Thursday, 28 August 2014

Children were Raped and Beaten to Guarantee Labour Votes

Rotherham. The name will now always be synonymous with corporate failure, Labour party corruption, child abuse and blinkered political-correctness. 
The figure of 1400 victims is a cautious estimate.  It is possible that many more were raped, molested, beaten, bullied, and terrorized by Muslim sex gangs over the sixteen-year period that this went on. We know that similar obnoxious rackets have been operating elsewhere, from Oxford to Sydney, Australia, and there is no guarantee that the problem is now somehow solved. Nobody has been held to account. Nobody has been sacked or penalized. The man in charge, Sean Wright, who decided to ignore the problem and take no effective steps, is now a Police and Crime Commissioner in Yorkshire. Child protection staff "will not be disciplined"... why? 

Most horrifyingly, parents who tried to get court orders to stop the Muslim Mafia targeting their children, were arrested themselves. 

The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.

This is the modern PC upside-down society. Vice is virtue. Virtue is vice. Instead of shunning paedophiles, we give them grants and invite them into schools to give "sex education". There is a whole website devoted to Labour party paedophiles.
We are told that the authorities, the police and the Labour-controlled Rotherham Council, did not want to expose what was going on or alert parents because they did not want to offend the community or appear "racist". 
There is more to it than that. They wanted the Muslim vote. All that mattered to them was keeping on good terms with the people who would in their turn keep Labour in power and keep the big money rolling into Social Services. They wanted to ensure Labour power, Labour money and Labour control. Children were beaten, raped, trafficked and tortured to keep the Labour votes coming. That is what it amounts to.

Ed Miliband with Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi who admires ISIS

The Yorkshire police acted in a thoroughly corrupt way. They condoned paedophiles by insisting children consented, when they were under the legal age of consent. Why? Look at the police training. The police are nowadays trained to take a PC view, going along with the Labour politicians, NCCL, PIE and LGBT nutters such as Peter Tatchell who all campaign for the abolition of any age of consent in the first place. Soon they will introduce the crime of "paedo-phobia", already a fashionable term in left-wing circles where "homophobia" originated. This is worse than a slippery slope, it is a well-greased helter-skelter down to hell. 

What those children suffered was hell and it was imposed just to get and keep Labour votes.
  Meanwhile decent, moral and law-abiding families are told by the same Labour-controlled Rotherham social services that they cannot foster children because they belong to a conservative political party or have Christian beliefs. This totally stinks. We need a purge of UK society that will restore true moral values instead of this pernicious PC rubbish.
"Details of the appalling depravity in the town and the systemic failures that allowed it to continue were laid out in a report published by Professor Alexis Jay, the former chief inspector of social work in Scotland. Victims were gang raped, while others were groomed and trafficked across northern England by groups of mainly Asian men.

When children attempted to expose the abuse, they were threatened with guns, warned that their loved ones would be raped and, in one case, doused in petrol and told they would be burnt alive.
Prof Jay wrote: “No one knows the true scale of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham over the years. Our conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the full inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013.
“It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.”
She added: “There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone.”
The report pinned the blame squarely on failings within the leadership of South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham council."

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hamas Executes 18 Palestinians in Public - as bad as ISIS massacres

Hamas keeps its hold on the people of Gaza by terror. Those who won't go along with its policy of endless war are ruthlessly picked out and massacred. If they took over in this region there would be more bloodbaths like those of ISIS in Syria.

Some people might find the following video disturbing. I hope so. They should.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Catherine Bearder's 3 million Lies

Catherine Bearder, LibDem MEP for the South East Region, was only just re-elected by a very narrow margin in the European Union election in May this year. The LibDem vote had dropped dramatically and it was plain that Bearder was prepared to try anything to hang on to her lucrative post. 

Photo: This is the grim face of Catherine Bearder, Lib Dem lead candidate in the South East European Election. As an MEP she has voted for looney extremist ideas that were never on any Lib Dem manifesto. They include persecution of Christians and chucking them out of their jobs, which is against Human Rights. Don't believe what she tells you...

She circulated a glossy full-colour election leaflet with the headline "Would you gamble with 3 million jobs?" It claimed she was "Delivering jobs across the South-East" and on the back there was a form inviting you to fill it in and "Join Catherine Bearder's campaign to protect 3 million British jobs today!"

