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Peter Tatchell's Links to Paedophile Information Exchange - you read it here first

Peter Tatchell, whose name is synonymous with the LGBT movement in Britain, has no elected position. He calls himself the Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, which is an organization he founded and staffs by himself. He calls it a “human rights organization” but its agenda does not correspond to that of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights as issued in 1948. He is the Green Party's official spokesman on "Human rights" but he has no mandate from the public, and he constantly issues opinions on subjects in which he has no qualifications whatsoever. 

Tatchell came to England from Australia after homosexuality was already legalized and has devoted his entire career to campaigning for abolition of the age of consent. He used to do this openly, but now he has grown more cautious, and he works on a plan of gradual reduction, two years at a time. He is obsessed with the subject, and has been writing articles about it for as long as anyone can remember. His ideas are even given space on mainstream radio programmes like BBC’s Woman’s Hour. He has been featured demanding a lower age of consent in Pink News innumerable times. One of these articles in Pink News complained, “ill-informed critics unfairly accused him of opening the door to child sex abuse…”  Ill-informed?
In 1990 Tatchell founded a group called OutRage! whose aim is to abolish age-of-consent laws. When asked to justify this, he claims that he is helping young teenagers who ought not to be criminalized and prosecuted for having sexual relations with each other or somebody only a few years older than themselves. This is curious, as the law does not prosecute the under-age person in cases of juvenile sex offence. It is only the older person who may face prosecution (and even then not unless the younger partner makes a complaint. Complaint from the parents is not accepted these days.) Tatchell has never produced one single example of these supposedly oppressed teenagers whom he is trying to help. When challenged to do so, he always wiggles out. 

Tatchell’s softly, softly approach should not deceive anyone. He is a hypocrite, with close links to the Paedophile Information Exchange, a group many of whose members have now been convicted for molesting minors and distributing hard-core child pornography. We have Matthew Hopkins to thank for revealing the full extent of Tatchell’s implication in the pro-paedophilia movement. Hopkins revealed that in 1986 Tatchell contributed a chapter to a book produced by PIE. The book, entitled BOY, called for total abolition of any age of consent. It defended sex between adults and infants of any age, even within the family. Incest, promiscuity and homosexuality were all advocated from babyhood onwards. The paedos could not wait to tear the nappies off toddlers to initiate them into the “gay” lifestyle. 
Hopkins writes “The book, ‘The Betrayal Of Youth’ (BOY for short) was put together by convicted paedophile Warren Middleton (aka John Parratt), former vice-chairperson of  PIE and published in 1986, only three years after Peter Tatchell stood as the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for Bermondsey” (in London). “In chapter after horrifying chapter members of PIE set out in detail the insane paedophile plan. The first chapter, entitled simply ‘Incest’ equates a child climbing into bed with a parent to be read a story with an 8 year old boy climbing into bed to have his genitals fondled by his mother. 
In Tatchell’s own chapter 9, entitled ‘Questioning Ages of Minority and Ages of Consent’ he asks ‘What purpose does it [the age of consent] serve other than reinforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era?’
The chapter just after Tatchell’s is entitled ‘Ends and Means: How to Make Paedophilia Acceptable….?’ and opens with an account of sexual activity with two 8 year old boys before describing it as ‘all very normal to a libertarian, even to some open-minded parents’.”
Many of the co-authors were not only open members of the PIE but have been convicted since then of paedophile offences. The book is out of print but there is a copy in the British Library. Matthew Hopkins has made a scan which can be accessed through his website.

In 1998, Tatchell wrote an obituary in the Independent for a man called Ian Campbell Dunn. Tatchell spoke warmly of Dunn, describing him as a hero: “IAN DUNN was a pioneer for lesbian and gay human rights, remaining a central figure in the battle for homosexual equality - in Scotland and internationally - for 30 years... In 1974, he and Derek Ogg convened the International Gay Rights Congress in Edinburgh - the first post-war conference of homosexual emancipation movements from around the world. This congress led to the formation of the International Lesbian & Gay Association (Ilga). Now a global federation of 400 gay rights groups in 60 countries, Ilga has played a pivotal role in getting gay equality.” Indeed? Tatchell did not mention that Dunn was a co-founder of PIE.  
As well as his paedophile activities, Dunn was a devoted follower of "scat" - sexual practices involving what normal people flush down the toilet. He was prosecuted by HM customs for importing pornography relating to this and paedophilia.
In The Guardian newspaper 26th June 1997, Peter Tatchell wrote a brash defence of a book on inter-generational sex entitled  ‘Dares to Speak" published by the Gay Men's Press. He called the book "courageous" and asserted that sex between adults and children as young as nine was normal and did no harm. “The positive nature of some child-adult relations is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of 9 to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia [which he has just done] it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful,” wrote Tatchell.

