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"A Malicious Act With Intent" - World AIDS Day 1st December 2014

Last year's Nobel Prize for AIDS was deservedly won by Gaetan Dugas and you can see why in this U-tube news-report from 1987. Doctors at the American CDC who treated the gay and tanned Gaytan before he died told him politely that his promiscuous lifestyle was putting other people at risk of infection and creating crisis that the medical profession simply could not cope with.

Dugas, alias Patient Zero, replied in true heroic LGBT fashion, “It’s my right to do what I want -  I can have sex with anyone I want  - it's  my civil right." He even added, " I’ve got the virus - why shouldn’t they get it?”  Finally Dugas just stormed out saying “Fuck you!” A role-model for today's youth, then.

CDC traced hundreds of cases back to him. He frequently visited "gay" saunas wherever he travelled and bestowed his bodily fluids on all and sundry. By the time  he died in 1984 he had infected thousands of other men. And most of them had passed it on to multiple partners in their turn...
But a new contender for this year's Nobel prize has awesome claims too. Rhys Edwin Martin can rival Dugas in his behaviour, attitude and total lack of any qualms. Read this recent story from Australia.

Rhys Martin was a rent-boy who had succeeded in catching HIV somewhere along the line. He was picked up on a "gay" website called Manhunt by one of those nice, stable monogamous "gay" couples in Brisbane. They said that at first they just offered him a home out of sheer kindness, then somehow all three ended up in the bedroom. Yeah, I believe it.  That's why people use Manhunt, for philanthropy.
They were aged 59 and 40. Rhys was 22. (It all sounds a bit like Terry Bean, Kiah Lawson and the 15-year-old boy they met through Grindr doesn't it?) 
    Rhys knew perfectly well that he was HIV positive but denied it to them. After all, it might put customers off! He had been diagnosed two years earlier, and God knows how young he was when he embarked on this liberated and progressive way of life. After a while they took him to their own doctor and insisted that he be tested. He pretended to be surprised at first to find the result positive. By that time the older guy, the one aged 59, had caught the virus from Rhys. Finally Rhys admitted that he had known for two years but does he apologize? No, no. no. Gay rights means never having to say you're sorry. 
       A certain coolness ensued. They asked Rhys to move out.  Rhys Martin then returned to the flat with two paid thugs who beat up his former bumchums "so viciously they suffered broken facial bones requiring surgery and other serious injuries." In case that didn't get the message over they also threatened to stab the younger partner.
    I hereby nominate Rhys Edward Martin for this year's Nobel Prize for AIDS on the grounds that his heroic behaviour is a model for all other gay warriors and LGBT campaigners to emulate.
    Anybody who disagrees is a wicked, shocking "gay-basher" a "fomohobe" a "bigot" and a "hater" and their views are simply not legitimate or fit to be heard.

Rhys Edwin Martin, 22, was jailed for eight years in the District Court at Brisbane on Tuesday after a jury found him guilty in July of causing grievous bodily harm to a 59-year-old man he had unprotected sex with in mid-2012, despite being diagnosed with HIV two years earlier.
Martin separately pleaded guilty to returning to the man’s Clayfield home in December, which he shared with his partner of 18 years, with two henchmen who bashed the couple so viciously they suffered broken facial bones requiring surgery and other serious injuries.
Judge Stuart Durward called Martin’s conduct “reckless, selfish and callous”. So what's new?
He said the couple brought Martin into their home as a friend when he became homeless and had nowhere else to go.
The court learned the trio subsequently formed a mutual sexual relationship, except Martin lied and hid his HIV positive status from the couple.
“The elephant in the room, Mr Martin, was your HIV status,” Judge Durward said.
“You knew that you were, and for some time had been, HIV positive. You were, without prophylactic protection, a time bomb.
“Unfortunately and tragically for (your victim), it exploded.”
The 59-year-old victim was diagnosed with the virus after he and his 40-year-old partner had consensual sex with Martin between July and September, 2012.
Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said Martin denied he had HIV and even cited a preference for unprotected sex when the couple began the relationship with him.
The men eventually grew suspicious of Martin’s health status and took him to see their doctor.
Martin expressed shock at the diagnosis until he eventually confessed he was found to be HIV positive some two years earlier.
As the couple dealt with the shock of the 59-year-old’s HIV positive diagnosis, Martin orchestrated a “vile, contemptuous and demeaning” attack on the pair in their own home at 6.30pm on December 21, 2012.
The men answered a knock on their door to find two thugs, hired by Martin.
The men broke into their unit and bashed the victims violently, knocking the 59-year-old man out, and threatening to stab the younger man.
The violence left the couple with serious injuries including cuts, a fractured eye socket, displacement of the left cheek bone and jaw, bruises and swelling, and for the 59-year-old man, a broken nose and eye injuries so severe he required surgery to correct double vision.
Judge Durward said Martin had given his victims a life sentence with his reckless and callous “indifference” for their welfare.
>>>Interesting fact. Grindr, founded only a few years ago, has 6 million users . Tinder, the heterosexual hook-up app, has been in existence longer yet has only ten million users world wide. Since heterosexuals are 98.5% of the population, this reveals that homosexuals are far more promiscuous.

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