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Labour party Rising Star was Paedophile

Labour Party activist and approved council candidate Michael Tombs writes a blog, 

A Blog! By Michael Tombs. Living the Dream. Supporting Labour since I was too young to vote!

Here Tombs, a professional child social care worker, burbles in a messianic strain.
"In the 11 years, since Tony Blair took New Labour into government, the UK has become a much safer, better place to live and work. Tony Blair said on the 2nd of May 1997, that “a new dawn has broken”, he was right about that, now is the time for a second coming of the new dawn."
Michael Tombs

But Michael Tombs also has a taste for sex with children who are "too young to vote". Much too young. Too young even to complain about the abuse in many cases.  And for them Blair's England has not been a safer or better place.
Tombs was employed by Labour-run Doncaster Council to look after children and run after-school clubs. He ran his own company organizing holidays for disabled children and he was also a primary school governor.
He did all this in order to get access to children, cynically using his positions of trust to exploit the children by taking pornographic photographs that he could circulate on the internet. He had a collection of such porn on his computer, which he lent to a girl aged 14. Police who examined his computer found that he had deleted some very serious level five images from it, which means images of extremely young infants suffering severe violence or even death.  He thought he could deceive the police but they retrieved his secret stash using restoration programmes.
 When Tombs' vile behaviour was exposed, Doncaster's Labour council did not even inform the parents what was going on. In the end after a fifteen-month delay, he got only six weeks in gaol.
This is only one of hundreds of cases of Labour councils putting homosexuals and paedophiles (two categories often indistinguishable) in charge of child care services, with disastrous results.  Organized paedophile rings, commercialised prostitution and molestation even of very young or handicapped children has frequently ensued.  Doncaster  -  Islington  -  Rotherham  - the NCCL run by Harman and co  -  there is a pattern here. Left-wing ideology proclaims that children are "sexual" therefore can and should be available for adults to abuse. 

It is time to put child care and education back in the hands of responsible, moral and sane people.


Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundLabour Party Predator Paedophile Child Social Worker & Primary School Governor Michael Tombs. 

Michael TombsA Labour Party Child Social Worker & ‘ready made’ Councillor has been jailed for making indecent images of children being raped.

Micahael Tombs from Doncaster downloaded images of Child pornography during trips out with disabled children in his care. The up and coming Labour Party ‘Star of the community’ ran his own business looking after children, especially those who were vulnerable and could not speak out for themselves.
Parents of the disabled children were angry at the judge, after he gave Michael Tombs a sentence of just six weeks in prison. One parent spoke out about the sentence, Concerned father of one of the mentally handicapped children, Keith Cheshire said the sentence was ”absolutely disgusting.” He added, ”He worked with disabled children and a lot of them including my own daughter are unable to talk.”
Parents were furious because it took 15 months for his trial doncasterand Doncaster Council did not inform any parents about the predator paedophile they had allowed to take their children on ”Outings” with.
Mr Tombs was a Primary School Governor and organizer of ‘After School Clubs’ for children. He befriended the family of a child whom he sent unhealthy messages to. He gave the child one of his computers which was later found to have had scores of indecent images of child rape recovered by police experts.
It has come to light that Michael Tombs not only worked for Doncaster Council but had set up his own private ‘One Man’ company called ”Michael Tombs Child Care” working with disabled children.
Doncaster Council were under numerous reviews and labelled as ”Dangerous” by a childrens watchdog after a number of children had died in the Borough from abuse.

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