In an article of 1997, Tatchell claimed he had interviewed a boy aged 14 called Lee who demanded his right to have under-age homosexual relations. Tatchell published this article in 1997 saying that “Lee” is an assumed name and he could not reveal Lee’s true identity Nor could he reveal where he had been interviewed or show indeed any proof at all of the  existence of “Lee”.

 Lee tells how he has been actively homosexual since the age of  eight and was not harmed by prostituting himself to adults, some of whom tied him up and raped him. He then used the money to buy drugs including speed and cannabis. He regards it as desirable to go “cottaging” in changing rooms or public parks with under-age partners…Tatchell wants us to believe that kids can handle this, and there is simply no problem. Squalid beyond belief, the entire article is a plea for legalized pederasty. I suspect that “Lee” is a fantasy or possibly based on Tatchell himself. If these claims about childhood homosexual activity are true of him (as they are of about 30% of male homosexuals), it would explain a lot about his disturbed state of mind and emotional abnormality.  

Tatchell is the author of the “gay” sex education manual, "Safer Sexy - The Guide To Gay Sex Safely" (Freedom Editions, 1994). Following the behaviour he advocates, there have been soaring rates of promiscuity, venereal disease, male prostitution, and drug-abuse among homosexuals. To call this “gay” is a serious misnomer.
This lifestyle is lethal enough among white people, but even more so to our black brothers and sisters. They are even more vulnerable to AIDS than Caucasians. In South Africa and wherever else homosexuality has been legalized, epidemics of AIDS and other venereal diseases have followed. Millions have died and the health bill is reaching billions of $ every year  - dollars that other, poorer African countries just haven’t got. Tatchell cannot understand why countries with an average income of £400 per year don’t want diseases that cost a minimum of £18,000 per year in drugs to suppress and “manage” (they can’t be cured). He arrogantly goes on telling foreign countries with elected governments what to do. After all, he is unelected here  - and that has never stopped him from laying down the law. When David Kato was killed in Uganda by a young male prostitute angry at being exploited, Tatchell energetically spread the myth that Kato was the victim of “homophobia”. 
Tatchell has a record of sheer thuggish behaviour. Under the last Archbishop of Canterbury, he stormed into Westminster Abbey, shouting during a service and interrupting the sermon. Only a few months ago he disrupted a concert of music conducted by the distinguished Russian musician, Valery Gergiev, to make noisy protests against policies that the Russian Parliament has voted in. Democracy doesn’t matter to Tatchell. He thinks an 8-year-old child can make up their own mind about homosexual activity, but Russian adults are not old enough to decide… because they disagree with him. 
Tatchell gets treated with reverence by the left-wing press. He has a column in the Grauniad, and is advocating sanctions against Uganda's elected leaders. In Pink News he has the gall to say the laws they pass are invalid because they are “against gay rights” and were not on the Parliamentary agenda.   Yet when same-sex “marriage” was passed in the UK in 2013 it was not on any Parliamentary agenda, nor had it been on any party manifesto at the time of the parliamentary election. Voters here in the UK were cheated out of their right to any say in it. Did Tatchell protest? Of course not.  
Tatchell is a deeply unhappy, maladjusted person. When civil unions for homosexuals were introduced in 2004, Tatchell did not express any gratitude or appreciation. Instead, he lashed out at the government for "heterophobia" and said the new law was oppressive and unjust. To him everything is a grievance and there is no limit to his paranoia. 
If Tatchell's views were adopted, any child who was the victim of sexual abuse or rape would have to prove that they did not consent. This is hard enough for a grown woman to do, in rape cases, and many give up the attempt. How much harder would it be for a child of 13  - or 10   - or 6? This disaster is just around the corner if we let maladjusted people like Tatchell make our laws.  [2010]  [2009]
  “I'm 14, I'm gay & I want a boyfriend”, by Peter Tatchell.
Fourteen year old Lee tells Peter Tatchell about first sex, boyfriends, coming out, paedophilia, and why an age of consent of 16 won't help under-age gays like him.
Lee is 14.[writes Tatchell] He's been having sex with boys since the age of eight, and with men since he was 12. [Note the obnoxious phrase “ have sex” equating the natural with the perverted] Lee has a serious problem. He wants a steady relationship and has been going out recently with a guy in his mid-twenties, who he met at the hairdressers. But in the eyes of the law, Lee's partner is 'a paedophile' and Lee is 'a victim of child abuse'. [Wrong actually, the law makes a distinction between minors under 14 and over 14.] That's not, however, the way Lee sees it: 
"I want to have a boyfriend. It's my choice. No one's abusing me. Why should we be treated like criminals?" 
I am sitting in the kitchen of a friend's house talking with Lee. Wearing a white T-shirt and combat trousers, his sophisticated gay image makes him look older than 14. He comes across as bright, articulate, sure of himself, and mature beyond his years. It's hard to imagine anyone getting away with taking advantage of him.[Not really.]
We are discussing the new Sex Offenders Act. Lee is concerned. Under this legislation, which comes into effect next month, men over 19 who have consensual sex with guys under 18 are classified as dangerous sex criminals, on a par with the abusers of young children. After serving their sentence, they will be required to register their address with the police for a minimum of five years, and may have their identity revealed to the public.
This is a live issue for Lee because he prefers relationships with older guys. 
"I don't get on with people my own age", says Lee. "They're too immature. I like men in their 20s or early 30s. They are more experienced and serious. With them, you can get into a closer relationship than with a teenager". [So close he’s had dozens of them]
