Sunday, 23 March 2014

I call for "Ben's Law". Stop the abuse of teenagers NOW.

 A teenage boy has killed himself after the traumatic experience of being groomed and seduced by a homosexual TV comedian whose identity has not been released.
Benjamin Cowburn, a student at the Fashion Retail Academy in London, was only 17 when the older man saw him with a group of his friends at a pub. The unnamed man, an open homosexual, was very friendly to Ben and showered him with expensive gifts, including designer clothes and bags. Then he used this to "make a move on him" in the back of a cab. He also invited him to ritzy "gay" parties where older men plied him with drink, cocaine and ecstasy, and performed sexual acts on him. At one he was stripped in front of a group of men who began to fondle him until one of them intervened. After one party, Ben had no way of getting home and so spent the night there. After he had gone to bed his "friend" crawled in with him and took advantage. 

One of the treats Mr X promised Ben was that he would take him to the Edinburgh Festival, where he was performing. The invitation was suddenly cancelled. Ben told all this to his parents and to his twin sister Sophia.  He confided to his elder sister Laura that he thought he had been groomed and raped. She testified about this to the inquest which took place last week.
Ben's family and friends noticed a change in Ben's behaviour. He had been doing well at college and was considered a star student, yet he now had sudden outbursts of anger and within days of returning to college for his second year he tried repeatedly to kill himself. He attempted to throw himself off a multi-storey car-park or in front of traffic on the A30. He also threatened to lie across a railway track.

Ben Cowburn

       Ben was then sent to a mental unit, Longreach Hospital near Redruth. He told nurses there that as a result of the relationship, he "felt dirty, used, belittled and humiliated." He told others that he felt he had been "taken advantage of" even raped. He made it clear to many nurses that the effect of the relationship on him had been traumatic, and disturbing, both emotionally and physically.
      Despite the treatment in the unit, Ben continued to try to kill himself, and on December 20th he finally succeeded, with a drugs overdose. This is a tragedy. Yet police can do nothing about it because his behaviour when groomed was said to be "consensual". The situation arises because of the vile and wrong law passed under the Blair government reducing the age of consent for homosexual activity to 16 and thus exposing immature teenage boys to exploitation. They are vulnerable because they are not sexually or emotionally mature at that age. Their masculine identity has not had time to develop. This law should be repealed. Whoever the man is who callously exploited Benjamin Cowburn, (and it sounds as if he is leading the same sort of life as fat old "gay" icon Paul Flowers) what he did was criminal sexual abuse. 
  It is not normal, it is not natural and it is not morally acceptable. 
 Apparently Mr X was featured in 2010 in a "gay" magazine. The police know his identity but cannot name him for fear of libel and harassment charges.
     I call for a change in the law to protect boys like Ben. His manhood was stolen. His sanity was stolen. His life was stolen. We should restore the age of consent for this sort of thing to at least 18 (preferably 21) and we should call the new law BEN'S LAW.
13th April 2014
And now the homosexual who abused Ben is threatening the family despite his own identity being concealed.


  1. This is an appalling case and I agree with you that the law needs to change. What a tragedy fore the family.

  2. It may be that what this TV comedian did was actually illegal because he gave the boy expensive gifts and treats effectively as a sort of payment. While 16 is the age of consent, 18 is the legal minimum age for prostitution. The family should have complained to the police and got a lawyer onto this case, not just left the boy in a mental health unit where he was clearly neglected. If I were his father I'd prosecute.