Sunday, 4 May 2014

Vanishing Act

The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) Report has been published just in time for the local government elections. Just when the campaign leaflets are dropping through your letterbox (another thing nobody will have soon I suppose because e-mails are making letters obsolete) here comes some marvellously GOOD NEWS to make the Coalition government look successful.

Crime is down, we are told, by 15%. Theft and vandalism are dropping and there is a marked decrease in the number of violent crimes. Assault, mugging, stabbing...all going out of fashion. All that is nicely backed up with figures processed by the Office for National Statistics.

Police officers

But wait a minute  - what about all those cuts in the police force? We are so short of police that they have to rely on help from volunteers. Fact. Look at this :

"Special Constables.
 Training to be a special constable with the Metropolitan Police Service will equip you with the necessary skills and capabilities you need to be there for London. What’s more, it will help you develop personally and boost your confidence.
To find out more about our training and how it can help you, click on the ‘Train to be a Special’ button below.

Special Constables:
Wear the same uniform as regular police officers
Have the same powers and responsibilities
Enjoy all the variety of policing London
Come from all walks of life
Volunteer 16 hours of their time a month [don't get paid, sorry]
Apply now ! "

What about all those cuts in hospitals  - all those accident and emergency units closed or down-graded in Lewisham, Bolton, Central Middlesex and Hammersmith...? These figures are only based on what people have reported...
Cuts in police mean there will be a drop in the number of crimes detected and recorded. Cuts in hospital services mean there will be a drop in the number of injuries treated and recorded. Often it's just too far for people to go, particularly when they can't get an ambulance. 
Result - an apparent drop in crime and injury. Wonderful! Not only has austerity saved us money it has turned us into better people. Just in time for the election!

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