Friday, 4 April 2014

Another Fine Day - the EU is Fining us £300 million

When the EU has finished taxing us to the hilt, it wants a little more money so it slaps fines on us, not in the millions but in the HUNDREDS of millions of £. The £300 million fine they are imposing on us for air pollution and smog is viciously unfair because in the first place, a lot of the factors are out of our control. Recent poor air quality in the UK has been caused by storms of dust blown northwards from the Sahara desert and a drop in the usual prevailing winds.

So as well as getting a cough, an asthma attack or heart problem, we get penalized financially. This is a totally unfair system.
 As for domestic pollution, how does it help for our continental friends and buddies to wallop us with a heavy fine? They are taking that money from the tax-payer, you and me, instead of it going to provide essential, cash-starved services here in England. 

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood admitted on TV yesterday that the main reason she wants to stay in the EU is that 10% of Welsh jobs depend on EU subsidies. 
But where do those EU subsidies come from? Somebody pays for them through their taxes  - yes, it's the English. EU regional funding does go to create fake jobs in Wales, and those public sector or subsidised jobs depend on people in England making sacrifices and being taxed into the ground.
None of that makes sense to me - why should we go on paying to subsidize other people when our most basic services here are being withdrawn? Where Wales comes first, and Scotland second, England definitely comes in third.
The allocation of the grants and subsidies is riddled with allegations of fraud, fiddling and extortion. A lot of the money ends up in the pockets of crooks and all this goes under the name of "regional regeneration".

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