Saturday, 2 August 2014

Save the Iraqi Christian Community

Around the world Christians are facing increasingly savage persecution, mostly from Islamic fanatics. This is one of the worst human rights abuses of our time and opposing it should be a far higher political priority for all Western governments.  The fact that the latest outbreaks are in Iraq is conclusive proof of a the failure of the Bush/Blair policy. They have not installed a democracy (democracy can't be installed). The UK government has just conducted a twelve-year war for nothing and are leaving behind a heritage of anarchy and blood-thirsty barbarism. Soon the Islamists will set up their own dictatorship, or just continue to war against each other.

3,000 Christian families have been driven out of Mosul in Iraq under threats of dire violence and many have actually been massacred. There are also Christians being persecuted in Syria, Egypt, Sudan and Nigeria. Meriam Ibrahim is free, but there are many more like her around the world. The smug leftists and liberals who so often resort to throwing around the world "fascist" and "nazi" are closing their eyes to GENOCIDE.
   So far only 208,000 people have signed this petition to the UN to take more drastic steps to intervene. Please sign and share  - share widely. Write to your MP and MEP demanding that more action be taken.

And here is another petition, to the President of the USA.

Today, the world is witnessing the mass persecution and genocide of the Iraqi Christian population. Sadly, the international community has expressed very little concern about their fate, with few coming to their aid. The disappearance of the Christian community in Iraq presents a threat to humanity.  Who will be next?
The last Christians have left Mosul, after the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gave them a choice between conversion to Islam, ruinous taxation, exile, or death.  For the first time since the 15th century there is no longer a Christian population in Mosul. 
In 2003, prior to the American invasion into Iraq, there were more than one million Christians living in Iraq—this included 600,000 living in Baghdad and approximately 60,000 in Mosul.
The Christians who chose to leave Mosul had no place to go, becoming refugees.  Unable to pay the unrealistic, mandated tax,those who stayed and did not convert to Islam were murdered.
Now Christians in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk are worried they are next, as Islamic extremists are only a few miles away.
After the US military pulled out of Iraq, the response to religious persecution by the International community has been totally inadequate and unacceptable. The UN did not release statements on what was happening in Mosul until the last Christian had left. We can only wonder at this lack of urgency.  

In a statement from July 20th the UN finally took a stand.  “The Secretary-General reiterates that any systematic attack on the civilian population, or segments of the civilian population, because of their ethnic background, religious beliefs or faith may constitute a crime against humanity, for which those responsible must be held accountable.”

Furthermore, in a press statement issued on July 21st, the UN condemned, “in the strongest terms the systematic persecution of individuals from minority populations and those who refuse its extremist ideology in Iraq by ISIL [ISIS] and associated armed groups.”

In the 21st century, is it necessary to wait for a crime against humanity in order for the international community to act? Can we not learn from the lessons of the past? Help us petition the United Nations and the Arab League to immediately intervene to end the atrocities being committed by ISIS. We must not be silent while another genocide occurs.   Please use your voice to help end the systematic eradication of the Iraqi Christian population.
In the 21st Century, the world community cannot sit idle and allow genocide to occur. We must push for the international community to act on behalf of the Christians in Iraq.  Their survival depends on it!  
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Action Needed: Save the Christian Community in Iraq
To the attention of the United Nations and Arab League:
We urge you to act immediately to save the Christian community in Iraq.
Due to the radical agenda of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), tens of thousands of Christians have been murdered or kidnapped.  
The situation is getting much worse for Christians throughout Northern Iraq as these extremists are forcing them to choose between converting to Islam, paying a heavy (unpayable) tax, leaving the territory, or death. In Mosul, for the first since the 15th Century, there is no longer a Christian population.
Please do not remain silent while genocide occurs right in front of your own eyes. We ask you to intervene immediately to protect the Christian community!

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