Sunday, 7 September 2014

Now Shiver in the Dark and Cold Because of the Greens

Not long ago the familiar old Didcot power station was closed down, not because it had reached the end of its operative life but because it was emitting too much carbon dioxide. Didcot was a coal-powered power station and that did not meet the liking of the Greens who make policy at EU level, or the Greener-than-Green LibDems. 

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All over England and the EU, energy policy has been taken over by Greens who are obsessed with hypothetical global warming and don't care if we all, in the short term, freeze to death. The Greens have made unrealistic promises about wind, wave and solar power none of which are producing anything like enough to fill the growing black hole between production and demand. We are paying huge emissions fines to the EU and meanwhile thanks to the Green policies our bills are shooting up.
    Look at the results of this  - we are now facing the prospect of imminent power shortages. There is just not enough power in the grid to keep this country ticking over. Businesses are being warned that they need to ration their energy use and prepare for black-outs and shut-downs this coming winter.  
    The Greens are hopelessly unrealistic. The Oxford English Dictionary defines green as meaning: (Of a person) inexperienced or naive: a green recruit fresh from college.

You see what they mean if you just glance over the election leaflet circulated by our local Green candidate in Risinghurst. She is opposed to privatizing the NHS. How sweet of her, yet the Green party is in favour of EU membership, which has made that privatization inevitable. The EU requires the UK government to reduce public spending and open up a free market in provision of all goods and services, including health services. This led to the introduction of private investment. 
      The EU has also decided to go ahead with TTIP, the Translatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Brokered in secret without the slightest consultation even with our MPs, let alone our electorate, the TTIP is a death-blow to the National Health Service. It means that all our state health provision can and must be inevitably sold off to American health giants, and there will be no legal way that any future government can re-nationalise them.
    The Greens claim that they oppose development on the green belt, yet their policy is to permit unlimited immigration. How can you put more and more people onto a small island without building more houses? Barton West or anywhere else, the houses will have to be built, and then more and more infrastructure.
    The Greens claim that they can raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour and also go on paying benefits and welfare to all comers, legal or illegal immigrants, without bothering about the national deficit. Where do they think they are going to get the money from? They say their manifesto is "fully costed". What that means is that they have taken a hopelessly unreliable estimate from the CND for the costs of replacing Trident, an estimate that is 80% exaggerated, and then exaggerated it a bit more, and concluded that they would have all that extra money to spend on freebies and handouts if they cancelled Trident. 
     They don't take into account that following their energy policies most of our businesses, industry and infrastructure, including farming, would soon break down for lack of power supplies, and the whole economy go into rapid slump. As for their tax policies, those too would drive businesses abroad. There would be no jobs and no one left to tax.  None of this is economically viable. And I say this as someone who does grow tomatoes (as well as potatoes, onions, cabbages, beetroot, marrows, pumpkins, figs, plums, pears, raspberries and grapes).
Green policies = terribly nice people talking nonsense. 
    What we need in this country is to be realistic about energy and honest about the economy. No creative accounting please! We don't want hollow promises about saving the NHS from people who are not prepared to take the drastic steps it would need to actually save it. their manifesto is "fully costs

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