Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Save Asia Bibi, Sentenced to Death in Pakistan

Asia Bibi is only one of many people sentenced to death in Pakistan for refusing to change her religion to Islam.

She has been held in prison for over a year and is  now facing execution  in this backward country which takes billion of  pounds in "Aid" from Britain.


Asia Bibi has committed no crime and she is being killed as an act of defiance against world opinion.  This is an act of persecution. Her right to her Christian beliefs is upheld by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please sign the petition (scroll down to Royaume-Uni for UK) and circulate it widely as time is running out.
Write to your MP and circulate this on Facebook.
While you are about it,ask your MP why people with attitudes like those of Shahid Akmal (below) are running schools in England. Diversity? Equality? Tolerance?  Or just stupidity?

Shahid Akmal, former governor at Nansen Primary School in Birmingham

Akmal, one of the governors o a "Trojan Horse" school in Birmingham, was interviewed by an undercover reporter in Juliy this year and expressed such views as that Europeans have what he called "colonial blood".
“The colonial blood is very difficult to get rid of. The colonial blood they have within them, these white people, it’s very difficult to get rid of that very quickly. They still think they rule half the world.”
He went on to say that white children were lazy and Asian women were superior to the English. “I tell you, our women are much, much better consciously in the heart than any white women. White women have the least amount of morals.” Of course - look at all those wicked little girls in Rotherham who went around grooming older men,,,,
Akmal argued that girls should be taught skills like cooking and sewing while boys should be taught trades like construction and mechanics.
Akmal attacked women who became “high flying” politicians: “She has to sacrifice her family, she has to sacrifice her children, she has to sacrifice her husband, all in the name of equality. And there are so many marriages that have broken up because of this.” Yes, there also politicians like Benazir Bhutto who have been assassinated because of this...
Akmal appeared to defend British Muslims joining ISIS rebels in Syria and Iraq, He called them "freedom fighters". He regards the terrorists who beheaded Alan Henning as heroic,
He said: “The fact that they have gone there to fight, they say that he is supporting terrorists. Because they don’t believe in the freedom fight.”


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