Monday, 12 May 2014

The Confused Belligerence of Mr Derek Crawford Munn

Here is my reply to Mr Derek Crawford Munn who keeps sending me rude messages on Facebook accusing me of something he cannot spell. 
Dear Mr Derek Crawford Munn (I hope that is enough titles for you as you insist on formality)
    I am delighted that you have decided to vote for Scottish Independence and I just wish you could do it sooner. Why should we in England go on paying for so much of your health treatment when Scottish people are overweight, unfit and heavy drinkers? Why should you have access to expensive drugs on the NHS when we in England don't get them? Why should we pay for your free universities while our children face high fees and debt? Why should we be ruled by your Labour votes and you get more money per head out of the taxes we pay? Why should so many English ship-building jobs be moved to Scotland to ensure those Labour votes?
    You say you don't like my brand of "facism" (sic)  - well that 's a coincidence as I don't like your brand of LGBT fascism. Please note the spelling. The word comes from the Latin fasces, which explains its origins. I don't like the way you homo-fascists bullied Brendan Eich out of his job. And the same goes for Sarah Mbuyi, Adrian Smith, Lesley Pilkington, Kwabena Peat, Hans Raabe, Donald Perry, Mark Jackson, Mary Stachowicz, Suzanne and Mike Wilkinson, Peter and Hazelmary Bull, and a long, long list of others who have been bullied, sacked, victimized, vandalized and killed for simply wishing to follow their own beliefs instead of having yours forced down their throats. What you are doing to them is just like what the Nazi party did to people who would not join.

Kwabena Peat

Secondly, you object to me saying there are links between homosexuality and paedophilia. You will be even more angry to learn I have written articles exposing paedophile activities and connections of prominent LGBT activists that the mainstream media will not report. Larry Brinkin for example...and Peter Tatchell.
Clearly this makes some of your pink friends very angry and pink in the face. You won't find news like that on the BBC or in the newspapers  - because they are censored.
Sarah Mbuyi, bullied by homosexuals

Thirdly, I am not at all "ignorant" about the details of the Holocaust in WW2 and I have based my article (which of course you have not read!) on the most meticulous academic research available, research only recently translated into English from the German. I have compared that conscientious research with the rubbish "spouted" (to use your term) by LGBT and left-wing websites. And yes, the LGBT websites that you take for history are showing you MANY examples of Jewish people and telling you that they were victimized for "being gay". So the breathtaking ignorance is on your side.

You will probably not read it, because a small mind soon reaches its capacity and you appear to have reached yours!

Mary Stachowicz, murdered by homo-fanatics

Fourthly, the so-called "hate-crimes" you refer to in Russia, Uganda etc are frauds. Yes, frauds. Matthew Shepard was a fraud, David Kato was a fraud, gay-burning in Uganda is a fraud...they're all frauds. Read my article here about the latest one.

Yes, there is a 
propaganda industry and it doesn't happen by accident.

And finally, you say that free speech for you means the ability to "shout down" and silence other people around the globe. Free speech to you means only free speech for those who agree with you! Free speech to you means censorship. Free speech to you means gagging other people, just as the Anglican Mainstream campaign and Coalition for Marriage was gagged in 2012- 1013. It means bullying and intimidating others, stabbing them as Samuel Lafont and his friends were stabbed. It means shooting people, as Floyd Lee Corkins, another LGBT militant, did in Washington D.C. He just walked into a building and shot the first person he saw there. You want to take away the democratic rights of others. You want to kill everyone who disagrees! That is just why YOU are a fascist, Mr Derek Crawford Munn. The hatred, the ignorance and the attack on Human Rights is coming from you. Yours etc.

Dear Dr Gasper.
I am a 56 year old Gay man living in Glasgow.
I have been in two minds how to vote in the upcoming Independence referendum.
Thank you for making the decision for me.
If voting Yes will in future allow Scots to ensure that the brand of Facism you have recently spouted in your Blog never comes to Scotland, then it is YES all the way for me.
UKIP may be gaining a foothold in England, but it will never gain favour in Scotland, I would stand as an MSP myself, on that singular platform, rather than see the kind of hate [no you mean hatred  - hatred is a noun, hate is the verb] that you espouse be perpetrated [hatred can't be perpetrated, it's a motive not an action], here.

Below, some of the views that prompted my posting to your page.

Derek Crawford Munn Dear Dr Gasper, I have a feeling that our definitions of Free Speech may differ somewhat. The OED defines it as, 'the right to express one's opinions publicly'. Now unless I've misread that rather spectacularly, for the life of me i can't see where it goes on to say that anyone has the right to spout false Facist propaganda. To suggest that 50% of Gay people are paedophiles,[which of course I have never said!! trust Pink News to get it wrong] and are embarked on an 'indoctrination campaign', is not only simply ridiculous [not at all the indoctrination campaign is fact and your own notions are the result of it], it is also hugely insulting to a very large sector of the community [No you are not a "very large sector", you are just a tiny aggressive sector. According to the Office of National Statistics, homosexuals are only 1.5% of the population.  LGBT activists are only a fraction of that. You think you are being insulted because you are vain]. Secondly to actually voice the notion that the thousands Gay ["gay" does not need a capital letter. You think you are sacred!] people put to death during the holocaust,[Holocaust does usually have a capital letter] were only murdered because they were Jewish too, is nothing less than breathtaking in it's [you don't need an apostrophe] ignorance. Free speech of the kind you espouse, has murdered millions, and is responsible for continuing hate crimes around the globe, Russia, Uganda, Brunei.[mostly fakes of course]....The list goes on....... Free speech for me will always represent the ability to comment, shout down, and fight against your brand of thinly veiled Facism, Homophobia and hate. PS. I would be most grateful, if you decide to engage in any further correspondence, if you would kindly give me my full title, Mr Derek Crawford Munn , I wouldn't want anyone to mistake us for acquaintances. DCM.

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