Thursday, 20 March 2014

David Laws Reveals his Ignorance

David Laws, Lib Dem, is sounding his mouth off and talking rubbish. He has announced sagely that local councils should charge people for rubbish collection  - apparently unaware that this is exactly what local councils already do. DUH....

Senior Liberal Democrats will this week sharpen their calls for new wealth taxes, demanding the Coalition goes

    The Council Tax is raised to cover local essential services Mr Laws, and a percentage of it is spent on waste collection and recycling. Not only do we pay to have our household rubbish removed, we also have to pay extra to get our garden rubbish taken away  - unless you are on council tax benefit or Housing benefit, in which case you get it free in Labour-controlled Oxford, which puts up the price that other people have to pay.
    David Laws, who likes to pass for a financial whizz-kid, is just spouting the most amazingly ignorant rubbish. Stick to talking about what you know, Mr Laws  - give us all some advice on how to make fraudulent expenses claims! Let's face it, Laws, who is now Minister for Education, should be in gaol. That is what happens to other people who are found carrying out frauds and making false claims for benefits or expenses. The greedy, crafty multi-millionaire wrongly claimed tens of thousands of pounds in accommodation allowance while living all the time with his partner. Was he prosecuted ? No. Was he flung out of his party? No they're all the same as him. At the very least he should be sacked from his job as an MP. Why not?
 He was just sent to the back benches for a year and now he is minister for Education. I really call that being downtrodden, oppressed and a member of a victimized minority don't you? It is one law for us and another one for them.
On 18th December 2013 David Laws voted against a Commons motion for an investigation into hunger and poverty in this country. He scribbled a memo to his office assistant, "What's poverty? What's hunger?"
      David Laws is thick, he is ignorant and he has been revealed to be dishonest. He deserves to be consigned to a bin and taken out with the rubbish himself   -  pronto.

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