Saturday, 15 March 2014

DRAMA QUEEN Richard Kennedy Admits He was Lying


Drama student Richard Kennedy, 18, said he was savagely beaten by homophobic thugs in Preston, Lancashire

18-year-old Richard Kennedy a “gay” theatre student who claimed he was beaten by homophobic thugs now admits he got his injuries when he fell over - yet he and WON’T face action for wasting police time. Why not? 
Kennedy was badly injured after leaving Evoque, a Preston nightclub at 3.30am on 26th FebruaryHis teeth were dislodged, his face was swollen and he had a knee injury.
The student from Blackpool told police he was set upon by homophobes. He repeated this claim on Facebook and the post was shared by 182,000 gullible people. Police launched an appeal and called for witnesses. Then they found CCTV footage showing Kennedy simply falling over ... by himself. Nobody had attacked him. He was so drunk (or maybe high) that he just tripped on the pavement...
Richard photographs on Facebook of his battered and bleeding face, dislodged teeth, and gaping knee wound, with the caption ‘An example [of] why homophobia is wrong and it’s disgusting that it’s still around in 2014′.  And he told Preston police he had been “savagely beaten”. 
But today Richard, who studies Contemporary Theatre and Performance at the University of Central Lancashire, admitted he made it all up. 
After being shown CCTV of him tripping and falling, face-first, onto the pavement, Kennedy accepted that the ‘utterly inhumane homophobic attack’ he had talked about actually never happened.
This afternoon Lancashire Police said Kennedy will not face any action for wasting police time as they were convinced he actually believed he had been assaulted when he spoke to police.
Detective Inspector Paddy O’Neill said: ‘We managed to recover some CCTV footage which shows the injured party falling face-first onto the pavement. We have showed him the CCTV and he now accepts his injuries were caused during the fall.
‘Having had oversight of the investigation… I accept his report was made in good faith.' 
This is blatant favouritism towards homosexuals.

Richard revelled in all the attention he  could get on Facebook, posting before and after pictures and lamenting how ‘stupid’ he had been to walk home alone.  He wrote self-pityingly: ‘Here is my face after a homophobic attack: four of my teeth are gone, not fallen out but deep inside my gums and cheek… my face is swollen, both my knees are badly injured and I struggle to walk…"
In an interview with his local paper, Richard Kennedy lied again: ‘I heard a group of men shouting homophobic abuse at me. The next thing I know I was punched in the back of the head. I was violently assaulted – all because of my sexuality” he sobbed histrionically, before being FOUND OUT.
Kennedy droned on: ‘From all of this, all I want is awareness…”
Well we have got our own sort of awareness, Richard, now that you have been exposed as a liar. 
Write to the Justice Ministry and the Home Secretary and demand that Richard Kennedy IS charged with wasting police time.

Justice and equality means justice and equality  - not privilege for queers. 
And write to Facebook and demand that his account is closed down, because he is using it to tell lies and spread prejudice against heterosexuals.

Kennedy's fake-hate-attack is the latest in an endless series of frauds carried out by the LGBT movement, of which the Matthew Shepard case is now the most notorious. But there are others - so many others that there is even a website devoted to exposing them called
There was Quinn Matney for example

and there was Kyle Wood in Wisconsin last year:

And there were lesbians Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin

A good rule to follow is, never believe a word these people say.


  1. Please don't use the word queer its offemsive

  2. Well people have different ideas about what is offensive don't they? I find it offensive when homosexuals blame heterosexuals for injuries they inflicted on themselves. I find it offensive when homosexuals allege "homophobes" killed David Kato or Matthew Shepard (both actually murdered by other homosexuals). I find obscene LGBT pride parades offensive and it is doubly offensive that the public has to pay for them. I find it offensive that Brendan Eich has been dismissed from a job for his perfectly legal views. So I am not going to bow to your ideas of what is offensive.

  3. useing offensive terms to describe whole groups of innocent law a biding citizens, is by every educated persons standards not acceptable.. it's rude.

    1. Lying and slandering innocent people is rude and unacceptable by educated standards as well. Parading sexual perversions in public and waving bare bums in the air as was seen at the last London Gay Pride parade is rude and offensive by my educated standards. In fact the whole LGBT agenda, with its demands for paedophilia, prostitution, perversion and the abolition of the family is offensive from start to finish. So I have recently started using the word queer on purpose.
      Besides, an educated person would understand that if homosexuality was normal none of us would be here. So it' can't be. So it is "queer".

  4. How innocent and law-abiding was Larry Brinkin, "gay" icon of San Francisco, lawyer who pioneered "gay" marriage, human rights hypocrite? revealed to be a vile paedophile and racist.
    All covered up by the mainstream media.

  5. Are u saying all gays are paedophiles. Mainstream media....and that has what to do with me?

    1. You said they were "innocent and law-abiding" ...not true of Larry Brinkin, Ian Dunn, Tom O'Carroll, Peter Tatchell, James Rennie, Frank Lombard, Walter Lee Williams, Joe Orton, John Middleton a.k.a. Parratt, Neal Erickson, Don Luciano, Kray twins, Robert Mikelsons, Ad van den Berg, Harvey Milk, Harry Hay, Mark J. Newton, Peter Thruong, Ian Wathey, Craig Faunch...well this message is getting a bit long.

    2. Larry Brinkin's crime was hushed up by the mainstream media, as are many similar cases. So you are wrong there too.

  6. my messages..I'm saying your taring all gay people with same brush.... I could do same for breeders of you want me to...a thousand fold..I've never heard of most the people you mention.....I do support paedophiles..esp as most research show it close str8 family friends and members!!

  7. It's offensive to call heterosexuals "str8" or "breeders". It's also offensive the way that militant LGBTs write lies about heterosexual people, malicious and aggressive lies, and broadcast them all over the internet. This Richard Kennedy spread his lies to 182,000 on Facebook, whinging about "homophobia"...and you still think the media are biased against homosexuals? It's just the other way around. We are targeted by homo-extremist hate and aggression on an intolerable scale.

    1. Maybe you should talk to the Lancashire police...their version appears to be Richard was being verbally abused..then woke up bashed and bruised.... He assumed he'd been beaten up....he wasn't part of any gay agenda!!!! PS there is a gay candidate for ukip in Manchester . has he spoken to u?

    2. Richard Kennedy was never verbally abused, he just fell over and injured himself accidentally. He invented the lies about a homophobic attack because he is in the grip of the LGBT movement. He is deluded by its paranoia and propaganda. He also saw it as a chance to get attention, and there is an exhibitionist streak in many of these people. He is deluded by the LGBT rhetoric, which seeks to convince everyone that homosexuals are victims...even the homosexuals themselves believe it. So homosexuals are made to feel angry, and gullible heterosexuals are made to feel guilty. Result: both of them are unhappy. That's the outcome of the LGBT movement. I used to know a homosexual in UKIP round here and he was a very odd, lonely person.

  8. Paul Flowers and Mark Menzies are not very "innocent and law abiding" either.
    I fully agree that this young man should be prosecuted for wasting police time. That is the law and why should he get special treatment?