Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Chance to Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool

Something makes me think there must be a local government election coming along...
No, Oxford City Council has not suddenly decided to cough up the funds to refurbish Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, but it has made a concession that gives the campaigners some hope of saving it, ONLY if they can take it over as a business and keep it operational on an independent basis. They will need investment and a proper business plan.

From Save TCP website
The Council has approved our nomination for Temple Cowley Pool to be registered as an Asset of Community Value.*
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 This means we have six months to put together a proposal to take over, develop and operate TCP. We already have some wonderful ideas, and a financially viable business plan along with lots of support from organisations and professionals wanting to be involved. We want you all to
be involved too, so welcome anyone who can volunteer to help with the project. And, because this is a community venture focused on retaining the services you want and need, where you want and need them, we want your
 *This does NOT mean that Temple Cowley Pool is saved*, just that we have more time and are part of a process that enables us to put a plan forward. We will continue to need everyone's help, including lobbying your councillors, especially with the local elections in May. *Meanwhile, our 7th Petition is debated in Council on Monday 14th April, 7pm, Town Hall, St Aldates. Please come down and watch our councillors debate our request to work together with them for a solution to keep TCP running.*

 And a reminder that if you haven't signed our latest online petition on 38 Degrees, please do so 
here <>


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