Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Joys of Diversity

Oxford's Labour mayor, Delia Sinclair, admitted recently that there has been a severe shortage of school places in Oxford for the past five years.
Many parents have been deeply disappointed, or shocked to learn that they can't get their child into the school they chose even though they live in the official catchment area. Sandhills school is very over-subscribed and so are most of the state primary schools. Yes, it's frustrating but never mind, the County can still spend a fortune on driving some children to school in taxis. 
     The mayor, who is a great fan of "diversity" and loves to hear people on buses speaking a range of foreign languages, gave no reason for the strange shortage of school places. Is it because English people are suddenly having a lot of babies? No, the birth rate is rather low. Are schools being burnt down? No. Could it then have anything at all to do with the floods of EU citizens who have decided to come and seek work here in the UK? That of course would be a TABOO suggestion from any member of a political party that still, despite all the misery and the chaos, supports our remaining in the EU superstate. 
      Coming here, as most of them do, with perfectly good intentions and a wide range of skills, these EU citizens also bring children, and some of them bring their aged parents with them too. That is their legal right and the fact that it causes overcrowding or a steep rise in costs for schools is simply NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DISCUSSED. After all we also have a legal right to go and live in Poland or Bulgaria where the wages are £50 per month if you're lucky. We can send our children to school there, though I doubt whether the County Council would pay for a daily taxi ride there and back. 
      I recently met a young man from Granada who is working in the catering department of an Oxford college. He is qualified as an electrical engineer but left Spain because the job situation there is so utterly desperate. He is sharing a house in Oxford with four other young Spaniards who are all here for the same reason. In a few years' time there may be houses full of Serbians and Albanians job-seeking likewise, if their countries (thanks to the well-paid intervention of the creepy and ever-mercenary Peter Mandelson) get into the EU. It's all part of Diversity and if you have a secure well-paid job, a vast pension like Milord Mandelson, and no children trying to get into the local school, you have no reason at all to worry. 

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