The age of consent laws don't make it easy for Lee to have a stable gay relationship. 
 "Some men run a mile when they discover how old I am", he moans. "They're worried about getting done by the law". 
Even without the Sex Offenders Act, any man who has sex with Lee could face a maximum sentence of 10 years for kissing, touching, sucking or wanking, and life imprisonment for anal sex. The top penalty for the offence of "unlawful sexual intercourse" with a 14 year old girl is, in contrast, two years!
Having a relationship with someone his own age would, paradoxically, put Lee in greater legal danger than sex with an older person. The law says that a homosexual act with a male under 16 is a serious crime, even if the person committing the act is himself below the age of 16. So, by having anal sex with another 14 year old boy, Lee would be guilty of a major offence which can, at least in theory, be punished by jail for life. [Tatchell has no legal training and does not know what he is talking about]
"The law is stupid", according to Lee. "If I know what I'm doing and I'm not harming anyone else, I should be allowed to have sex with who I want". 
Lee is just one of a growing number of lesbians and gays who are coming out at an ever earlier age ... twelve, thirteen and fourteen is not uncommon nowadays. 
Yet most gay campaign groups seem only interested in the human rights of the over-16s. 
"There's nothing much for young gays like me", says Lee. "Nobody cares about our rights". 
Lee first realised he was gay at the age of eight. Well, he didn't call himself gay. He 
just had sex with boys or, to begin with, one particular boy. 
"My first gay sex was with a friend from school called John. I was eight and half. He was the same age. We used to go swimming together. It all started at the local swimming pool. One day we were in the cubicles getting changed and somehow we started kissing. Then we had oral sex".
How did you know what to do? 
"Oh, I saw it on TV", quips Lee. You did? "They were talking about men having oral sex, so that's where I got the idea from".
Weren't you nervous about being caught? 
"No. It just happened. I didn't think it might be wrong or that we could get into trouble". 
How did you feel about your first gay experience? Lee beams with evident fond memories and confides: 
"I liked it a lot. It was great. But I did think sex with a boy was sort of strange. Until that time with John, I didn't have much idea about sex. It was mostly from the papers and television. I thought that men only had sex with women. For a while it left me feeling a bit weird and confused". [Not that he is confused of course.]
He pauses for a moment, then adds emphatically: "I soon got over it". 
Lee continued having regular sex with John for two years. 
"We were boyfriends", he boasts proudly. "I don't have any regrets at all". 
The relationship with John did not, however, stop Lee from experimenting with heterosexuality. 
"I had sex with John's twin sister. He found out and got very angry. He stormed out. For a while we weren't speaking. We made up afterwards". 
Did you enjoy straight sex? "Yeah", says Lee, "but sex with John was better".
So when did Lee start thinking of himself as being gay? "It was a few months later, after I turned nine. I was watching a TV debate about gays. It made me realise that I was gay, and that it wasn't wrong. Since then, I've never had a problem about my sexuality". 
Lee's next big love affair [by your standards perhaps] happened when he was ten. 
"It was with a black kid who lived on my road, Michael. He was the same age. My friends introduced him. One day, we were in his bedroom playing on his computer and we started messing around. It ended up with sex. Other times, we had a game called 'kick the cancan', which involved kicking a can around. The can would often end up in the bushes, and we'd run there to look for it. Sometimes Michael and me would have sex there". 
Around this time, Lee first came out to his mom. 
"She was good about it. Her first reaction was that I was a bit too young to be gay. She told me to leave it a couple of years. Then, if I still wanted to be gay, she said she'd accept it. I left it a few weeks, before telling her again. She realised I was serious, and respected my feelings and wishes. Ever since, she's been really understanding". [You have so much to teach older people Lee. It’s their experience that is the obstacle to understanding.]
At the age of 11, Lee had a relationship with a 14 year old named Andrew. [Doubtless also fictional]
"Because of family difficulties,[er…what’s a family?] I ended up in a children's home. They sent me to an education centre. That's where I met Andrew. We used to hang around together and became really close friends. After a while he told me that he was on the rent scene. I asked him if he wanted a boyfriend and he said yeah. So we started going out with each other. That was when I first had anal sex and learned about condoms. Andrew pulled out a packet and went on about stopping HIV and AIDS. I shagged him and he shagged me. It bought tears to my eyes. It was painful, but I liked it as well. I enjoyed it more than sex with a girl. I got more of a sexual sensation". 
For about 18 months, Lee joined Andrew doing sex for money, picking up men in the local gardens and bus station. 
"It was mostly me just wanking them off. I stopped about a year and half ago. When I was doing it, I felt sick. I didn't enjoy it. I was only doing it for the money to buy drugs - mostly speed, acid and cannabis. I also had a few bad experiences with punters. Once Andrew and I were tied up and raped". [That’s fine then]
In the children's home, Lee got taunted and bullied for being gay. 
"They called me queer and it ended up in fights. The staff didn't do anything to protect me, so I started running away". 
Lee is clearly very angry that no one took action to stop the bullying: 
"When I was being beaten up, the authorities did nothing. Now I'm gay and want to have sex, they're suddenly very concerned about my welfare". [NB He brings no evidence to prove any such bullying really took place]
When you ran away from the children's home, where did you go? 
