Sunday, 6 April 2014

Take Warning from Warner - the NHS is under attack again

Labour has now adopted all the Tory policies and in respect of corruption there is nothing to choose between them. The LibLabCon is one big flabby lump of political lard.
If a Conservative think-tank suggested we should all pay £10 per month to use the NHS, Labour would go ballistic, hurling abuse and accusing them of dismantling the welfare state. Yet now a Labour peer has put his name to the same suggestion. Wake up Warner, we ALREADY pay for the NHS through our taxes  - but our awful governments give our money away to the EU, to Scotland and Wales, or spend it on foreign wars that have achieved hatred and bloodshed. It would cause immense hardship here if people had to pay for NHS services and the inevitable result would be that some people could not pay, or forgot to do so, and were left without care. What would happen then? Probably the government would permit them to get treatment free anyway, so the outcome would just be another tax on the ever-bludgeoned working middle-class.
     Warner does not mention the way that the NHS spends hundreds of millions of £ on treatment for people who are not British citizens and pay nothing into the system. Nor the fact that the NHS spends £46 million per year on spin doctors and "diversity advisors"  - sheer waste.
      There really is no difference at all between Tory and Labour.  In Salford the Labour-controlled Council is CUTTING its discretionary payments to those unable to pay their bills, despite a big protest march in which Labour hypocrites took part.

We are deeply in debt as a nation and we need a change of direction so that people can earn enough money to house themselves without housing benefit. But the policies of the LibLabCon will never achieve that.

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