    Where exactly did she get this figure of 3 million jobs supposedly created by our EU membership and bound to disappear overnight if we reclaimed our independence?
I wrote to Ms Bearder asking her to substantiate her claim and indicate precisely what those 3 million jobs were and why they would vanish overnight if we left. She did not reply.
  Shortly after the election, her fellow-LibDem, Danny Alexander, stood up in the House of Commons and made the same claim.

Nailed: Lib Dem Treasury chief secretary Danny Alexander was caught out over figures on EU jobs
Liar Danny Alexander.

He claimed that 3 million jobs in the UK depended on our EU membership and attributed this to "The latest Treasury figures" adding "That is the measure of the risk that isolationists would have us take". 
However, this speech prompted Nigel Lawson, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, to send a request via the Clerk of the House of Lords, to be told what these Treasury figures were based on and when they had been issued. He repeated it several times but got no answer.
     Then, in June, the Open Europe Think Tank went to the length of submitting a Freedom of Information request to the Treasury, demanding to know exactly what the basis was for Mr Alexander's claim. It took them two months to respond, and eventually they admitted that the Treasury had not issued any such statement. The nearest thing to it that they could find was an "assessment" done in 2003, eleven years ago, that said that 3 million people worked in jobs that involved trade with other EU member states. That of course is a very different thing from being dependent on EU membership.
     The EU member states would not all stop trading with us overnight if we left the EU. They do plenty of business with Switzerland, Norway and the USA, none of which are members. The EU has free trade agreements with dozens of different countries around the globe. And this "3 million jobs" fallacy has now been pointed out by none other than Dominic Lawson, Nigel's son, former editor of the Spectator and the Sunday Telegraph.  
      Bearder used her lies to get re-elected, by the skin of her teeth, and a few weeks later, she was voted by other MEPs into the position of Quaestor in the parliament. Her website announced, "Catherine has said she will use the position to increase transparency in the European parliament, making more information available to MEPs and to the people they represent." If this "information" is as blatantly fictitious as Bearder's claims in her election manifesto, then she will be keeping up a great LibDem tradition.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Now Pay Inheritance Tax Before You Die

What a brilliant idea the Coalition government has come up with! Now they are mooting the idea of charging people inheritance tax BEFORE they die.
What next  - will we have to pay Air Passenger Duty before we book any flight? Will they charge us Stamp Duty before we have even bought a house? VAT on takeaway food before we order any? Business tax before we have set up or run any businesses? VAT on hearses and coffins?
 I wouldn't put it past them.What I notice is that the Coalition government is persistently mean and stingy towards older people. In England each year, 40,000 old people have to sell their homes to pay for care  - care they were promised would be free under the welfare state.  In Scotland, they do get it free, because of our unfair system.
  Pensions have in effect fallen as they have not kept up with inflation and the age when you can claim them is being pushed up all time. Our parents and grandparents paid colossal taxes, the highest in the history of the world, in return for a pledge that they and we would get free health-care, free prescriptions, free dental and optical services, decent pensions and free social care from the local council if we needed it in old age. Instead the Labour government has spent the money on other things  - notably its long and pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  Inheritance tax used to be the problem of the filthy rich, the landed gentry and the tiny minority of millionaires (when you were rich for having one million). Not any more. Now that the market price of an average three-bedroom semi exceeds the threshold of £325,000, it is the problem of every ordinary middle-class family who would like to help their children get onto the property ladder. Of course if the home has to be sold to pay for elderly parents to go into care homes, then there may be nothing to inherit  - but what if you have already been forced to pay the inheritance tax in advance? 
 We are giving away billions to prop up the Euro and subsidize foreign countries, while blatantly robbing our own children. Result: everybody in England in the long term gets poorer. 


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Women Being Sold as Sex Slaves by Muslims in Iraq

This is the reality of Islam  - Kaffir women i.e. unbelievers, may be used as sex-slaves, and here are some being sold by their Muslim captors a few days ago in the market at Mosul. This is the fate of Christian, Yazidi or Kurdish women captured by Sunni Muslim militants.
Ed Miliband says that we really must have more Muslim MPs in the UK. I'm not so sure. 
I would rather have one of the women in the cage as my MP and representative, thanks.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Peace Plan

OK here is my idea for peace. 
Expand Israel to include the Gaza strip and all the occupied territories, and bring all the persecuted Christians and Yazidis to live there. Meanwhile, bus the troublesome "Palestinians" into northern Iraq and let them live in the new Islamic state. They will not have to put up with any Jews there and they can be happy in their Caliphate under Muslim laws.
Migration and mobility are the realities of life in today's world. Most of the Muslim inhabitants of the West Bank area would be delighted to leave if someone offered them a ticket out  - they don't want to live in a war zone but Hamas and the surrounding Islamic countries won't let them go, because they want to keep up their grudge against Israel. 

