Sunday, 9 March 2014

I Told You So - More Homo-Paedo-Freako Connections

In 2002, Adrian Fulford became the first openly "gay" High Court Judge (we are told he is the "first" as if we are somehow doomed to have more and more) and he was nominated for a knighthood in 2003 by Tony Blair. He has a position advising the Queen. How nice for him! He must earn an absolute fortune. He must be rolling in money.

Implicated: Lord Justice Fulford, pictured in his full legal regalia, was named last year as an adviser to the Queen

Yet Fulford has a history of openly and brazenly campaigning to legalize paedophilia. As a newly-qualified barrister he set up a group insolently calling itself "Conspiracy Against Public Morals". The group of lawyers was set up to defend the Paedophile Information Exchange, the organization that claimed at first to be just a "support network" but which has been exposed as running child-abuse rings. CAPM stridently defended PIE's rights to exist and operate, and the National Council of Civil Liberties - for which Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt worked -  agreed with them.
 Note : it was not just the NCCL itself that condoned PIE, it was specifically the "Gay Rights Committee" of the NCCL that approved and supported this despicable and obnoxious agenda. Talking a lot of rubbish about the "liberation" of children from oppression by their parents, CAPM proceeded to publish articles in "Gay Rights" magazines such as Broadsheet. It was Fulford who persuaded the LGBT group Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE)  to give its support to the Paedophile Information Exchange. His successes were chronicled in an article in the PIE's own in-house magazine MagPie in October 1979.
PIE advocated the abolition of any age of consent so that paedophiles could have completely unhindered access to children. Fulford's group CAPM sneered at such concepts as "public morality" or "protecting children". Their activities were reported with approval by Gay News.
One article written by Adrian Fulford at this time "A Vice so Abominable" states that the charge of "conspiring to corrupt public morals" is just an excuse for attacking "gays"  - identifying the "gays" as paedophiles.
    Fulford (a Marxist at the time) met and worked closely with the PIE leader Tom O'Carroll, who attended some of his meetings and was active in the NCCL. O'Carroll was convicted in 2006 of circulating highly offensive child pornography in the hard-core category. He and another defendant were found to have a stash of 50,000 indecent images of children which they were freely distributing. Two earlier attempts to convict him had failed, because of the prevailing social climate of anything-goes liberalism. Finally he was caught in a police "sting".
     O'Carroll started his career working for the notoriously left-wing biassed and pro-"gay" Open University, financed by the tax-payer.
     There is nothing surprising about any of this. All the leaders and founders of the "Gay" Liberation Movement - Harry Hay, Franklin Kameny, Harvey Milk and Allen Ginsberg  - were paedophiles or apologists for paedophilia.  They worked hand-in-hand with NAMBLA and made no secret of it. Abolishing the age of consent was one demand of the Gay Liberation Movement right from the very outset and was made explicit in their founding manifesto in 1971. This is still on the website of Gay History Month.
    Larry Brinkin would be proud of them.
 So  - when is Fulford going to get his knighthood from LGBT-controlled David Cameron, and queerophile Nick Clegg?
And when will the next batch of furious hysterical death-threats from enraged hypocrites arrive in my inbox?

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