Sunday, 9 November 2014

Letter from Valencia

On the day that the Catalans are voting in a referendum on independence, here is a letter I got from a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend in Spain describing what happened to him.  The second and third paragraphs have been translated from the Spanish.

Hello. Im write for you in my profile of Facebook the reasson why Im exile throw of my home by local thug mob mafia Mayorest guy laborist diputy parliament of Madrid plus Torrente town Mayorest. Thank very much for you interesting. Regards M----

Friend Julia. I am a disabled pensioner. Catalan terrorists set up an illegal "place of nocturnal recreation" opposite my house. I reported them and put a stop to their source of illicit income. Our corrupt mayor, a member of the Socialist party, held office thanks to support from those Catalans. To get their own back on me, they destroyed my life: I mean the hooligans, the Socialists in the town hall, and the bullying police, who came to my house to bump me off. The corrupt magistrates did nothing about it. The only people who helped were the National Guard and the Valencian legal advice panel. In the end I had to abandon my home so they wouldn't kill me, and I nearly died of gangrene in hospital. This is normal in Spain - demagogic power-mad delinquents who push people around on a daily basis, and get away with it.

Afterwards I joined a conservative political party. It was the only thing to do. Like Galileo, I had to speak the plain truth, and it got me into trouble (as it did him). Poor folk in Spain have to put up with a lot of dreadful people who get their hands on power.
They have turned my country into a shambolic mess... The local councils in Spain are self-serving feudal fiefdoms. Many of them controlled by local fixers who are autocratic and corrupt like the mafia; they are protected by a praetorian guard of bully-boys. Right or left - it makes no odds. They are delinquents with power who do NOT respect the Constitution and who abuse their degree of local autonomy in order to disregard the law, get rich, and keep the citizens in a state of fear -fearful of vendettas by the fixer and his cronies. There is nothing wrong with the Constitution ... but it is not being followed.

 This things in Spain is "normal common".
why in my country zero democratic culture and zero democratic history. In USA or Great Britain yes tradition democratic. In Spain the normal common people working or bussines and NO entry in for politicians. The guy who entry in politicians, Mayorest, Diputy, etc...entry for get power and money and never for make the good for the comunity. You NO sorrow. Im starter new life in country field. Im now yokelman of small hamlet and now Im very much happy and forgott the great city. Now Im true hermit monk man and my life is very simple, hard, heavy, but simple and full of peace and in the future Im put beehives bee honey wax and get more money. If Im good luck get woman mature for my mate girl friend and living together. Im survivall man. No troubles.
Greetings Julia. Take care. M------ S-----z.
Also greetings for you friend. bye.

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