Slavery in Richest Countries of World (not in Israel)

Huge numbers of shamefully exploited migrant workers are living in virtual or actual slavery in the richest countries of the Middle East. This is not tolerated in Israel, but it is rife in the Islamic countries that want to take over Israel and impose their "way of life" (or way of death) on all its people. Living in compounds on meagre rations with their passports confiscated, they are paid 45p per hour  - when they are paid at all. Meanwhile their families, left behind, get nothing to subsist on.

"We don't know how much they are spending on the World Cup, but we just need our salary."1
- Migrant worker in Qatar waiting over a year to be paid.

Recently a new story of migrant worker abuse in Qatar has hit the headlines. Workers from Nepal, India and Sri Lanka who helped build the luxury offices that host the 2022 World Cup organising committee have been waiting over a year to be paid.2
These workers are now trapped in Qatar, as the company they were working for collapsed and they have no paperwork to protect them from imprisonment or to ensure their basic needs are met. They are also unable to leave the country without permission from their employer or the funds required for travel.
While no expense was spared on the building they worked on, the multi-million dollar ‘Tower of Football’, these workers are trapped in poverty and their families become even more indebted as they await their wages.3

And this is just a snapshot of the wider exploitation of migrant workers in Qatar, with many more at risk as thousands pour into the country to build the 2022 World Cup infrastructure.
As someone who has already called on FIFA to use its influence to end the exploitation of 2022 World Cup workers, have you now got a moment to watch and share our new film on this scandal?
This short film explains the root causes of modern slavery in Qatar and the wider Middle East, and what we can do about it. With Qatar in the news again, we want to make the most of this opportunity to encourage even more people to join this campaign, which is why your help sharing the film right now is so important.

The Qatar authorities are feeling the heat. A raft of new announcements have been made in recent months including on changes to employment law and working conditions.4 But these developments clearly don’t go far enough and the everyday reality for migrant workers in Qatar is unacceptable. The World Cup organising committee can’t even guarantee the rights of workers at its own offices.
Click to watch and share this film to spread the word about the terrible situation for migrant workers in Qatar -- and call on your friends and family to join us in ending this modern slavery.

In solidarity,
Jayde, Mich, Amy, Ryan, Jeremy and the Walk Free Team

P.S. There are many actors that have a responsibility to help end modern slavery in Qatar and we have plans to grow this campaign in the coming months. In the meantime, please share our video to raise awareness of migrant slavery across the Middle East and encourage others to join us in ending it.


Walk Free is a movement of people everywhere, fighting to end one of the world's greatest evils: Modern slavery.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Maloney's Ridiculous Sex-Change Nonsense Embarrasses UKIP


Ex-boxer Frank Maloney will never pass for a woman. Look at that jaw, that thick neck, those bulky shoulders and his huge hands. He has painted his nails red (ugh) and he looks absolutely grotesque. 
"In the past two years he has secretly undergone hormone therapy, hundreds of hours of hair removal electrolysis, voice coaching and specialist counselling.
NHS guidelines state a transsexual must spend two years as a female before they are permitted to undergo corrective surgery."
This is not corrective surgery  - it is mutilation. The whole thing is totally barmy - and how pathetic that he can find nothing better to do with his life. It is deeply unfair that the National Health Service uses tax payers' money to fund this sort of nonsense, while people who need life-saving operations are made to wait and older people are told that they are past the age limit for getting certain drugs.
  There is no such thing as a "sex-change". Hiding or cutting off the genitals you were born with does not make you into a woman. To claim that it does is to insult women  -  to imply that we are just men without a penis. A man who has his genitals surgically removed is a eunuch, not a woman. He is also insane. There is no  such thing as being "born in the wrong body". It is scientific nonsense just like being "born gay".  Yet when experts try to speak rationally on this subject nowadays they are abused, denounced and even threatened with murder.
"Psychiatrist Dr Keith Ablow, M.D., has been the target of death threats for his view that so-called ‘transgenderism’ is unproven science that puts vulnerable children at risk of unnecessary surgical procedures and lifelong confusion.
But the Massachusetts-based psychiatrist told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview that he’ll keep speaking out on the issue despite the dangers.
“I have had to make a decision about whether to say what I think and try to be empathetic to everyone, despite those threats and despite the calls from many people for me to be stripped of my academic credentials,” Ablow told LifeSiteNews. “It’s important to keep speaking out on this issue because, apparently, in America, there are thousands of children who are being prepared for extensive, life-changing plastic surgery who may or may not need it.”
Ablow said that what causes a person to feel ‘trapped in the wrong body’ is a question that needs to be “reopened” by the psychiatric community. “We don’t know as psychiatrists precisely where any fixed and false belief comes from,” Ablow said. “And if it turns out that people who think they are locked in the wrong gender body could have been approached with something other than a scalpel, then we’ll be responsible as a field for not having been more diligent in seeking those answers as to where this comes from.”

