Friday, 3 October 2014

Liberal scroungers and parasites

Who are the scroungers and parasites in our society? Whinging Liberal peeress Olly Grender looks to me like one of the worst offenders. While her party in government is cutting benefits even for disabled people and forcing job-seekers to take "work experience" for as little as £30 per week, she complains that she cannot live on the £300 per DAY that she is paid to sit and do nothing in the House of Lords.

'Deeply offensive': Olly Grender, who incredibly claimed being in the House of Lords is 'unaffordable' to normal people because peers only get £300 a day

Olly Grender was made a LibDem peer by her multi-millionaire chum Nick Clegg, and after picking up £21,000 for six months in the House of Lords, she is saying that nobody can live on such a measly sum and it leaves you dependent on your partner.
The rate is equivalent to a salary of nearly £60,000 per annum, after deductions of tax, which Ms - sorry LADY - Grender does not have to pay on her expenses. Furthermore, in the House of Lords she gets subsidized food and wine, free newspapers, a library and an office equipped with computers. To say nothing of a free parking space bang in the middle of London. Still not enough for her.

Ms Grender, a public relations merchant who has been desribed as Nick Clegg's "spin doctor" has never been an MP, has never been elected to any post, and is typical of the new unelected elite who are ruling us in place of  the old hereditary peers so hypocritically abolished. 
She tells us solemnly that low pay is the reason why there are no hair dressers or bus-drivers in the House of Lords.
No, Lady Grender  - the reason is that your friend Nick Clegg has not nominated any hairdressers or bus-drivers. He could do if he wished, but he doesn't know any, has never met any, and doesn't give a damn about what they think either. Besides, they don't make large contributions to party funds, or introduce him to influential people so why should he put their names on the list of new prospective peers? 
You are there to make the Libdem's "sexual equality" image believable. So please just shut up and take the money because frankly your whining makes a lot of people sick.

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