Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lib Dems Steal UKIP policy

When is a cut not a cut? When it is actually only a postponed increase. On the Oxford Lib Dem website, the Coalition's decision to postpone the RISE in petrol tax is presented as a "cut" in true Newspeak style:-
Commenting on the news that the Coalition Government has decided to postpone the August fuel duty rise, Jean said...

The smug leaflets being circulated by the Lib Dems boast that they have created "a stronger economy in a fairer society" The truth is that we are borrowing £1 billion per month to pay vast subsidies to the nations in the EU's single currency zone, so that the euro currency can stay afloat. Hundreds of thousands of angry people are demonstrating in France and Spain against EU economic policies. In Greece millions have just left, in despair. The Lib Dems' fairer society is neither liberal nor democratic. It means that EU commissioners and bankers are telling elected politicians what to do. Meanwhile there is a new class of fat cat eurocrat basking in the sun, enjoying a billionaire lifestyle at our expense. Their luxury mansions cost us as much as £25,000 per MONTH. What exactly do these EU ambassadors do for you and me? Nothing. They may now and then interfere clumsily in the Ukraine and try to stir up a war, but most of the time they are just chatting to each other in posh restaurants and lolling by the side of their pools. With the Lib Dems what you see is NOT what you get.

EU diplomat’s home costs £25,000 a month

[yes per month...not year...month. NO AUSTERITY FOR THEM]
 Irene Horejs, the Dominican Republic ambassador, inset, lives in a luxury villa
Irene Horejs, the EU's Dominican Republic ambassador, lives in a luxury villa (Orlando Barria)

THE property bill for the European Union’s diplomatic arm
has reached almost £69m a year, much of it spent on luxury
homes for EU representatives.
The Spanish EU ambassador to Russia is living in a rented
residence costing £25,000 a month and the Dutch EU ambassador
to Hong Kong is in an apartment that costs almost £17,000 a month.
MEPs in charge of controlling the budget have criticised the
expenditure as “outrageous” because many of the European
 diplomats live in homes whose cost greatly exceeds local
property prices.
In 2011 alone, the European External Action Service (EEAS),
 effectively the EU’s foreign office, which is run by Labour peer
 Baroness Ashton, signed contracts for its employees’ private
residences worth more than £55m. At the same time, an internal
 audit report found that the overall financial management of
embassies was either “not satisfactory” or "insufficient” in
33% of the cases examined.

One funny thing though...the Lib Dems' election leaflet boasts that
 they have reduced tax for the average family by £700 per year.
 Raising the income tax threshold is a policy they strongly opposed
 when the Conservatives first suggested it. And where did the
 Conservatives get it from? From the UKIP manifesto where it had
been for several years before...

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