Monday, 19 May 2014

Nick Clegg to Get an Angry Reception in Oxford Tomorrow

An Oxford student group is organizing a protest for Deputy PM Nick Clegg when he visits tomorrow to attend a pre-election question-and-answer session in central Oxford. The event is hosted by the Oxford Mail and Oxford Liberal Democrats. Oxford Activist Network is angered by the invitation and plans to disrupt the event, arguing on the authority of no less than the philosopher John Locke that Clegg has betrayed the trust of the people and therefore is no longer to be regarded as having any legitimate authority.

The case for kicking Clegg out of Oxford

"We, students in Oxford, do not forget. We do not forget that in 2008 Nick Clegg said: “will I ever join a Conservative government? NO.” We do not forget that in 2010 Nick Clegg pledged to oppose tuition fees, oppose a VAT increase, and oppose immediate cuts in public spending. We do not forget that millions of people, many of them students, lent the Liberal Democrats their votes on the basis of these promises. And we do not forget that at the first whiff of power Nick Clegg dumped his pledges to us, trebled tuition fees, and leapt into bed with the Conservatives. Nick Clegg’s continued parliamentary support enables David Cameron to pass regressive legislation from the benefit cap to the bedroom tax, punishing the poorest for an economic crisis created by the wealthy. Clegg presides over a divided nation, with taxes cut for the rich while prices rise, pay is squeezed and debts grow for the rest of us. He has sold out our generation."

Aylon Cohen of OAN argues that students are now justified in denying Clegg a platform, because of this betrayal of trust. The rally begins outside the Taylorian at 2.45 pm. Rotten tomatoes can be picked up conveniently in the nearby covered market ready for Mr Clegg's arrival.

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