Thursday, 7 August 2014

"Queers for Palestine"

Ha ha. Next time anyone says to you "Homosexuality is not a mental illness," just reply, "Wannabet?" and show them this photograph of militant LGBT attention-seekers publicly demonstrating their support for the enemies of Israel.

Yes, they are out there drumming up support for the Islamists who want them dead (along with the Jews) and would string them up by the bollocks the minute they ever took over the State of Israel.
Of course QFP is a humanitarian movement. Maybe they are going to find orphaned Palestinian children and offer them condoms, "lubes" and a free sex-change operation.
If you live in the USA you can sign this petition:-

Would you believe that Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged $47 million – your tax dollars – in so-called “humanitarian” aid to the Gaza Strip?
Yet we know that Hamas diverts at least 40% of its budget to build terror tunnels into Israel.
Why would the United States give humanitarian aid to Gaza when the Obama Administration knows that Hamas uses humanitarian aid to build tunnels, bombs, and rockets?
Israeli soldiers lost their lives to destroy Hamas’s terror infrastructure. Let’s not use American tax dollars to rebuild it.

America Must Not Rebuild Hamas

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