Saturday, 7 June 2014

Horrific Attack on Homosexuals in Nigeria

No, there has been no horrific attack on homosexuals in Nigeria. There has been another routine massacre of a few hundred Christians  - but who cares about Christians, or any other downtrodden, oppressed, persecuted group, apart from homosexuals? There are some forms of oppression that are fashionable and some that are not.

The three Christian villages of Attangara, Agapalwa and Ngoshe have been subjected to a brutal attack by islamic militia. They went to the villages claiming to be government troops, on a mission to protect them from Boko Haram, and asked the men and boys to come out of their huts first. Then with warning they gunned them down with machine guns. The women and children were next. Even babies were killed.
Nigerian MP Peter Biye said:
The killings are massive but nobody can give a toll for now because nobody has been able to go to that place because the insurgents are still there. They have taken over the whole area… There are bodies littered over the whole area and people have fled
A community leader of Attagara said:
Hundreds of dead bodies are lying there… because there is nobody that will bury them
the same thing is going on in Somalia , Sudan and many other countries. But never mind, hey? So long as they're not homosexual, their human rights don't matter.

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