Apparently Maloney has also announced that he won't be campaigning in Camden because there are "too many gays" there. I wonder how he knows.
    UKIP seems to be plagued with transsexuals. The idiotic MEP Nikki Sinclaire tried to pass himself off as a woman despite being 6ft 4 with size 11 feet and a baritone voice. When he got to Brussels, he got in a squabble with other MEPs about "gay rights" and dropped out of the party, letting down all the people who had voted for him and trusted him to follow a political agenda. Such behaviour is neurotic, self-indulgent and unprincipled. Having changed from man to "woman" he then announced that he was a lesbian. He's so mixed-up his brains must have been through an electric blender. Sinclaire was voted out at the last election but there are plenty more looneys where he came from.

Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool - Events this Weekend 16th-17th August

We only have a few weeks left, so we need your views and support more than ever. Please, please if you can come and see us this weekend:

Elder Stubbs Festival - Saturday 16th August, Elder Stubbs Allotments, Rymers Lane  - a great day out for everyone - we'll have a stall showing our plans, looking for opinion, feedback and ideas to ensure our proposal to the Council reflects what the community wants. And our latest petition needs your signature!

BIG SPLASH! - Sunday 17th August 3-5pm, Temple Cowley Pools - yes, we're holding a fundraiser at TCP - come along if you possibly can, with as many friends and family as you can bring - swim a length (or as many as you want) and donate to help save our health and fitness centre. As well as plans and the petition, you will be able to see for yourself our ideas for the gym, diving pool, community centre, flumes (yes, now a possibility!) and everything else that will provide a focus for re-energising the Cowley area.

The team looks forward to welcoming you at both these great events.

And, as ever, thanks for your support!

Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign Team
twitter @savetcp facebook Save TCP

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hitler and HAMAS - allies from the start. Same Agenda.

1941, the Grand Mufti, leader of illegal Arab breakaway group, having failed in his uprising in Iraq, meets Adolf Hitler to discuss how they can disrupt the international agreement for the foundation of Israel. Left-wing imbeciles such as Lawrence Durnan continue to deny that this happened.

Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism

Nazi Collaborators The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el Husseini

Published on Jul 10, 2013
Haj Amin el Husseini spent his long life fomenting trouble between jews and arabs, in Mandatory Palestine which then included what is now known as Jordan and parts of Syria, In Germany, and in muslim countries.

Nazi Palestinians and the holocaust: the muslim Bosnian Waffen SS

Nazi palestinians: Heinrich Himmlers and mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseinis plan to exterminate the jews. Palestinians and the holocaust: the muslim Bosnian Waffen SS

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Islamic Terrorists Decapitating Children

Mark Arabo, a Californian businessman working in Iraq, and a leader of the Chaldean Catholic community, has sent this video evidence of the atrocities taking place in Mosul. He stated
“There’s actually a park in Mosul where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick… this is crimes against humanity. They are doing the most horrendous, the most heart-breaking crimes that you can think of.”

“Christianity in Mosul is dead, and a Christian holocaust is in our midst,” continued Arabo, a Californian businessman and Chaldean-American leader. In an interview with CNN’s Jonathan Mann, he called what’s happening in Iraq a “Christian genocide” and said “children are being beheaded, mothers are being raped and killed, and fathers are being hung.”