"I used to stay with this paedophile that I met in the gardens. He was okay. There was no pressure for me to have sex, but I did. I had sex with him because I wanted to feel loved and respected". 
What do you think of that man now? 
"Well, he didn't beat me up or hurt me like was happening in the children's home". 
And what do you think about paedophiles in general? 
"It depends on what kind of paedophiles", says Lee. "Those who have sex with little kids should be strung up by the bollocks. The paedophiles I knew always asked me if I wanted sex. They didn't pressure me. If you consent to having sex with a paedophile, it's fine. If you don't, it's not". 
How can a young child understand sex and give meaningful consent? Lee admits: 
“The really young ones can't. But I was 12 when I first had sex with an adult man. I knew what was happening. The other boys I know who had sex with men were in their early teens. They understood what they were doing". [Did they?]
Perhaps your friends were particularly mature for their age. Most young people are not so sophisticated about sex. 
"They shouldn't have sex then", according to Lee. "And other people shouldn't take advantage of them. No one should be having sex with a child who is very young or who has emotional and mental problems. You could have a relationship with them, but not sex - not until they are old enough to understand the responsibilities involved". 
Many people worry that the power imbalance in a relationship between a youth and an adult means the younger person can be easily manipulated and exploited. It's a concern that Lee acknowledges: 
"Yeah, that can happen. It's wrong. But that doesn't mean that every kid who has sex with a man is being abused". 
At what age do you think people should to be allowed, by law, to have sex? 
"Sixteen is too high", says Lee. "Most kids I know had sex long before then. It's stupid for the law to brand us as criminals". 
Do you worry about being arrested for under-age sex?
"Sometimes. I mostly worry for the older guys [note the plural] that I'm having sex with. They could get life imprisonment and be denounced as a paedophile. They might end up on the sex offenders register. It could ruin their life". [Unlike AIDS of course which would make their day.]
What do you think the age of consent should be? 
"About 14". 
"That's the age a lot of young people start having sex. If they are not forcing or hurting other kids they shouldn't have the threat of a policeman knocking on their door. The current of age of 16 (or 18 for gays) means that those who are younger don't get proper sex education. My sex education at school was useless. The law makes it difficult for teachers to give out stuff about contraception, safer sex and AIDS. If the age was lower, the facts about sex could be taught sooner. It's stupid giving kids this information after they've started sex. That's too late. 
They need to know the facts about sex [what the hell does he mean by the facts? One dreads to think] from around the age of 10".
I point out to Lee that an age of consent of 14 would not have been much help to him, since he was having sex from the age of eight. Even with consent at 14, most of his past sexual relationships would have remained illegal. 
"Young people under 14 should be allowed to have sex with someone up to a year or so older", he suggests. "That way they've got freedom, and are protected against exploitation by older men". 
Even with a permitted one year age differential, Lee's affair with Andrew, who was three years older, would not have been legal. Something a bit more flexible is required. 
The idea of a sliding-scale age of consent is something that OutRage! is promoting. In addition to supporting an age of consent of 14 for everyone (gay and straight), OutRage! argues that sex involving young people under 14 should not be prosecuted providing both partners consent and there is no more than three years difference in their ages.
When I put this idea to Lee, he nods with approval: 
"Some young people mature earlier than others. They should be able to have a relationship with someone a bit older. Society should accept that kids have sexual feelings". 
This is the nub of the problem. Our current legal system refuses to acknowledge that young people have a sexuality. The law says a person under 16 is incapable of giving their consent to a sexual act. Any sex with such a person is automatically deemed "indecent assault". Lee thinks that is "ridiculous": 
"I'm only 14 but I know what I'm doing. I understand what consent involves. So does the person I'm having sex with. No one is indecently assaulting me. That's a stupid suggestion. The law should stop treating young people like idiots." 
Many people fear that making sex easier for under-age teenagers will expose them to dangers like HIV. Isn't that a legitimate worry? "I know about safer sex", protests Lee. "I didn't get that information from school. It came from TV and boyfriends. Some of them had HIV and died. I'm okay because we did safer sex. [In fact the rate of HIV among young homosexual males is rising and condoms have not solved the problem.]  People say that older guys will take advantage of teenagers like me, but my partners made sure we took precautions - even the paedophiles. If people want to protect kids against AIDS, they should support better sex education lessons, starting in primary school. Education is the best prevention. But it isn't happening in most schools. Why doesn't someone make a fuss about that?" 
Lee thinks it's time the law-makers listened to young people: 
"They are always trying to tell us how to live our lives. Why don't they treat us with respect? We've got opinions. We deserve to be heard. When a kid gets sexually abused, the social workers listen to what he says and back up his complaint. But when a kid wants to have a gay relationship, his wishes get ignored. That's what is happening to me. I'm under a care order which states that my feelings have to be taken into account. But society won't accept my feelings. It says I'm forbidden to have sex with a man until I'm 18. A perfect relationship is what I want. It would make me very happy. So why is the law trying to stop me?" 
All names have been changed to protect the identities of the boys involved.[How convenient, so none of it can be checked.]”>ëtan_Dugas


