Thursday, 25 September 2014

Victims of Child Sex Abuse Silenced and Gaoled

Melanie Shaw, a woman who made allegations about child sex abuse that happened when she was in Beechwood Children's Home Nottinghamshire, has been kept in prison for the last 61 days.

As in the case of Robert Green, there are no charges against Melanie yet she has been threatened, intimidated and now incarcerated in a disgraceful way.
Ms Shaw is a vital abuse whistleblower, yet she remains in high security prison HMP #Peterborough, with no substantive evidence against her. She is not being given the proper #NHS medication that she has taken daily over many years, nor is  she getting treatment for her leg ulcer. She has no access to her psychiatrist, is not permitted visits from her family, and has been subjected to interference with her mail, bullying from prison warders, and a national mainstream media black out.
Meanwhile her MP Chris Leslie and other MPs have not responded to her messages and pleas for help.
The Crown Prosecution Service under Alison Saunders has not only failed to produce evidence against Melanie, but has recently allowed child abuse witness evidence tapes to be stolen from unsecured private addresses of film contractor Swan Films.

The vicious treatment of Melanie Shaw by #Nottinghamshire #Police, the #CPS, the #Courts and the #Westminster MP's can only be explained as their sheer desperation to silence Melanie and her testimony of child abuse, rapes, torture and murder at Beechwood Children's Home Nottinghamshire. They need to cover up her evidence of Nottinghamshire police lying to hide their failure to investigate Beechwood abuses via Operation Daybreak.

Please write to your local newspapers and and your MPs protesting about this.  Ring up your local radio station and get them to publicize the case and open up discussion.

The information in this article comes from the UK Column.

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