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One of those Great Leftie Myths - did Daily Mail support Hitler?

There are thousands of rabid left-wing websites on the internet and you can usually spot them by the fact that they are written by people who cannot spell. They are particularly challenged by the word "fascist". 

Note that this dubious little factsheet comes from "Wear Red" the Facebook page that was set up to encourage people to behave insultingly at Margaret Thatcher's funeral. The editors, who can't spell "fascist" (something in common there with Mr Derek Crawford Munn) approve of such views as that Britain should be ashamed of its criminal imperialist past.
 "What have the Romans ever done for us?...Well they built the aquaduct...."
But to return to their attack on the Daily Mail. This sort of crude propaganda is highly effective. It is read by thousands of people, who have even less education than its grubby Facebook authors, and who go around repeating that the Daily Mail is a "facist" paper that supported Hitler and Nazi Germany throughout World War II.
That is ridiculous. 
What actually happened is that some years before the war, when nobody outside Germany and very few people inside it, could have known what Hitler was capable of, the Daily Mail published a series of articles praising such things as his energetic programme for countering unemployment. Economic slump had spread across the world and there was a huge popular feeling in the early 1930s that the worst thing that could happen was another war. People had vivid recent memories of the last one.
However, when war was declared in 1939, the Daily Mail was as patriotic as any other newspaper. It thundered its support for Mr Churchill and the defence of civilised values. 
On 4th September, 1939, the morning after the outbreak of the Second World War, the Daily Mail 's lead article read: "No statesman, no man with any decency could think of sitting at the same table with Hitler or his henchman the trickster von Ribbentrop, or any other of the gang. We fight against the blackest tyranny that has ever held men in bondage. We fight to defend and to restore freedom and justice on earth."

Here is the Daily Mail reporting the defeat of the German army in Russia in 1943.

And here it is gleefully reporting the sinking of a major German battleship later the same year.

So we can safely say that the Daily Mail did NOT support Germany in World War 2 and the idea that it did is just another one of those ubiquitous leftie myths.

The leftie rag Political Crapbook not only fibs that the owner of the Daily Mail met Hitler during the war, but claims that Ed Milband's father "manned a destroyer" in the D-day landings. Well, sort of... he was actually a radio operator, a petty officer who never went into face-to-face combat.
It's probably true that the socialists have never forgiven the Daily Mail for publishing the Zinoviev Letter, which helped to topple a Labour government in 1924.
Most of Ed Miliband's supporters are not only stupid and ignorant, they are spiteful and unscrupulous to boot. The apparachniks who run Political Crapbook were not content to slander me in the most damning and inflammatory terms, they actually went so far as to set up a fake website that looked as much as possible like this blog, and fill it with falsehoods, malicious fabrications about me personally (with no political relevance).
Call me sheltered, but I had never met such sewer-rats before encountering Laurence Durnan. His Political Crapbook would of course prefer to support communist dictator Stalin, who exterminated far more people than Hitler.
The best thing to do is to carry on reading a wide range of newspapers and bear in mind that anybody who sneers at the Daily Mail is probably too illiterate to read it.

Daily Mail vs Ralph Miliband

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