Saturday, 1 February 2014

School Policy is CRACKERS

For a child of 6 to be excluded from school is a very grave step to take, and unless the child has been behaving in a violent or gravely anti-social way, making it impossible to teach them in a classroom environment, it should never happen.

Now our barmy, politically-correct teaching profession has got so obsessed with healthy eating that they not only tell parents what to put in a child's lunch-box, they go so far as to exclude that child from school for the offence of having a packet of mini-cheddars in it!

Schoolboy, 6, suspended for having Mini Cheddars at lunch

A 6 year old boy in Slough, Riley Pearson, has been suspended for four days from Colnbrook Church of England primary school because his lunch box contained a packet of Mini Cheddars! Riley’s parents Natalie Mardle and Tom Pearson are disgusted, and said he eats lots of fruit and vegetables at home and  the school should have something better to do than raid lunch boxes.
The Headmaster Jeremy Meek, said Mini Cheddars are unsuitable under the school's healthy eating policy.
The school, which is located near Slough, had implemented a healthy eating policy from the beginning of the term, asking parents to provide a balanced meal. Chocolates, sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks were all banned.
The school seems to have overlooked the fact that it exists first and foremost to teach pupils reading, writing and arithmetic and not to get obsessed with the latest politically-correct fads and fashions.
It's one thing to counsel and advise parents about the best way to feed their child. It is okay to give pupils lessons in healthy eating too, now and again.
It is another thing to bully them and harm the child's education for the sake of dietary dogma. The child was getting something to eat and he was eating it. In the photograph above, he looks reasonably healthy. The experience of being suspended could be a hurtful and damaging one for Riley, and he could develop negative feelings about school after this unjust treatment. After all, he did nothing wrong. It is time we took our children's education out of the hands of these imbeciles.

PROTEST by sending an e-mail to the Headmaster :-

Tell him that Riley has a right to his education, he should not be suspended for this and the school has got its priorities wrong.
We need a lot more common-sense in public life and far less PC dogma.

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