Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Conservative Party is Finished

The death of Lord MacAlpine is the end of an era for the Conservative Party. He was reputed to have raised as much as £100 million for the Conservatives over the years by inviting his rich friends to jolly fund-raising events. But all that was thirty years ago under Margaret Thatcher, and MacAlpine was supporting a party that still had an identity. It still stood for something, love it or hate it. Now it stands for nothing and I would be surprised if there are many people coming forward to take Lord MacAlpine's place.
   Under Mrs Thatcher, the Conservative party had about a million members. It started to drop under John Major and even Lord Macalpine at that time defected to the short-lived Referendum Party. It has gone on dropping steadily as the Coalition is seen to stand for nothing except grovelling to the EU and political correctness. Cameron seems to be a "taxi for hire" and gives the impression that whoever offers him some party funding gets to write his latest speeches. He has made absurd claims that he can re-negotiate our relationship with the EU or claw back powers... all twaddle. He make silly speeches saying there are too many "white Christian faces" in his own party. That is downright offensive. And the mere fact that he is in Coalition with Clegg completes his unpopularity with his erstwhile voters.    

The actual membership of the Conservative Party is now at an all-time low. In 2010 it was 253,000. By the end of 2013 it had dropped to only 134,000. That's right  - it had HALVED.
They got only 10.7 million votes in the General Election of 2010 and would not be in power at all without the Libdems, who are certainly going to be wiped out at the polls (nobody is questioning that). If Tory support has halved, Cameron can only expect to get  5.35 million votes at the next General Election.
      Cameron's party is moribund and it has no future. Everything he does is designed to get the favour of the EU  - but the EU commissioners will not be able to vote for him at the ballot-box.

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