“Right now, three thousand Christians are in Iraq fleeing to neighboring cities,” he told Mann. Arabo is calling on the international community to follow France’s lead and offer the Christians of Iraq asylum. Read more

Image result for image Mosul

Donate to Help Persecuted Christians in Iraq

From Christian Weekly: 'Islamic State' drives out Christians and others from northern Iraq.

Please pray for an end to the crisis in Iraq where hundreds of thousands of Christians and other minorities are caught up in what an aid agency has described as an "unprecedented humanitarian crisis", as Islamic militants kill and drive them out of towns and cities.
At least 200,000 Iraqi Christians are thought to be fleeing from the advance of Islamic State (IS) militants, towards the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
An estimated 50,000 Yazidis are believed to be trapped in the mountains after fleeing the town of Sinjar and are now facing extreme temperatures with no water or food supplies.

The UN Security Council has held an emergency meeting after the largest Christian town, Qaraqosh, was seized by IS (formerly known as ISIS) militants. The UN's Humanitarian Affairs spokesman, John Ging, says "atrocities" are being committed by the militants and people are fleeing "in mortal fear".

It is reported that Christians are taking refuge in open fields as they abandon urban areas and are without water, food and shelter. Many thousands of Iraqi Christians and Yazidis have fled their homes following a threat by the militants to renounce their faiths or face death.

The International Christian organisation Fraternite en Irak has reported at least a quarter of Iraq's Christian population has left Qaraqosh and other surrounding towns in the north. This follows the withdrawal of Kurdish forces (known as the Peshmerg), who have been fighting the Sunni militants in the north for weeks. Qaraqosh, has been home to some 50,000 Christians.

You can donate to help support Christians in Northern Iraq via various Christian agencies including the Barnabas Fund (here) and Open Doors UK (here)

Canon Andrew White, the vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq, has led appeals for the international community to do more to help Christians and other minorities. Canon White who struggles with the illness, MS, says the church in Iraq seeks to help all who are threatened by the Islamic militants.

Watch Canon White's interview on BBC News here:

Christian Women Now Being Sold as Slaves in Iraq

A member of the Iraqi parliament has confirmed that ISIS is selling Christian women as slaves in areas they control. The women are herded into market-places at gunpoint by Islamic terrorists and sold to the highest bidder. Once sold, they can be forced to do unpaid work and raped. All this is permitted according to Islamic law. 
Many more have been killed or forced to convert to Islam.

Crédit photo - © Kapitalis

Friday, 8 August 2014

Pro-Russian Rebels Did Not Shoot Down Malaysian Airliner - more likely Ukraine's new rulers

Within hours of the disaster of the Malaysian airliner MH17 rumours were circulating about it being shot down by pro-Russian forces with a "Buk" anti-aircraft missile. But the evidence for this was always thin verging on zero. No photographs, no satellite pictures, no security surveillance data from any of the nearby military stations, no convincing signs from available wreckage. The main proof was a recording of a telephone conversation in which the rebels allegedly took credit for the disaster  - but this telephone call was recorded the day before the plane crashed.
  As soon as the story circulated, any alternative suggestion was bound to be branded a "conspiracy theory". If the rebels shot the plane down, what was their motive, and why did two eye-witnesses say that there were small jets in the sky alongside it  - jets of a type used by the Ukraine government? Why are there marks in the wreckage of the fuselage resembling machine gun fire?
It may be a long time before the true story of this tragic accident is known. But the most convincing explanation is that it was shot down by two jets launched by the forces of the current Ukrainian government.

Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile

  2747  121 

mh17 gros plan
We’ll go considerably farther than has yet been revealed by the professional intelligence community, to provide the actual evidence that conclusively shows that (and how) the Ukrainian Government shot down the Malaysian airliner, MH-17, on July 17th.
The latest report from the intelligence community was headlined on August 3rd by Robert Parry, “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts,” and he revealed there that,
“Contrary to the Obama administration’s public claims blaming eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia for the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, some U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame, according to a source briefed on these findings. This judgment — at odds with what President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have expressed publicly — is based largely on the absence of U.S. government evidence that Russia supplied the rebels with a Buk anti-aircraft missile system that would be needed to hit a civilian jetliner flying at 33,000 feet, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.”
It’s actually based on lots more than that; it’s based not on an absence of evidence, but on positive proof that the Ukrainian Government shot the plane down, and even proving how it was done. You will see this proof, right here, laid out in detail, for the first time.
The reader-comments to my July 31st article, “First Examination of Malaysian MH-17 Cockpit Photo Shows Ukraine Government Shot that Plane Down,” provided links and leads to independent additional confirmatory evidence backing up that account, of retired Lufthansa pilot Peter Haisenko’s reconstruction of this event, to such an extent that, after exploring the matter further, I now feel confident enough to say that the evidence on this matter is, indeed, “conclusive,” that Haisenko is right.
Here is all of that evidence, which collectively convinces me that Haisenko’s conclusion there, is, indeed, the only one that can even possibly explain this wreckage:
“There have been two or three pieces of fuselage that have been really pockmarked with what almost looks like machine-gun fire, very very strong machine-gun fire.”
This remarkable statement comes not from Haisenko, but from one of the first OSCE investigators who arrived at the scene of the disaster.
Go to and you will see it.
That youtube snippet in an interview with Michael Bociurkiw, comes from a man who is
“a Ukrainian-Canadian monitor with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), [who] has seen up close … the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. Bociurkiw and one other colleague were the first international monitors to reach the wreckage after the jet was shot down over a rebel-held region of eastern Ukraine July 17.”
That description of him is from the lead-in to the full interview with him, at the 29 July 2014 CBC news article, “Malaysia Airlines MH17: Michael Bociurkiw talks about being first at the crash site.” The far briefer youtube clip shows only what’s presented on 6:10-6:24 of this CBC interview with Bociurkiw. The CBC reporter in the video precedes the interview by announcing, “The wreckage was still smoldering when a small team from the OSCE got there.” So: he had to have been there really fast. “No other officials arrived for days,” she said.
So: one of the two first international monitors on-site saw conclusive evidence that the Malaysian plane had been hit by “very very strong machine-gun fire,” not by ground-based missile-fire.

Yes there is Something You can Do

Yes there is something you can do about the appalling persecution of Christians and non-Muslims by ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. You can contribute to one of the charities that is devoted to finding victims, helping them, supporting the survivors and keeping a faithful record of the massacres as they take place.

Muslims Butcher An Entire Village, And The Video That Was Taken Afterwords Will Break Your Heart

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
Muslims, all members of ISIS, butchered a village in Iraq, and there was a heart wrenching video showing the aftermath.
The footage begins with Police trucks scrambling, people wandering weeping in shock at the display of utter carnage, heads, limbs and bodies scattered, women weeping while they hover over their sons with no one to console them since all the others were busy doing the same. obtained a video of this atrocity and you can see it by visiting the original website
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There is some doubt about whether all the victims are actually Christians, but there are certainly being massacred for not being orthodox Muslims, and that is just as bad. It is an appalling human rights violation.
The Yazidi minority faces a struggle for survival in Iraq after their bastion Sinjar was taken over by Isil militants on Sunday, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee. The existence of the small Kurdish-speaking community on its ancestral land is now critically endangered. Here are a few facts about the Yazidis:The largest community is in Iraq — 600,000 people according to the highest Yazidi estimates, but barely 100,000 according to others — while a few thousand are also found in Syria, Turkey, Armenia and Georgia. They are mostly impoverished farmers and herders
They follow a faith born in Mesopotamia more than 4,000 years ago. It is rooted in Zoroastrianism but has over time blended in elements of Islam and Christianity. Yazidis pray to God three times a day facing the sun and worship his seven angels — the most important of those angels being Melek Taus, or peacock angel.
Yazidis discourage marriage outside the community and even across their caste system. Their unique beliefs and practices — some are known to refrain from eating lettuce and wearing the colour blue — have often been misconstrued as satanic. Muslims consider the peacock a demon figure and refer to Yazidis as devil-worshippers.As non-Arab and non-Muslim Iraqis, they have long been one of the country’s most vulnerable minorities. Persecution under Saddam Hussain forced thousands of families to flee the country. Germany is home to the largest community abroad, with an estimated 40,000.Massive truck bombs almost entirely destroyed two small Yazidi villages in northern Iraq on August 14, 2007. More than 400 people died in the explosions, the single deadliest attack since the 2003 US-led invasion.