Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jon Snow Calls the English Ignorant

Jon Snow the Channel 4 news presenter has spoken out calling English people ignorant and apathetic because they are taking so little interest in the prospect of Scottish independence.

That is surely an unjust attack as the fact is that English people have got no say in what could turn out to be this historic landmark decision.  Since we are excluded and only the Scots are being consulted what is the point of us getting excited and jumping up and down?  We're only the English and as usual we don't matter. It's a bit like a divorce where one party has a petition and a lawyer while the other one is told to stay at home and wait for the outcome. Great.
English people ought to be treated with more respect. It's bad enough to have been misruled by generations of Scottish Labour MPs but now we're blamed for not taking part in a process that EXCLUDES us.


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  1. Let's have a little correction. It is only those presenty resident in Jockland who can vote. Many of wee, legitimate Sweaties, will have no say because we reside outside the Kiltery. Och Aye!