Thursday, 6 November 2014

Raven Mad

    In this gloomy season, surrounded by news stories about cannibals, beheadings and honeymoon murders, we should all thank property developer Philip Kerr for starting possibly the most entertaining court case since Nigella Lawson's divorce. 
    Mr Kerr is apparently suing M15 for harassing him in an 11-year campaign of persecution that included sending trained crows to peck at his window.  Oh so THAT was what Edgar Allen Poe was talking about...
    Spoilsports M15 are trying to get the case struck out before it is heard in open court. Not fair!
    Kerr says that M15 targeted him because he refused to squeal on his pal Curtis Warren who ran a business in commodities you can't get on E-bay. M15 then got very cross with Mr Kerr and subjected him to stalking, spying, bugging and interference with his phone, TV and internet. When that did not work they sent a team of diabolical black rooks to storm his house, which we know rooks can do because we have seen that Hitchcock film. 
      Mr Kerr's solicitors have apparently told him the case will cost him half a million £ in lawyers' fees. That's a lot of money. I say he is being rooked!

Property developer Philip Kerr, a friend of drugs kingpin Curtis Warren, is suing the intelligence agency for unleashing black-winged pests to harrass him in what he claims is an 11-year campaign.
Kerr also claims that spies have planted cameras and microphones in his homes, and tampered with his phones, television and radio sets.
Kerr says the campaign began when he refused to cooperate in an investigation of Warren, who remains in prison after failing to pay an £198m compensation order over his illegal earnings.
Kerr says ‘At first, I know it seems absurd. But I have witnesses to a lot of the strange things that have gone on.
’They wish me to know that this stalking and harassing will only stop when I agree to co-operate with them.’

Kerr claims he has been arrested over his friendship with drugs kingpin Curtis Warren (Picture: Rex)
Kerr claims he has been arrested over his friendship with drugs kingpin Curtis Warren (Picture: Rex)

‘My advisors confirmed to me that the things I am being subjected to are exactly the kinds of things MI5 do to get into your head. It is psychological warfare.
‘This case will cost me in the region of £500k but I have had enough. I want my freedom back. I have nothing to gain from this except getting my life back.

Kerr’s barrister Anthony Barraclough said in an interview with the Mirror that MI5 are attempting to get the case struck out before it is heard.

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