Sunday, 6 April 2014

Menzies is Tory answer to Paul Flowers

Isn't it funny how often homosexuality, drugs and prostitution seem to go together?
Conservative MP Mark Menzies who voted for same-sex "marriage" has been revealed to be living the same sleazy, disgusting, immoral lifestyle as Labour hero Paul Flowers, disgraced boss of the Co-operative Bank. Change the picture and it could be the same story. 

Menzies who holds a post in the ministry for International Development showed his keen interest in international development by repeatedly hiring a Brazilian rent-boy named Santos who is an illegal immigrant. While he should have been working for his constituents in Fylde, Lancashire, he was cavorting with Santos in his taxpayer-funded London flat, taking drugs extasy and methedrone. Despite knowing that Santos supplied drugs, Menzies helped him try to get a legal visa  - or maybe that's WHY he helped him. Menzies even asked Santos how much the methedrone would cost if he bought it in bulk!

When Menzies denied the charges, Santos said that he had proof in the form of SMS messages and photographs, one of them of Menzies naked in the London flat.
Menzies voted for benefit cuts for English families then paid Santos £250 per hour for homosexual acts.
If Menzies wants to get Santos a legal visa, all he has to do now is go through a same-sex "marriage" ceremony with him and that will solve his problem. No wonder he voted for it, without shame.

Drugs, prostitution and homosexuality are the familiar pattern we saw in the case of Paul Flowers and this typifies the "gay" lifestyle. Menzies met Santos via a "gay" escort agency that fuels promiscuity and drives the current soaring rates of venereal disease in British cities. (I wonder if these agencies pay any business tax?!!) These are the corrupt people who have overturned our marriage laws without democratic mandate and destroyed the values that society depends on to exist. 
Their rotten laws tell us that vice is virtue and virtue is vice.

"We have seen evidence of the MP ordering amounts of methedrone – which was banned in the UK in 2010.
Santos claims he met Mr Menzies on a gay escort website and the MP began paying him £250 an hour for sex.
Mr Menzies sent texts to Santos asking how much the Class B would cost if he bought it in bulk.
The Brazilian says the pair enjoyed drug-fuelled romps at the MP’s taxpayer-funded flat in London where Mr Menzies was photographed naked alongside plates of methedrone.
Mr Menzies asked Santos – who has now returned to Sao Paulo – to wear “sexy underwear” during their involvement."
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  1. I have breakfast most mornings in the Trawl Boat in St Annes on the Sea, the Parliamentary constituency of the late Mark Menzies. Most constituency in this region are held by persons wo cannot and will not every gel with ordinary working, family folk.
    When I mentioned Mark Menzie's name the majority of youngsters shrugged their shoulders; they had no idea of whom I was addressing. Most youngsters are busy juggling working and existing just above the poverty line, no hope of purchasing a home, little chance of being put ahead of the immigrant in the Housing Registers.
    There are four local by-elections and all I hear, a subject which no local is remotely concerned, is Europe.
    We have BAE just down the road where lots of people would love to work, had they got off their backsides and got qualified they probably would!
    Flower, Menzies or Miller! It doesn't matter to those who have their homes paid for by pensioners; have their cheap beer paid for by working folk, have their uninsured carriages subsided by the legitimate road user. Which people and why do they use the Co-op? I have a card and have not use it for a decade or more...The bank as been suspect even longer.

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