wearing away a stone. For the sake of our children we need to tread this deadly serpent under foot because, in reality, he is a defeated foe.