Saturday, 1 March 2014

Our hypocritical Government Cannot Denounce Russia

After our stupid government has meddled in the affairs of Libya and Syria, William Hague is an utter hypocrite to tell the Russians not to interfere in the Ukraine. He hasn't got a leg to stand on and neither has a certain Mr O'Barmy who is posing as all moral and indignant in America. When Western powers stop interfering in other nations' government  - and that includes African nations  - then they might be able to pass judgements on what the Russians do. Ukraine is in a state of anarchy, its elected President fleeing because of a violent, armed takeover by an assortment of very dubious and miscellaneous groups who could start fighting each other at any moment. Many of its citizens might be grateful for the arrival of some peace-keeping forces.

       When will the EU with its stupid, unelected Baroness Ashton stop interfering in the Ukraine, trying to push its own agenda of territorial expansion?
       If Ukraine were in the EU it might be facing fines, as we are, of £300 million for not meeting our nitrous oxide reduction targets. That's right, three hundred MILLION pounds, and meanwhile people here are starving because their benefits have been cut. The EU is currently demanding more than thirty other massive fines from the UK for such offences as buying too much garlic from China. Yes , how many times must I tell you that the EU has the power to impose unlimited fines on all of its hapless prisoner states?  - I mean member states of course...

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