Thursday, 8 May 2014

LibDems and Conservatives Steal English Democrat Party Policies

In public they revile you, abuse you and treat you with contempt. In private, they search through your manifesto and steal its ideas!
Yes, the old political parties are so bankrupt of ideas and so desperate to get back the disillusioned voters that they are rifling through the manifesto of the English Democrats Party and its website and STEALING our policies. 
Or at least they are making promises to adopt them...and you know how well the old parties keep their promises.

Here are just a few recent examples:
>Our long-held policy of devolving substantial government expenditure to the Counties has been proposed now by both Heseltine and recently by Ed Milliband. Neither of them have any idea of just how much expenditure the English Democrats will devolve. Doing it our way will decentralise government in England and remove Westminster's stranglehold on the rest of the country. Are the other parties really likely to allow power to be devolved away from Westminster and the huge, cash-hungry, machine called central government?

>Nick Clegg now seems to have discovered that we should be asking all new immigrants to deposit a sum of money when they arrive (he 
mentioned £3k - 10k). This would cover the cost of the infrastructure in hospitals, schools, roads and so on, required for their use. [In France this is a legal requirement and has been for a very long time regardless of EU laws. You are not allowed to work there without paying first. The policy is upheld by the trades unions.] The English Democrats have long said that immigrants should pay a lump-sum to cover the investments in infrastructure made by those already in the country. However we all know how good the Lib Dems are at honouring any promise they make prior to an election.

English Revolt 1381

In Kent the Lib Dems tried to undermine local Candidates’ popular appeal to English Independence by inferring that this is a vote for a ‘Little England’ and not a vote for Great Britain! David Cameron has cast the same slur on the English. The term "Little Englander" came into use to label those people in England who did not want to get involved in foreign colonial wars. English Democrats are proud to be of the same view.
-In March we held our spring conference in Dartford with a theme that looked back to the Peasants Revolt of 1381 and we launched our EU campaign in Fobbing, the Essex village where the revolt reportedly started. Imagine our surprise a week ago to see Christine Hamilton on BBC's This Week claiming the revolt as a UKIP idea. Nothing could be less convincing than Christine Hamilton claiming to be an English peasant. And nothing demonstrates UKIP's lack of any serious ideas and new thinking.

The Political establishment understand that they are largely devoid of new ways of thinking through problems. There is very little fresh thinking on our current problems in Westminster. Traditional parties are tied to their ideologies and lack the freedom that being part of this establishment has blinkered them to anything else.

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