Monday, 7 April 2014

The Public Pays for "Gay" Romps in Parliamentary Circles

A Tory official allegedly hosted a gay sex orgy while at party conference.

  • The romp, organised through smartphone app Grindr, is supposed to have taken place in a £2,500-a-night hotel paid for by taxpayers.
  • The same official has been linked to bullying staff and being drunk on duty
  • The £70,000 a year official is said to be in a long-running feud with a Minister
  • Speaker John Bercow is holding emergency meetings to try and defuse tensions in Westminster and avoid another scandal
  • Neither the official nor the Minister can be named for legal reasons [sounds as if someone has obtained a gagging order. That's another thing we'll all end up paying for.]

The £2,500 per night Manchester hotel where the orgy is said to have taken place

A Tory Minister is involved in an extraordinary row over claims that taxpayers’ money was used to fund homosexual er..."parties".
The politician is said to have been in a feud with a senior party official accused of using dating app Grindr to invite gay MPs and activists to his suite at the Conservative Party conference.
The £70,000-a-year official, who is not an MP, has also been accused of bullying staff and being drunk on duty. He was disciplined after a formal investigation.
Neither the Minister nor the official can be named by The Mail on Sunday for legal reasons.
The "gay" sex party is alleged to have taken place at the Light ApartHotel, a luxury apartment complex in Manchester where suites cost up to £2,500 a night. [See picture above]
It is just over half a mile from the Manchester Central conference centre and is popular with footballers and WAGs. The complex can be entered by driving straight into the underground car park, escaping the attentions of the paparazzi.
The official was among a group of Tory aides who stayed there during the conference in 2011 with the bill being footed by a taxpayer-funded organisation. The Tory official organised the party using the Grindr app, which enables users to make contact with fellow gay men in the vicinity.
After a series of intimate exchanges with another man, he invited him to a party in his hotel suite. It is alleged that other men were later invited.
According to one source, the official boasted he was a senior figure in the Tory Party.
A source, who has seen the Grindr messages, said: ‘The gist of it was, “I’m up here with the Tory Party and have some great young guys in my suite. We party every night, come and join us.”
‘The other man responded very enthusiastically and said he was also involved in politics so they had lots in common.’
Shortly after the conference, a formal complaint was made to the party by an individual who saw the Grindr exchanges between the named official and the other man, who did not disclose his identity.
John Bercow is planning emergency talks with MPs in an attempt to defuse any impending crisis
John Bercow is planning emergency talks with MPs in an attempt to defuse any impending crisis
A Tory insider said: ‘It was clear from the investigation that the official had behaved very foolishly and he was given a formal warning.
‘But it was decided to take no further action. The identity of the other man in the Grindr messages was not disclosed in the inquiry.’
The result of the investigation was reported to Downing Street.
The Mail on Sunday has also learned that in the run-up to the 2011 Tory conference, the same official was involved in a separate incident when the Conservative politician involved in the feud asked him to approve a big pay rise for one of his friends, who worked for the official.
The official refused, insisting that because the Tory body that he and the Minister’s friend worked for receives public funds they had to follow Mr Cameron’s call for public-sector workers to receive low pay rises in line with the Coalition’s austerity policies. Tory chiefs backed the official and told the Minister to stop making a fuss.
The Minister allegedly complained vehemently again when the same male junior aide was passed over for promotion and ‘raved and ranted about it in front of other Tory officials causing an embarrassing scene’.
The claims were disclosed following a Mail on Sunday investigation amid speculation at Westminster that a new sleaze scandal involving Tory MPs, sex, abuse of power, bullying and personal feuds is about to be exposed.
David Cameron has been warned the allegations could inflict major damage on his party’s reputation. [Good let's hope so.]
Commons Speaker John Bercow, who is responsible for the conduct of all MPs and staff at Westminster, is planning emergency talks with senior MPs this week in attempt to defuse the crisis.
 Thank goodness we still have some newspapers that are prepared to expose the rot inside our Parliament and the extent of the corruption. There are far too many homosexuals in Parliament. Even the Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans is under investigation for sexually harassing other men. They are only 1.5% of the population, a proportion that justifies about ten MPs in total, yet there seem to be hundreds of them, all in important positions and giving each other favours. That is a violation of democracy.

>> I call for the banning of Grindr and similar networks that damage public health.
Parliament’s biggest bar is “virtually a gay bar now”, an MP has claimed.
Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Rhonda and shadow immigration minister told MPs during a debate on diversity that parliament had so many gay and lesbian members now that his "husband" worried about him going drinking there.
“Indeed, sometimes when you go into the Strangers Bar you feel as though you are in Rupert Street [in Soho]. It is virtually a gay bar now, and my "husband" sometimes worries about whether I should be allowed in there any more.”
Strangers, which only MPs and their guests can go to, overlooks the House of Commons terrace and the Thames.


  1. sexual perversions are common in straight people too...every one of them...always have people aren't any different. . they are just more open about I don't like it either......and apps like grindr etc exist for straights too....ban those was well...the problem is society is going down the pan... Its patents selfishness and inappropriate parenting that's the problem. with that issue please

    1. Please show me an example of the public having to pay for them - I would not condone that either.