Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I Accuse...all those Responsible for the Shameful Injustice to Brendan Eich

To the shame of America, Brendan Eich, the co-founder of the Mozilla company, and the man who invented Java-script, has been forced out as its Chief Executive, merely because he opposed same-sex "marriage". If you use Mozilla Firefox, ditch it now!

Brendan Eich

This new Macarthyism shames democracy and proves what Anglican Mainstream has been saying for so long, that homo-fascism is a threat to fundamental Human Rights. Brendan Eich has a basic right to work regardless of his beliefs. He also has a right to participate in the civic life of his country, and a democratic right to scrutinize, support or reject whatever changes to the law are demanded by whatever group. He peacefully exercised that right. He was victimized by a queer mafia that takes a vindictive pleasure in bullying and abusing people.
Soon after his appointment these homo-fascist busybodies pried into his past and discovered that he donated $1,000 to "Prop 8" the campaign to stop same-sex marriage in California. Then the homo-fascists set out to target him, just like the Nazis, who got anyone who refused to join their party sacked. 
Below you will find links to two petitions that try to do something about this shocking injustice. First I want to list some of the people responsible for what has happened to Brendan Eich. Not just the homo-fascists but all the weak dithering liberals who have appeased them.
I ACCUSE Barack Obama, who capitulated to the pressure and the Hollywood money, and started to support "gay" marriage.
I ACCUSE the European Union, which spends hundreds of millions of pounds every year on promoting the barmy, sick LGBT agenda, even to the point of dictating to non-member states and spreading lies systematically.
I ACCUSE the UN which now bribes independent nations to introduce LGBT demands instead of the Human Rights they were established to uphold.
I ACCUSE the BBC, and all our TV channels, for promoting LGBT ideas uncritically and one-sidedly in too many ways to mention.
I ACCUSE newspapers such as the Guardian and Huffington Post for queer bias, and even the Daily Mail for printing reports of undoubtedly fake hate-attacks invented by LGBTs for publicity purposes.
I ACCUSE Amnesty International, which has been taken over by some of the nastiest LGBT bullies you can imagine.
I ACCUSE David Cameron who has abandoned the principles of the Conservative party and got elected under false pretences.
I ACCUSE Nick Clegg who is a dummy, leading a party totally infiltrated by LGBT extremists pursuing nothing but their own crazy agenda.
I ACCUSE the Labour Party, who under Tony Blair introduced the Trojan horse of LGBT legislation under the misnomer of "equality", and let nutters run our state school system.
I ACCUSE all the leaders and officials of political parties and professional bodies who have caved in to threats and tantrums from LGBT extremists.
I ACCUSE Justin Wellby, Archbishop of Canterbury, who has cringed and crawled to the self-appointed queer mafia of England and is being visibly manipulated by them. He too has Brendan Eich's blood on his hands.
I ACCUSE other pseudo-bishops such as Alan Wilson the Bishop of Buckingham, who has such an inflated opinion of himself it is surprising he does not float up into the stratosphere.
I ACCUSE feeble vicars such as the Rev Tim Stead of Headington Quarry, who thinks he needs to go along with LGBT notions to make himself look "cool".
I ACCUSE Pope Francis, who has made compromising, dithering public statements to appease the homo-fascist contingent.
I ACCUSE pious Anglican blogger "Archbishop Cranmer" who allows his blog to be just another outlet for LGBT bullying, abuse and propaganda  -- as if there weren't enough of those already.
I ACCUSE feeble academics such as Professor Kitty Datta who says we mustn't argue or scrutinize LGBT demands because "my daughter's gay". That is pathetic. Why should Brendan Eich be bullied and unjustly treated because your daughter's a hung-up man-hater?
I ACCUSE Prof Niall Fergusson and Prof. Roger Scruton, who both when challenged backed down from their views and crawled to the homo-fascist bullies. Every time someone does this it makes the bullies stronger and life harder for innocent people like Brendan Eich.
I ACCUSE all the universities in Europe and America, including Oxford, Cambridge and the Catholic universities, for allowing homo-fascist dictatorship to encroach on intellectual freedom and integrity.
I ACCUSE film stars like Daniel Radcliffe who let themselves be used to promote the LGBT agenda, when they are too young and foolish to understand how they are being manipulated.

And now here are the petitions - 

This is an online petition to the Mozilla Company asking it to reconsider its hasty decision about Brendan Eich. He has the right to work and hold his views in a supposedly democratic country. So do we all. 

>>Will you join citizens from around the world in taking the NoZilla pledge?
Together our statement will be heard: "We do not support companies that do not support freedom of speech and conscience rights” -- starting with Mozilla (FireFox)
If you agree, please sign the NoZilla pledge:
Brendan Eich, the (now former) CEO of Mozilla -- which created and maintains the Firefox web browser – was forced to resign for supporting the true definition of marriage as only between 1 man and 1 woman.
Eich donated $1000 to a campaign formed to protect the definition of marriage in California (the famously known "Prop 8”). LGBT groups publicized this information and called on the Mozilla Corporation Board of Directors to fire Eich.
Mozilla caved to the request of the LGBT group by forcing Eich to resign.
Are we not entitled to our freedom of speech? What about our rights of conscience? Or -- what about our right to be politically active without consequences? All of this was taken away from Brendan Eich.
This request is a call to action to do more than signing a petition. Please be one of the #NoZilla pledge signers to #DumpFireFox!
To sign the NoZilla pledge:
Additionally -- Within this pledge, we have included instructions on how to uninstall FireFox.


Mozilla Co-Founder Brendan Eich Resigns as CEO, Leaves Foundation Board
You can "Like" Brendan Eich on Facebook. I have just done so. If lots of people did the same, it might get our message across.


  1. I am shocked by what has happened to Brendan Eich. It is like a Mafia, or, as you say, like the days of the Nazi party. This would not happen in a real democracy. Unfortunately I don't use Mozilla so I can't dump it. What else can we do?

  2. I also find this extremism just incredible. How can a man be chucked out of his job just for saying he didn't want the existing law to change? He has been treated like a criminal. Society has been taken over by extremists with a grudge against anyone who disagrees. I don't use facebook or Moxilla but I agree this is a terrible injustice. It's like what the Red Guards used to do in China.

  3. Queers are the worst bullies, it has to be said. They just love to kick other people around. Haven't you seem at their parades where they dress up as Nazis? You could be right they have got a grudge too - a lot of them are really angry and bitter about AIDS and out to get revenge on straight people. They hate society because they remember all their friends who died of it. And they know they're high risk. So they're resentful and vindictive, always looking for a way they can "get even". Policing others and going after "homophobia" gets to be an obsession with some of them. Also there are paid teams mainly of students who do this for LGBT groups. The patrol the internet looking for people they can hate, and they form an online lynchmob.

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