Wednesday, 29 October 2014

"Being Gay in the Church" by Peter Boulton-Lea

Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry, has been holding a series of talks, "Enriching Relationships in an Inclusive Church" which were billed as discussions but did not in my view provide any real dialogue or balance. "Being Gay in the Church" was a very one-sided lecture by the Rev. Peter Boulton-Lea. His talk began with a familiar bit of "gay" hagiography, concerning Alan Turing, who had nothing to do with the Church of England or any Christian church. Turing's contribution to the war-time code-breaking at Bletchley Park was duly exaggerated, his hundreds of heterosexual colleagues all forgotten, the timely capture of a decoding-machine on a German U-boat was overlooked, and his eventual suicide attributed to the overwhelming “homophobia” of his times. So we are supposed to accept that it is Christian to support the LGBT movement and to encourage it to proselytize even within the church.
The naughty word for this sort of "gay" hagiography is Queero Worship...

But what if we took a wider and more up-to-date picture? There are plenty of suicides happening today among young people who are suffering as a result of rampant “gay rights” and homosexual predators. The church should be concerned about the tragic suicide of Anthony Stubbs, a teenager who killed himself this year, 2014, after being targeted by a homosexual teacher. Anthony was only 16 and was already the father of a child, by his live-in girlfriend aged 18. The baby is left fatherless. A balanced discussion could have mentioned the recent tragic suicide of Benjamin Cowburn, another teenager whose life was messed up by homosexual predators. Benjamin, a student, became severely depressed after being used as a plaything by a “gay” TV star and he took an overdose.
Consider the suicide of 15-year-old Aaron Leafe, a boy who hanged himself in Leicestershire in 2010 after being abused by a homosexual care worker for three years. Why do these victims deserve less concern and compassion than Alan Turing?
The rules of “gay rights” are that only a few people matter, and most of the truth must be omitted, gagged, and silenced.

There were plenty more "gay" myths in the rest of Boulton-Lea’s talk, such as the assumption that one's sexual orientation is somehow innate, a "given" and that it defines "who you are". He asked why anyone would choose to become homosexual. A better question would be, how could a gay gene emerge out of the evolutionary struggle, where survival to breed is all important? Answer: it couldn't happen. And Mr Boulton-Lea said a lot of downright offensive things, including the allegation that Jesus was homosexual. At one point he even compared himself to Jesus, saying that both of them were pretty unpopular in their own time.

With remarkable complacency, Mr Boulton-Lea spoke as if the whole LGBT movement had been a huge success, and AIDS had just never happened. He expressed not the slightest concern for the victims of this pandemic which is killing millions around the world; nor for people such as Adrian Smith, the victims of bullying by homo-extremists.

Adrian Smith was demoted after writing on Facebook that gay marriage was 'an equality too far'
   Adrian Smith, bullied by homosexuals

Mr Smith, who works for Trafford Housing Trust in Birmingham, was victimized two years ago just for saying on Facebook that he did not support same-sex "marriages" being held in a church. He used no rude or intemperate language, simply writing "An equality too far". A snooping, aggressive lesbian complained about this and Mr Smith (a committed Christian who chose this job for vocational reasons and is a tireless charity campaigner) was demoted at work and given a 40% cut in salary. His wife and children suffered considerable long-term hardship, and despite a court deciding that he had done nothing wrong, he got no compensation, nor did he get his original job back. That is shameful injustice and the Church of England should be mobilising to fight it.

Most of the violence and harm done to homosexuals is done by other homosexuals. “Although accurate data is difficult to obtain, trends suggest that as many as half of lesbian relationships experience some form of abuse (Brand & Kidd, 1986; Nadoff, 1987; Renzetti, 1992, 1996; Taylor& Chandler , 1995). Greenwood et al. (2002) reported on a sample of 2,881 male cohabitants during the past five years and found a higher rate of violence than in cases of heterosexual relationships. Letellier (1994) found that gay men are more likely to be killed by their partners than a stranger.”

It is interesting to note that the Rev Boulton–Lea, now retired, was not a very successful vicar and the rapid diminution of his congregation brought his church into danger of closure. We are constantly told that the Church needs to be “in touch” with the modern world to attract a congregation, but that is rather doubtful. It is pointless to go to church if what you hear there is just the same as you could get from reading The Guardian or watching TV. There is an alternative to that PC, LGBT point of view, there is much strong evidence to support a conservative moral view, and it is a pity that we were not allowed to hear it at this one-sided, slanted event.

"A CHURCH may be forced to close its doors because of its ever-diminishing number of worshippers.
St Nicholas Church in Thorne has seen its congregation halved in the last year. The combination of ever-aging parishioners, together with a lack of interest from the younger population has vicar Rev Peter Boulton-Lea fearing for the future.
He said: "The number attending services has gone down dramatically in the last few years and the congregation is getting older.
"The church needs to raise funds to pay into a central diocese and without worshippers we will not be able to this.
"There is a chance in the future that the church may no longer be viable."


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