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Harriet Harman and Her Friends Want to Destroy the Family and Make Out Vice is Virtue

Fair is Foul and Foul is said the witches in Macbeth, Likewise the modern left-wingers are determined to persuade everyone that vice is virtue and virtue is vice. Harriet Harman's disgusting support for the Paedophile movement is only the tip of the iceberg.
        Here are some more of Harriet's friends in the Labour party, or perhaps we should say the LibLabCon party as they're all the same:

 James Rennie, director of a Scottish militant LGBT group, was convicted in 2009 of aggravated pedophilia. Why was this never headline news on the TV or radio ?
Rennie was an influential LGBT advisor to the Blair government, guiding it towards the policy of “gay” marriage and “gay” adoption which puts children at the mercy of deviants. These vile groups are getting public funding. Not only did he engage in perverted activities with small children and babies as young as 3 months old, but he ran a network for other pedophiles, attached to his homosexual “rights” group, ironically titled LGBT Youth Scotland.
     Rennie was first charged after the computer belonging to one of his network was sent for repair, and an IT technician found child pornography on it. The owner was reported to the police  and he then informed on Rennie and the entire network. Rennie was convicted of making and circulating a video showing himself repeatedly raping a young boy and indecently assaulting a baby of three MONTHS old. Rennie aged 38 was living in a civil partnership with another homosexual man, but this did not stop him from “cruising” and seeking other partners using the internet. He also actively sought out other pedophiles.
 Seven accomplices were charged along with Rennie. All were found guilty of some sort of pedophile offence. Among them was Neil Strachan, a homosexual aged 41, who had previously been sentenced to 3 years in prison in 1997 for molesting a boy aged 5 to 7 years. He had again been charged in 2005 with attempting to s-d-mize a boy aged only 18 months.
 >>>And these are the people whose demands for “rights” and for redefining marriage are listened to by our weak and corrupt governments.

Here is a very good new article written by a homosexual who agrees with everything I have said over the years about the immoral LGBT movement and its harmful agenda:

ROME, February 27, 2014 – “I am a homosexual, but I’m against ‘gay marriage,’” a French pro-family activist told an Italian Catholic opinion paper earlier this month.
Jean-Pier-Delaume Myard, spokesman for Manif Pour Tous, told La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana that the “sole purpose” of the homosexualist “gay rights” movement is “destroying the family.”

Myard noted that in a recent talk, he said “we must break the silence” about the real nature of the homosexualist movement, noting that many homosexuals “have nothing to do either closely or from a distance with the gay lobby that has the sole purpose of destroying the family.”
Myard gave the interview following the first big pro-family Manif Pour Tous event in Italy on February 11.
“Since the seventies the gay community in the United States has arrogated to itself the right to speak on behalf of all homosexuals in order to destroy marriage and the family,” he told the Catholic paper. At the start, they were aided by the feminist movement that preceded their own, he said, and have moved from the US to Europe with the help of “astronomical” funding from the EU.
Myard blasted the homosexualist movement for using children as political tools of their ideological aims. Children are treated as trophies in the effort to force states to go along with the ideology, with little regard for their real needs. The emphasis is on the “right to a child” rather than the “rights of the child,” he noted. 
“The child is not an object, nor a medicinal product for those who suffer the pain of love,” he added. “25 years ago – today I’m 50 – I posed the question to have a child in order to transmit a heritage, a welfare state. In short, I wanted a child for unjust reasons. Today, as a homosexual I think only of the interests of the child.”
“We must break the silence to say that we can not reasonably accept depriving a child of his social references.”
“Before we talk about freedom and equality to be able to have children or between persons of the same sex, try to think a minute to freedom and equality of the child who will be born in the society that we are preparing.”
Click "like" if you want to defend true marriage. 
“The LGBT community in France, as in Europe, is mainly composed of militants [who achieve their] ideological aims by violent methods,” Myard said.
Because he is a homosexual who opposes the aims of the homosexualist lobby, he says he has received threats on his Facebook page and elsewhere. One said that in a civil war, “I’d be shot for treason to the cause.” Another said he wanted to “cremate” Myard.
“They cannot stand that I do not think like them. I say it loud and clear: it is a homophobic attitude and an indicator of totalitarianism.” Gay ideologues say “that a homosexual cannot think or act for himself.” 
Myard insists that he is not alone in opposing the homosexualist ideologues, saying, “Everywhere in Europe there are homosexuals ready to say that the gay lobby does not represent them, but many others are afraid of retaliation.”
He said that the movement is, in fact, “homophobic” because it is trying to force all homosexuals into the same ideologically-defined categories. “The LGBT community reduces homosexuals for their sexual identity. This is an insult, reducing us to a particular category of people, creating a de facto inequality.”
“Instead, we want to be recognized for what we are, men and women, not in terms of our sexual orientation, which only affects our private lives,” he said.
Myard added that most of the “astronomical” funding for the movement in Europe has come directly from the European Union. He cited particularly the group ILGA Europe, that is funded directly by the European Commission, with additional funding from the Netherlands government and various foundations, including the Open Society Institute of billionaire social engineer George Soros.
He cited the recently passed Lunacek Report that tells all EU member states to implement the goals of the LGBT movement in all areas of society. Also recently, the Italian government issued guidelines for journalists mandating they use language that supports the homosexualist lobby’s goals. Developed from a document produced by the Council of Europe, the guidelines warned of professional sanctions and even potential jail time for failing to toe the LGBT line.
Such gains, Myard said, “show that the LGBT lobby considers the European Parliament as a strategic place to advance their causes and achieve changes in European law.”

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