Tuesday, 21 October 2014

We give £700 million to Romanian railways...and it goes into corrupt pockets

Via the European Union, we in the UK are going to contribute €800 million   - which is just over £700 million sterling - to improve and update the Romanian transport infrastructure. So our tax money is being poured into modern roads and railways for Romania while train fares here in the UK are leaping up by 20 -25% per year. Commuters are crippled by these costs. 
In total, the EU is giving Romania 7.2 BILLION between now and 2020 for this project.
What a terrible shame. Apart from anything else, I like the Romanian trains the way they are, small and old-fashioned. 

It was a modernisation scheme that ruined the lovely little railway in Corsica.

But it is only fair that Romania gets this money as Bulgaria has already been given a similar amount. And so has Spain - to build motorways that have been washed away from mountainsides by winter rains, or toll-roads that "foreigners" such as the English have to pay to use, even though our taxes were taken to build them.

My Romanian friend Daniela Paun is not overjoyed by the EU's generous grant. She comments:
"WOW! I would be enchanted if much of this money will go to the railways as even inter-cities have the amazing speed of 50-60km/h. But I am afraid most of it will go to the black hole of the high ways where corruption in stead of efficiency is the king: huge amounts with almost no results!"

I said to her, "Maybe this will create jobs for you over there." She replied: "Thank you for your hope, but I hardly believe it will be the case."

She added, "
Progress has been made for an independent justice [ in Romania]. Still the attacks of the corrupt ones, politicians and manny others, are worrisome. The PM and the majority in both chambers are Socialists."

Same fox, different fur, as the Romanian proverb goes.



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