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International Children's Rights Day - R.I.P. Jason Swift

November 20th, International Children's Rights Day, is also the anniversary of the killing of 14-year-old Jason Swift by a gang of homosexuals in Hackney in 1985.

Jason's school photograph before he ran away. A happy, healthy boy.

Jason ran away from home when his parents split up and he 
was supposed to be living with his elder sister. He wandered off to doss on the streets of London, where he was picked up by the homosexual gang of Sidney Cooke, who ran a vile child-prostitution racket in Hackney. The gang would cruise the streets to find lone boys, offer them shelter and food and then sexually exploit them. They would be locked up, drugged, anally raped and touted to customers who asked no questions.

Jason is often described by the press as a "rent-boy" but the truth is that he was a rape victim. His father, Sid Swift, commented, 

"All I know is the media keep calling him a rent boy, as far as I’m concerned he’s not a rent boy. If he was a rent boy it was only what Cooke and his cronies made him."

In late November 1985, Cooke and seven other members of his gang met at the flat of Robert Oliver in Hackney. Lennie Smith and his homosexual partner Lesley Bailey were there, with Stephen Barrell and two others. They called this a "party." Jason was promised £5 to go along. When he got there, all of them took part in the horrific group sexual assault. They first gave him drugs to make him relaxed and groggy, then tied him up, gagged him and took turns in violently molesting him until he died of internal injuries and asphyxiation. 
There are allegations that the killing was videoed to make a porn movie.
They wrapped the body in a blanket and dumped it, nearly naked, in woods in Epping Forest, Essex, where it was found ten days later by a woman walking a dog. 

Jason aftera few months with Cooke's gang. He is thin, looks anxious and has a hunted expression.

Bailey later confessed to the crimes and implicated several others in his testimony. Cooke and two others were convicted only of manslaughter, not of murder, because they claimed the death was accidental. Cooke told police that someone had given Jason "a clump on the back". Yet in prison he boasted to other inmates of all the boys he had killed.
Bailey was hanged by fellow-paedophiles in prison in 1993. Sidney Cooke and Robert Oliver are still alive. Cooke's partner David Patrick has made offers to reveal the burial places of other gang victims in exchange for money, but police have dismissed this as extortion.

Police identify body of murdered boy
The Times, London, December 4, 1985
A murdered boy whose half-naked body was found in a copse near Ongar, Essex, on Saturday, was yesterday identified as Jason Swift, aged 14, from Stoke Newington, north London. 
More than 50 police officers are trying to reconstruct the last five months of his life after the school boy was reported missing from the Hackney home of sister, where he was staying, on July 6.
The boy was identified after a search of the national missing persons register at Scotland Yard limited the hunt to about 100 children of similar build and description.
Dept Supt Ken Smith, of Essex Police, said there was evidence that the boy, who was asphyxiated, had been missing from his mother’s home several times before and had been homosexually abused in the past.

Times, The (London, England)-February 21, 1989

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