  1. Well Done Dr Gasper ! You have done us all a service by exposing the true nature of Peter Tatchell and his subversive agenda. Tatchell has a proven record of using lies to advance the LGBT cause.He openly states that there is absolutely no scientific evidence for the fundamental LGBT claim that 'gayness' is genetic and immutable. Yet he does not hesitate to use that claim in a draft letter he urged all his followers to write to MPs and peers. In that letter he says: "How would you feel if you were fobbed off with civil partnerships rather than marriage, simply because you were black or Jewish?" He knows very well that this is a totally false comparison because being black or Jewish is genetically determined, whereas adopting a gay lifestyle is a choice and one which he strongly recommends. On his own website, he portrays himself as a campaigning to liberate society from all traditional restraints. This specifically includes the removal of all censorship on pornography and abolition of the age of consent. He clearly relishes the concept of a sexual free-for-all and the consequent destruction both of marriage and of our Christian heritage. On any reasonable assessment of his impact on society, he should be regarded as a very damaging figure and a great threat to British children.

  2. Congratulations on taking such a bold stand. PT appears to be `pied-pipering’ us into his `gay Brave New World’. The West seems to be suffering from some sort of collective psychosis ie from a form of national madness – a bit, possibly, like the mass of Germans felt, before electing Hitler. True, the analogy is limited, but disquieting nevertheless.

