Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Princess Anne Should Keep Her Mouth Shut

What the hell does Princess Anne know about affordable housing? She is the last person in this country who should be making public statements on this subject. Brought up in a family that still owns dozens of castles and palaces, she got her home, Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire, as a wedding present from the Queen. She knows literally nothing about house-hunting, house-sharing, borrowing, interest rates, paying rent or mortgage, and she should SHUT UP.

The government's plans for massive new housing developments in the south of England just prove that they have got no control at all over mass immigration. They are feebly lying down and letting it happen. New housing developments should be built in Poland and Romania, not here.
Of course the housing benefit system, like most of Labour's bright ideas, back-fires and ends up making rents rise and ensuring that rich landlords profit to the tune of billions of pounds....all at the tax-payers' expense. If you stop, or cap, the benefit, market forces should eventually bring those rents down. The BBC ran a sceptical programme to investigate whether a foreigner can just walk into this country, go to a local council office, and claim housing benefit. The answer was ...well actually yes, they can. So eventually the bill for it could exceed our GDP.
One sensible idea to help people into affordable homes would be to abolish stamp duty. That would help first time buyers get on the housing ladder and stop having to pay rent.
      Princess Anne should talk about what she knows  - which is horse riding. Yes, she got an Olympic Gold Medal and that is what she is good at. On any other subject, she should keep very quiet indeed. All her life she has disdained to get her hair done professionally or to choose a style that would flatter her awkward features. She needs a fringe and some soft curls around her face to hide her awful hairline and receding chin. Instead, she chooses a severe, swept-up look that is mannish and just plain hideous. And she has never varied it in a lifetime. Someone who has to appear in public should have more consideration for those who have to look at her.
Helena Rubinstein once said "There are no ugly women, only lazy women." If so, Princess Anne is lazy.


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