Saturday, 20 September 2014

Rupert Everett Got Death Threats From Vicious Homo-extremists


According to the Huffington Post, actor Rupert Everett got death threats from hysterical homo-fanatics when he simply pointed out that it was unfair to give a child two Dads and no Mum.,11994175

Hysterical homosexuals bombarded him with aggressive messages, full of the violent, disturbed fantasies their minds can be relied on to produce.

And yes, poor Rupert did have to ask for police protection. We all need that when the Queer Mafia is around.
I didn't invent the term. Homosexuals did!

OTHER PEOPLE who have got death threats from homo-extremists in the recent past include Melanie Phillips the journalist

and David Burrowes MP. Getting death-threats from homo-extremists is part of modern life.

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