    `Gay law’ is turning `a state within a state’ into `the state’.

    Will circulate to others who might be interested, but most people are `ostriches’, apparently.


  3. Thank you for this article. Peter Tatchell has been given a platform and money to push his dangerous agenda, and there should be a police investigation into who has been supporting and financing this man, and why.

    I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse victims, and there has been a massive cover up of the systematic abuse of children in homes, the Staffordshire Pindown report by Allan Levy and Barbara Kahan has only recently been made freely available to child abuse survivors, and thats only because I forced their arm to make it available by publishing my own personal copy that I managed to pick up second hand page by page. We have had no proper aftercare, in fact, public money has been spent to persecute Pindown child abuse victims instead, the way I have been treated for years I can only assume that they wanted to goad me into committing suicide (which I steadfastly refuse to do)

    There ought to be a police investigation of Peter Tatchell and his friends

  4. "In 1990 Tatchell founded a group called OutRage! whose aim is to abolish age-of-consent laws. When asked to justify this, he claims that he is helping young teenagers who ought not to be criminalized and prosecuted for having sexual relations with each other or somebody only a few years older than themselves. This is curious, as the law has never prosecuted the under-age person in cases of juvenile sex offence. It is only the older person who may face prosecution (and even then not unless the younger partner makes a complaint. "

    Actually, thats not true, as victims of child abuse were treated as criminals in the 70's, and I know that for a fact because I was forced to give a police statement when I ran away from abuse as a child, when I ran away with an older boy. I didn't make any complaint, I was just trying to run away from being abused, but I was the one who ended up in a borstal type of childrens home, locked up for being a VICTIM of abuse, and I know that happened to other children, not just me.

    But Peter Tatchell doesn't care about people like me, he pretends to, and uses it as an excuse for legalising sex with children, but he doesn't really care, and I know that because I've had conversations with him and told him what happened to me, if he really cared about this he would have spoken up about the Pindown child abuse and cover up, but he won't do that because it would open up his American Fundswell friends to public scrutiny!

  5. Thank you for your valuable comments. I have had a look as your blog and will add this link in case anyone else wants to see the report into this awful Pindown business.

  6. You are welcome to tell us more about the American Fundswell friends. Every lead helps...

  7. Tachell has lived in the UK since 1974, long before the legalisation of gay sex in the 80s in Australia.
    In the 1979 general election that brought Thatcher to power he won as a Labour candidate in South London and was an MP for around 6 weeks before a court challenge disqualified him for having dual citizenship.

    1. Not true. He never won election to the House of Commons.

      He lost a particularly vicious by-election campaign to a man called Simon Hughes, a Liberal Democrat. The tone of the campaign was so awful that I averted my gaze. It spared us Peter Tatchell MP, on the positive side, but I'm not sure that the consequences of the campaign have been positive.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. WOW. Didn't know this. As an African though,I will say religion has done worse for us then ANYTHING. You have over inflated us with not using condoms or contraception. Some men are promiscuous-and spread STD's.

    After reading this,I feel even more sorry for young gay men and I think you should too. They have predators who take the roles of absent father. You should help them.

    1. This article is not religious, and does not push any religious point of view. The facts are the f acts. The Church I belong to does not forbid the use of contraception. Believers are expected and trusted to use it in an appropriate way in appropriate relationships. I think you find that statistics show that in nations where condoms are available they have not on the whole found that it reduces the rates of AIDS and other STDs in the population.

  9. Reading that whole thing about Lee. At the end it makes it look worse-I can imagine it IS true,I've worked with childrens homes but boy are they MESSED up. That story is tragic and good.

    People can have early sexual feelings but it's RARE and a normal mind realises that and act appropriately,they don't campaign to make it national!

    Dear god....

    1. If it is true and he knew about it...

      Why did he not bring this obvious exploitation and abuse to the attention of the Police? He has been very quick to denounce others for their cover-ups and failures to report. It looks like he is at least as guilty as the next Cleric...

    2. Obviously because Tatchell thinks there is nothing wrong with it. He wants to legalize and normalize it.