Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Over My Dead Body

What law could be more obviously aimed against the British than a demand to pay vehicle insurance for your lawn-mower? Believe it or not that's the latest idea coming from the EU.  If you own one of those powered lawn-mowers with a seat, you could soon have to pay road insurance on it even though you never drive it on the road.


There is no sign of any let-up in the constant stream of silly regulations that stream from the EU and they don't just pursue you in life, but beyond the grave as well. Yes, a recent Freedom of Information request revealed that metric regulations apply to the DEAD. Along with fruit, vegetables and lengths of bias binding, graves now have to be measured in metric units. That's official. Instead of being "Six feet under" we are now supposed to say that it is 1.83 metres.
Hasn't got the same ring to it, has it?
When I die I am going to have the exact dimensions of my grave carved on the tombstone in FEET and INCHES just to defy the regulators. Length, breadth and depth too. What will they be able to do to me then? Not much I imagine. You can't put a corpse in prison, can't fine a dead person and can't impose the death penalty posthumously.

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